Silver prices fall to $13.93 and may head lower into 2016

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 12th December 2015 and we
are providing a brief update on silver prices prior to the FED’s interest rate announcement
due next week. Silver prices closed this week at $13.93 having
briefly touched $13.83 during the day. Now many commentators and speculators were predicting
$15, $16 and $17 silver for December (we won’t even mention the extremists predicting $100,
$1,000 or $100,000) and although we still have some 2 weeks to go, these levels are
highly unlikely to be achieved. With the dollar index closing at a little
over 97.5 it is still relatively high and this is undoubtedly having an impact on precious
metals. The USDX began in March 1973, soon after the dismantling of the Bretton Woods
system. At its start, the value of the US Dollar Index was 100. It has since traded
as high as 164.72 in February 1985, and as low as 70.69 on March 16th, 2008. For those
who believe that the dollar cannot go higher should bear in mind that during the period
February 2000 through to January 2003, the U.S. dollar index moved between 95 and 120;
So a rise above 100 is indeed quite possible. With the price of oil falling for the week
by 10% to $35.62 a barrel, and with forecasters predicting that this is due to a 1.5 million
barrels a day oversupply, which will continue until the end of 2016, we can certainly see
the direction in which global commodities are heading – with oil generally proving
a good indicator of such trends; even chartists are confirming that silver is still in a bear
trend and for trading purposes (not physical buying) should be sold during any short term
rally. Last Friday’s Jobs Report issued by the
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed that total nonfarm payroll employment increased
by 211,000 in November, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.0 percent. It added
that “over the past 12 months, the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons
are down by 0.8 percentage points and 1.1 million, respectively.”
Interestingly although these figures were higher than anticipated and therefore suggested
a greater likelihood that the FED would raise rates, the price of gold and silver did indeed
rise a few percent suggesting that this potential interest rate rise was already ‘factored
in’ – but we have seen their prices decline ever since.
So, all eyes are clearly focussed on next Wednesday’s FED’s announcement on interest
rates. Based on the CME Group 30-Day Fed Fund futures prices, which have long been used
to express the market’s views on the likelihood of changes in U.S. monetary policy, the CME
Group FedWatch tool predicts that a rate rise of 0.5% has a 79.4 probability factor and
a 0.25% rise has a 20.6 probability factor. This may partially explain, in addition to
the oil price fall, why the Dow fell 300 points yesterday and the S&P fell by 2%.
So what is likely to happen to the price of silver next week? Well frankly it being so
closely correlated to gold at this moment, we see it moving in a similar direction short
term. Mr Thiagarajan, Director, of Commtrendz Research
said: “More than the US Fed’s interest rate hike, its language on the US economy is important.
After an initial knee-jerk reaction, gold will settle down within a visible range between
$1020 and $1120 an oz for the next couple of weeks.”
Opposing this view, The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research said in a research note,
“Gold has faced persistent headwinds, as dollar, real rates, commodity prices and volatility
have all not incentivised investors to increase their exposure to the metal. Heavily influenced
by the upcoming Fed rate hike, which, in our view, remains the key obstacle to price gains,
we expect gold to fall to $950 per ounce early in 2016.”
So what do we make of this. Well, next week’s prices will be volatile. If the FED does not
raise rates at all, then we can see both gold and silver rising but if they do, which is
a better bet, there is likely to be an initial downward move, and depending upon what they
say about future rates will dictate the size of that move and the speed in which it recovers,
if it does at all. Meanwhile we still see silver in a bear market and regardless of
what happens post the announcement, as we move into 2016 silver prices will, in our
opinion, continue to fall. We hope you have found this video helpful
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of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.

78 thoughts on “Silver prices fall to $13.93 and may head lower into 2016

  1. First here during my coffee break, yaay. So you think silver will continue falling. Fine by me since I just discovered it only a few months ago. Hard to believe, right? Before September, I didn't even know you could buy silver and gold coins let alone online. I'm sure that comes as a shock to many people but I saw a video, I'd give credit but can't remember his name, where people on the street were offered either a Hershey bar or a 10 ounce bar of silver. I think most if not all took the Hershey bar! That is what the man on the street knows about PMs. I doubled my usual buy, which is a pittance compared to most peoples', this week just so I could say I bought when silver dipped below $14. Yeeeeehaw!

  2. interesting stuff impressive outlook better than SGM clown could think of brb gotta make fun of him more..
    I am still not sure the fed will move 12/16/2015 maybe after Xmas. I think the fed tends to raise rates in increments of quarter bases points I think max level I had read fed willing to go up to like 4 %, but that would take many years in the making. nothing like Paul volker of the 80's. I just can't see normalization any time soon. maybe the markets factored in the rate hike who knows. some talking heads blamed the last few down days on the price of oil dropping.

  3. I noticed the drop…JUST AFTER the 60¢ spike. Luckily, I got my Pandas before the spike, and I split the purchase to get the volume price break and free shipping, so I'm still "very slightly" ahead of the game, not including the ~3% drop in the value of the Canadian dollar, which also means that's 3% I didn't lose, putting me "a tiny bit further ahead" with that, as well.

    The idea for me was simple: Pandas ALWAYS seem to rise in value, usually near doubling within about 3-5 years, regardless of the current spot pricing, so The fact that they're already pre-selling 2016 Pandas–which are 30 grams, rather than 1 Troy Ounce, or 31.104 grams–it means that the last of the 2015 Pandas are already out there…and rapidly dwindling in availability.

    It goes back to the idea that if you get them while they're available, and at the lowest price "at that moment", it's still better "over time", as if you put if off for a year "to wait for spot prices to drop", by the time your "spot projections are where you're comfortable with them", the spot prices of those no-longer-minted rounds or coins will be lower, but the premiums will have far more than offset those "savings."

    Another example is the Royal Canadian Mint's 20-for-20 series. You COULD have gotten them for $20.00 when they were first released, buying directly from the mint, or up to $24.95 through coin or bullion dealers…but I've seen the first ones released going for well over DOUBLE their face value.

    Using that VERY specific example, spending $20.00 on a $20.00 coin means that the current value of $40.00+ translates to a 100% increase in value. Now, if you're Canadian, the value of the dollar has dropped about 33% over that same time period, but those twenties you set aside have actually risen in value over the same time that the dollar dropped…and fairly dramatically. In a "worst case scenario" though, even if silver went to $1.00 an ounce, those coins would still have a $20.00 face value, which is something that can not be said about "generic" rounds or bars.

    Of course, if in 5 years time, silver hits $100.00 per ounce, or potentially even more as some suggest, the silver value will significantly exceed the face value.

    There are a very limited number of such "no-lose situations" out there…best to keep an eye open for them when they do pop up!

  4. My plan is to work until I'm between 65 and 70 years old. I'm 51 now. If you also plan to work for another 20 years too you should be investing. Land, stocks, and PM's are a good bet. The only bad bet is cash. In 20 years cash will be worth A LOT less than it is today. Only invest what you can afford to invest and you will do just fine. Even if your just paying your home off. Its good. Its like putting money in the bank every month. If I only knew what I know now and had listen to my parents at 21 I would have put A LOT more away.

  5. Just think of all the dollar cost average-rs over the past few years. Probably have an average cost of US$28. Soon as price gets back up to mid 20's, they may lighten their exposure. So much silver supply currently. Can buy 10oz silver snow flakes, hahaha. Im bearish on silver until 2018. Bullish Gold/U308 end 2016. Copper and silver, very bullish 2018.

  6. Ooh, I think we're in for a shock regardless there's only approx. 2 weeks left to end of year.  And the biggest surprise we'll get (in due course) will be from China.  Yep,  China and their love of stealth is going to slap us square between the eyes when they reveal their gold stash.  I speculated on 10K tonnes – well, after receiving a download from the universe (lol), I had to lie down for a bit.  That's all I'm saying !  😉

    ps, why did CME Group Metals Director, Harriet Hunnable, resign suddenly on 2nd Dec?

  7. I jumped back in silver 2 weeks ago @ $14.50 a oz { that includes the premium} delivered to my door. I KNOW , that silver will come lower in 2016, but I wanted to start to take a position anyways . My next buying range will be around $12 ….then if it drop to $10 , I will double up on it and buy more….If it come to $8..I will buy more…My current plan is to acquire it when it drops in $2 increments from each of my last purchases . This should allow me to acquire a decent amount of it, while dollar cost averaging it as it goes lower and lower in the foreseeable future. Hopefully in 5-10 years, I will be able to at least triple my original investment in silver. Ive watched silver come down from $ $ $ $20…to $15…and never jumped back in it, even though the pumpers claimed it could not come any lower then those prices. It took alot of discipline to ignore those pumpers and sit back and stick to my purchase plans. Im hoping that within the next 3 years or so, I will be able to dollar cost average my silver holdings to under $12..or less. I would not be shocked to see silver at $10 within 2 years . If silver happens to come back down to $5 – $8 …within the next few years, Im gonna really load up on it. I can hold it for 10-20 years if need be, and wait for the next bull cycle to take it back to $50 a oz.

  8. I think Harry Dent predicted that oil will fall to $20 a barrel…and he may prove to be correct. He also said silver/gold will collapse in price and is a terrible investment in this current price range…and he may prove to be right about that also.

  9. rates will not get raised .. they won't hang there self like that mark my words and remember I said it..I'm 100% sure if they do I'll make I video saying how I know nothing

  10. I will be keeping can eye on the exchange rate £ USD, I have some USD. As far as silver goes I,m not in a rush, also the resale value in the UK of silver is poor.

  11. I listen to a few of these gold and silver prices rate guys and they are always wrong but when I listen to you guys you seem to know what your talking about.  As a new silver stacker  of the past few month I can't wait for Saturdays to come around to hear your Illuminati reports.  Thanks a lot.

  12. I've been following this channel since its inception and I have to say Thanks to the Good People at IS for providing a Light in the Darkness. Fortunately for me, and clearly many others, you've provided Sage advice against the grain of the aptly named Pumpers and Dumpers. It has allowed me to save to make a better and more informed choices about investing in Precious Metals.
    I always look forward to new videos.
    I just joined your website a few days ago and just subbed. (That sub and this comment are both firsts.)
    Thanks Again.

  13. IS, just pointing out that calls for sub $1000 gold are held by every man and his dog at this point just as $2000 dollar gold was back in 2011 and it came up $100 short with most being caught on the wrong side of that trade big time.

  14. our canadian dollar down to .73 i am still buying silver for to much fiat $ 19.11 an oz, getting hammered on the premium spread .to

  15. I would have thought rate rise has to be factored in and metals may rally on the one and done idea. Can't imagine the fed saying anything definitive about the future of rate increases. I am more worried about problems in the high yield bond market. Isn't that a bigger concern ? I don't pretend to understand it all but seems like there is an ominous problem there

  16. Greetings Mr. Illuminati Silver:

    Nobody is talking about Pt right now. Spot went below 850/oz in Dollar terms (again).

    Here's a simple theory: either Au is overpriced or Pt is extremely under priced (or some combination thereof). I'm starting to think the much publicized "Diesel-gate" at VW might have been a "gift" for those accumulating Pt

    Good job and congrats on the new website. I'm going to try to become your 4000th Sub.

  17. I have an odd feeling that silver will continue to drop to low 11$ level before a panic event sets in that will scare out even the hard core stacker. at that point people will begin to sell in a gamble to collect dollars. for those who dont panic they will ride one of the biggest waves in history. don't sell yr silver. no matter what game is played.wait to trade it for gold.

  18. It will be good if silver prices fall in the new year, I am hoping that they remain low for a long time. If gold and silver are valued for their industrial properties, then surely Silver is the better metal to invest in, so either way it should be a good investment. Thoughts?

  19. Is it Oct 2016 China comes online in the IMF? Will they preach to the world the "American $ is worthless and our Yuan is backed by GOLD/SILVER?" What will happen then? Will people run from the American $ worldwide and leave Americans holding a bag of nasty smelling & worthless paper $$$$ ????

  20. Its interesting…Both Martin Armstrong and Harry Dent, agree that silver/gold are going much lower from here , but Armstrong says the DOW , will hit 21,000 – 22,000 from this point , before it has a major crash , and Dent says the DOW is going down below 10,000 from this point and it wont make new highs from here.

  21. Its possible that silver will come below $10 a oz in the future, and stay there for many years…juts like it has done in the past. Anyone that tells you such a scenario CANNOT happen, is talking out their asses. Look at OIL…and how it has plumetted…and even that may go lower. TPTB, still have the ability to manipulate the prices of any commodity they wish for their agendas. SILVER AND GOLD..are not in short supply…you can buy all you want off ebay or metals dealers.

  22. I honestly believe, that anyone that paid more then $30 per oz, for silver. may have to wait at least 5-10 years, just to break even . Thats not a great investment or a great store of wealth. LEARN THE CYCLES…THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND.

  23. If silver does come down to $10 levels, I fully expect gold to come down to $900 levels. They both will generally move in sync. The DOW, was down over 300 points friday, and metals prices were lethargic. This is also a bad sign ahead, for metals prices.

  24. The day you guys tell me "We see silver rising, at least for the short term." I am opening a bottle of fine wine to celebrate! ; ) can't wait for that day, BUT I am ready for it…

  25. I have been watching your channel for several months.  I respect your perspective and enjoy watching your videos.  Do you have any general advice that you would offer to share with someone in their 20's with respect to how to prepare for retirement?

  26. Good as always.

    I believe OPEC/Saudi Arabia has come very close to backing itself into a corner possibly a fatal corner. It kept oil too high for too long combined with the cheap money being thrown out the window DOW at the FED for the last 10 years American Oil producers were able to out a lot if wells in the ground. And even with this move to simultaneously hurt Russia and shut down American and Canadian Oil production they only succeeded in getting the wells capped. If they were to raise prices back up we would need little investment to just start back up. If we wind up with a Republican president that outs the Keystone Pipeline back in the table and Canada would be free to turn the spigot on. Venezuela is close to collapse and I am sure many other OPEC Nations are ready to dump OPEC. Of course Saudi Arabia has some if the lowest production costs and therefore even if everyone left Saudi Arabia would still price everyone out up to a point. Saudi Arabia can't supply everyone and if America, Canada, and possibly Venezuela decide to just supply our side of the planet Saudi Arabia has China as a buyer but they also will have Iran, with nearly as much oil in the ground as a competitor with sanctions lifted. But never under estimate Iran's religious leaders to do something stupid and remain on sanctions also a Republican Presidency probably puts Iran back in a timeout if nothing else just to suck Israel's ass. Pardon my French. One thing you can count on from Republicans and Iran is they will stab everyone in the back including themselves to make a point. Given that Republicans have a habit of creating the next terrorist, selling them weapons, and opening the doors to let them waltz through while they do photo ops in Florida and try to figure out how to punish gays and if they can shred a few more parts of the Constitution along the way and sell everyone out to Wall Street in the process then they feel they have accomplished their goal to keep us all miserable, except a select few, while they await the return of Jesus.

    If Hilary wins it is anyone's guess but my guess is Saudi Arabia will get to remount us and jack oil back up while she shuts down all domestic production and figured out how to strangle us and our economy with a carbon tax.

    No matter how you slice it though it appears that Silver is being treated like a commodity and Gold still holds a smidgen of its mythological properties as something more than a commodity.

    All the "big money" no longer sees Gold and Silver as anything but commodities manipulation or not which leaves only stackers and apocalypse weirdos looking for huge moves but I doubt there are enough of the last two to make it worth the while of the JP Morgan types to run another hyped up scam like what lead us to 2011 Silver highs. Gold? Maybe. Just enough stupidity left out there for another run.

    I stick with my last prediction of Silver between $13.50 and Gold around $1025.00 at years end. maybe even worse or better depending on your point of view.

  27. I do expect silver to continue it's decline to $9-10 over many years. However I don't think it's matters what the Fed does with interest rates. It will not affect silver or gold.

  28. Will support your channel my Subscription!!!I hope that you will support my channel!))
    search for artifacts with a metal detector in the country with a rich history spanning over 5000 years

  29. Alot of people think that the dollar will go bust, and crisis occur. But what if we dont look at just the dollar and economics. And see value in creativity, like that most ideas and "stuff" are invented in the West. At least, if a bust occurs, a speedy recovery is likely. There are no other place for inventions, just copycats around the globe. Basically. Hmm.. What is your thougths about this? (sorry if my english is not correct.)

  30. excellent – every single channel including Silver pumpers are calling for 8-12 dollar silver….
    We are near the end of the bear… few months to go…. bears are turning slowly bullish !

  31. Big trouble is coming. That's all I know, and Jewish Usury is the root cause. Governments must resume printing/creating a nations (interest free) currency. We have to rid ourselves of the Rothschilds and George Soros types.

  32. Most people purchase physical silver/ gold, with expectations that they bought near the absoloute low, and that it can only go higher in the short term. I have done the opposite . I made my initial recent purchase @ $14.50…full well knowing that it is gonna come lower in the next several months/ years…and my plan is to dollar cost average down…I fully expect that my future purchases will only bring down the cost of my buy average . Its impossible to time the bottom with 100% accuracy, so I just decided that $14.50 would be a decent entry point , full well knowing that I may be making future purchases @ $12..then $10…then $8 ….However, I will not make any purchases above $14.50 . It must come lower for me to buy more…which it will.

  33. $5 silver, within the next several years, would actually make me very happy, even though my intiial buy in is @ $14.50. If it hits $5 , I think it would be the investment of my lifetime….in which I could turn huge profits, with the discipline of waiting 10 years for it to hit the next big bull cycle. Just think, silver eagle monster boxes were selling like hotcakes a few years ago for $20,000.or more ..imagine being able to buy that same silver for $2500 -$3000 in afew years, and then sit on it till the next silver bull run. Thats 1 way fortunes are made. Discipline and insight and following trends/cycles and not falling for games of pumpers.

  34. Its interesting to use UTUBE as a guide, to look at all the videos being posted by silver investors, who have purchased silver @
    $20-$40 ranges over the last few years. It documents how easily humans fall for the pumpers game and the " total collapse
    is right around the corner" deceptions. If these silver buyers had the discipline to wait for lower prices, they would have been able to purchase MUCH MORE silver for their money , thereby increasing there profit potential.

  35. Buyers who have been buying and stacking large amounts of silver from 2011- 2014, have really made a poor decision by not waiting for deflation to take silver down to lower levels. When a person buys silver @ $40 a oz, they have a HUGE downside risk…compared to buying it @ $14 a oz.

  36. Super post… I keep itching to buy just a tad… but keep holding off. I could go for a 20 ounce fix.. just for the joy of buying at prices I have not seen in a long time. Like drinking a nicely scotched egg nog during the holidays.

  37. I wanted ask your opinion.  I have been stacking some silver the past few months and would l;ike to have a little gold in with it.  The premium seems to be the lowest on buying a 1 oz gold coin or bar.  I will have to save up for about 6 months to so this if I can.  Should I buy the gold as a stacker or should  I just stick with all silver for future selling maybe when  prices go way up one day? Just trying to figure if I should spend  the money on 1 oz gold or the same amount on silver.  Thank you

  38. This year was a record for 1 oz. silver eagle sales. Why would so many people buy silver at these prices when silver is going to continue to fall? You say silver will continue to fall in 2016. Will silver go to $4/oz. or lower? At what price will people stop mining it?

  39. Just ordered 22 ounce of silver yesterday…I'm buying silver as long as its under $20. If silver goes over $20, then I will invest in other things like more guns, ammo, food, land, and musclecars. Great video, and I hope you are right about silver going lower….even if it stays at the $13-$14 range, I can't complain.

  40. Too bad their unemployment figures are terribly wrong. They go by the number of people getting unemployment benefits. They dont take into consideration the people who had the benefits dropped or the people who are grossly under employed.

  41. to all silver stackers,please buy with respect in accordence to the (system). IS HAS WARNED you,dave himlin has warned you ,cabadejo has given knowledge ,these people have no agenda they are selling nothing,happy new year to all.

  42. I do agree that the downward trend for silver is not over. This applies to commodities in general as well.

    2015 was the first time I've started accumulating physical silver since selling in 2011. I do think there could be a brief bottom at $10 USD, but as any physical buyer knows, buying bulk physical silver is a unique market of it's own.

    I want to have a good position built before these ultimate lows because I do not want to be buying the garbage left at these lows and spot prices are even more outrageous.

    And the buying I have been doing is in 100oz bars. I will consider buying SAEs when they are under $15 with spot.

  43. Silver prices will likely move lower into 2016. At $10-$12/oz you should start accumulating. Silver may not bottom until it reaches $5-7 price range at which it offers very little risk from it's previous high of $48/oz.

  44. Gives everyone time to buy a real money source, No excuse to have only US Peso's now. Soon the dollar will be gone and Silver will be the next US currency for those that posses it! Looking forward to buying much much more. Lowering the price just allows me to purchase more of it.

  45. If I would have won the Powerball, you would become my butler. I would have paid you 500,000 pounds per year to do so, oh well didn't win it!!

  46. Do you think these sale prices on silver yesterday and today are good to stack up more? Or shall we go slowly ? Or just wait? Thanks

  47. silver is so low because its so much about, our dealers n bankers can "create" ALL the silver they want Millions of OZ of silver can be created at the touch of a button, it will always be as much silver as they need to keep the prices where they wan them to be, pity they just cannot use their amazing paper silver to plate Jet engine bearings in the construction of cruise missiles electronics colloidal silver to keep infectious diseases at bay n the many other uses silver is vital in today's industry n medicine its got FA to do with supply n demand manipulation is the name of the game

  48. Lol – you said they would go lower into 2016 – ok you want to debate how your words are being interpreted

  49. well here it is 1/2 way through 2017 and silver is still hanging around the high $16's
    As the price of silver goes up all the little 4th world countries start digging – the silver comes out of the ground well below the cost to get it out.
    I think that today silver is priced the same as it was in Oct 2007 a decade ago.
    THis does not take into account the 2% inflation that devalues the dollar but in spite of the 20% inflation the silver therefore is $3.20 lower in price today then it was then.

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