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  1. I believe silver prices in particular will fall between $12-$13 level before major financial crisis or war takes place that will reverse the prices to the upside. This will take place before 2016.

  2. Slow and steady buying of metal is always best while keeping some cash for stocks and options. To sell everything and walk away from this market is just silly, after the crash there is going to be some great SALE prices for some really good global companies, just like metals are on sale now.

    QE was and is an experiment that was never done before. Will 2008 happen again with Deutsche Bank and all the same domino's fall like last time making 2008 inevitable. Will stock market crash in china or the Greeks finally go bankrupt ? There is significant down side risk in almost every market at the moment and one must hedge accordingly.

  3. All i need is the truth. And i feel i cannot get it from the pumpers and dumpers, they know who they are. I am a junior stacker and i also believe in having at least part of my assets in precious metals (pm) to the tune of about 5 to 10%. This can be taken as good news for me as i only buy pm on a month by month basis just allocating a few hundred dollars each month, a little gold and a little silver. I am not the kind that will put 100% of his money in pm as some have done. I still believe that much money can be made in other investments such as real estate, stock market and other commodities. Let the truth about silver be known.

  4. I don't have time for all the dramatic rhetoric found (for or against PMs) in a lot of other YT channels. So refreshing to find a straight-forward analysis for PMs. Subbed, will be watching closely to your insights in the future.

  5. I'm long so this is excellent news… Time to load up big time awaiting for global financial collapse.

  6. Interesting stuff but I believe you are a little optimistic on your price points. Meaning what would happen to the gold price if China say dumped some supply on the market. There is no true bottom yet

  7. Now is the time to start buying silver…. but just remember metals usually move slowly..  So start buying now and in lets say 5 years from now if you can hang on to it you will be very pleased… Metals normally only keep up with inflation.

  8. Dear Illuminate Silver,

    How can the spot price of Silver be going down, while the U S Mint sell out of Silver Eagles? Is it due to poor production (forecasting) planning at the Mint?

  9. So , you admit to be ex-world crime syndicate members and then with a smug voice say the price is headed down , well no shit . Thanks to control freaks like you that have controlled all pricing through central banking . They could take the price down to $ 10 oz. tomorrow if they wanted ! Wake up people these control freaks are running the world and they can't have real money competing with what is about to be rolled out . They are destroying the price of p.m.'s so that their is no safe haven only their crap money will be allowed .

  10. Technical chart analysis agrees with a lower Silver price. I think the people who are calling a bottom at 15 bucks along with a market crash are living in a four year old dream and have not woken up yet. I was one of them. I loved the guys comment who thought the British accent was an app…lol

  11. Your without a doubt the best gold/silver channel anywhere. It is extremely clear you guys are prime time. I really hope you will keep the info coming as I feel the present conditions are way above my pay grade. We need real info during this time of questioning.

  12. I hope silver keeps on its downward path.  I was always jealous of the stackers that were buying an ounce for under $10.  I'm buying silver as long as its under $20.  I just received an order for 200 ounces last week…I sold 190 of the ounces for the same price and got 10 for free.  All my silver I have was free….well, most of it.   I buy quantities, sell most of it on Craigslist for slightly higher, then I get free silver.  I have a few thousand ounces that have cost me nothing…its way too easy.  We are holding(about 20 of us) for $12 silver.  We plan to purchase around 40,000 ounces from multiple dealers.  We could end up with a few thousand more ounces for free with that order.  A friends uncle has plans on buying a million dollars of physical silver when he sells his business….thats crazy!!!  Where the hell would you keep all that silver???

  13. So I went back and looked at the Silver Institute's site just to see if the blather I have been firing off is correct. I often fire from the hip after I've absorbed a week or two of research and had time to reflect.

    I didn't realize just how correct I was until I looked.  This BS about a silver shortage is exactly that. 4.9 million ounces in 2014. That should have been someone's wake up call that a price decline was coming.  With energy prices falling the cost of producing the silver is cut quite a bit but I want to focus on my initial assessment based on the Silver Institutes charts.

    If you go take a look you will see that in 2005, 1 decade ago, here are the key numbers.  JEWELRY 187.6 million, Coins and Bars (investors) 51.6 million, Photography 160.3 million.  Now go to 2014.  Jewelry 215.2 million (barely changed) possibly people who can't afford gold went for silver.  Coins and Bars 196.0 million. a nearly 400% increase!  Photography 45.6 million a nearly 75% drop!  In other words Coins and Bars times 4. Photography divide by 4.  Industrial use stayed nearly flat with an actual decline from 2005 to 2014 but not huge. And over all a very very steady rate as in other uses. Brazing alloys and Silverware for example.

    The two HUGE movers were Coins and Bars and Photography moving in opposite directions. The other huge increase not so much by volume in the "big scheme of things" but just in one particular sector was Photovoltaics which jumped from 7.3 million to 59.9 million. over 800% but only 50 million or so ounces.

    If the Coin and Bar people hadnt been stacking last year and losing money incidentally there would have been a surplus and the price would have gone even lower. LOL!  That assumes the markets weren't rigged of course. Which all markets are.

    I agree with the poster of this video. Price can certainly go lower. I also agree with the idea that it can skyrocket during an economic catastrophe.  Here's how it can go lower and do you some good.  STOP BUYING FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR and watch it fall to $10 an ounce then buy.  Whatever scheme you heard about breaking JP Morgan by buying up all the silver forget it. They own the mines or will very shortly along with Copper and Nickel too because precious and semi precious metals with real world uses is a LONG TERM INVESTMENT after all the crazies are burned and flushed out of the market.

    However perception is the key to the price going up.  At the beginning of a financial crash there won't be a rush toward Gold and Silver because the big players already have it. Plus they realize what most MODERN people realize. It's just metals. It's not money.  Backing fake currency with over inflated precious metals makes no sense. The only reason it would go up is because they will use the crisis to inflate the price by making you believe they believe it is money. They will be more than happy for you to convert your retirement account, assuming your bank doesn't just outright steal it, into $5000 an ounce Gold.  They would love that.  I would love to sell you an ounce of Gold I bought in 2015 for $1100 for $5000 in 2016 or 2017 etc.  Same with silver.

    You might get in on a small wave of over zealous buyers. The small time guys. But what will you convert it too?  A crashing Dollar?  A crashing Euro? A crashing what ever?  If the IMF becomes the defacto last bank of resort will you sell your Gold and Silver for New World Order money?  Who will be accepting NWO money any time soon?  How long would a crisis have to go on before NWO money surpasses American, European, or Chinese currency?

    Here is how I believe it will flow.  On Day One as the markets begin to crash as the fluidity of the market ceases to exist and you have more debt to service than you can possibly invent out of thin air everyone with money in the bank is on borrowed time. Everyone with half a brain knows this. This in turn becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. A RUN ON THE BANK.  Those who start early get something those who start late will be smacking a non functioning ATM or walk up to a CLOSED sign on the bank. Probably on a Friday. Even though we live in the 21st century and Saturday and Sunday are no more different than Monday through Friday the powers that be will hold off Econogeddon until a Friday so they have the entire weekend to loot whatever they possibly can.

    Day two is anyone's guess but whoever has CASH in their hand will be able to buy stuff. People who have pieces of metal in their hand its a 50/50 proposition you will get anything.  If the system breaks down enough you will never buy a loaf of bread with a silver quarter or half dollar.

    Here's the real kicker.  It is all avoidable. Well the panic is avoidable. The CRASH is inevitable. If and when it occurs it will be because your politicians and the banks brought it to this point.  They will try to make you believe their crisis is your crisis and you should begin to act like every town in America is Ferguson Missouri or Sandy Hook.  But there will still be farms growing food. There will still be cows giving milk. There will still be people raising chickens. Streets will need to be fixed. Kids will need to be taught. Cars will still need gas. And so on.

    Not until there is a rational and honest monetary system and a real Representative Government re-established will your Silver and Gold see a market like you imagine because only then will you actually be able to make use of it.  And none of that will happen until we get rid of the Two Party One Master political system we have.  We have to stop letting corporations choose our candidates and decide which ones get to debate and therefore get to move on to the polls.

    Nothing else matters until we get honest people who actually love America in government and in the governments around the world.  Until then we are screwed, the French are screwed, the Brits are screwed and everyone else is screwed but we will probably see World War 3 before we see that happen.

    The stage is already being set and the next event, whether real or staged, like Pearl Harbor and 9/11, is already in motion.  We are already at war in cyber space. We are already under attack from our own governments.

    THE NEW WORLD ORDER is already here. Its called The Global Financial System.  The question is are you going to knuckle under and put yourself and your children and their children under a century of slavery by giving into the fear and playing their game or are you going to take a deep breath, vote out the co conspirators, put in some honest people, and put the appropriate people in jail and TAKE BACK YOUR MONEY instead of letting them TAKE MORE OF YOUR MONEY you worked hard for while they sat on their asses. Take back your clean water instead of letting them sell it to you?  Take back your cities?  Take back your future?

    It really boils down to that. But stacking metal isn't going to save you. Period.

  14. I'd literally just started buying silver. I just hit my first 50 ounces within 3 months of starting. I'm looking forward to the silver drop !!! my goal is 1000 ounces by the end of next year. At a $10 spot price that go could be reached.

  15. I HOPE LIKE HELL that silver falls I bought 50,000 2 months ago at 15.60 US.
    I am ready to buy alot more …….but it may not happen because I see this crap all the time…..sigh

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