Silver Meltdown Haul for BCMike!

Hey everybody, it’s Seeker and in front of me guys is something really really awesome and there is a story to it I want to share it with you But before we get into guys I just want to say that we had a live stream on Saturday 1/5/19 That just blew my expectations out of the water it was incredible and I just wanted to say thank you to each and every single person that showed up and Was there and just hung out and said hi or whatever. I really do appreciate it. I also want to say a huge Thank you to everyone that donated that night. All of my members, my moderators everything It was just an incredible night every single person that was there, you All made it amazing. We did have one person that really did go out of his way in particularly though BC Mike You know, he must have had an itch or something. It was an incredible night in front of me These are all for BC Mike. BC Mike donated 11 meltdowns We only were able to do four of them on Saturday. We have seven more than still aren’t done all of these These are just from the four so this this isn’t showing the majority of it and I just wanted to show you some of the stuff in here because it’s just mind-blowing and I wanted to say a huge Thank you to BC Mike for everything that you did that night because I mean you certainly made it crazy It was a lot of fun. So let’s take a look at these things So BC Mike, the first thing he got last night guys, this is a 2017 PCGS ms69 China silver panda. This is beautiful next to it a 2018 PCGS ms69 China Silver Panda So we got two PCGS lab pandas right next to each other 17 and 18 He did get this bag last night, which I was really excited to see go out. This is a 1984 Mexican Libertad, this is a s1 Onza. This is an MS. 66 NGC slabbed one silver ounce The mexican libertads are awesome. These are one of the earlier tech ones next to it He got a PCGS slabbed MS. 63 peace dollar 1922 in a PCGS slab next to that. He got a 2015 Canada bison, this is a 1.25 ounce bison its PCGS slabbed with a candidate flag label Ms69 Next to that we have a silver seeker slab. He loves his chiwoos This is a 2018 South Korea one che one clay Chiwoo Cheonwang scrofa privy this is very very cool I’m glad that he got that This right here. This is actually from Samoa. This is a one ounce sea horse. This is a silver sea horse You can’t see it on the front. This is the back of it This was on the end of the strip of five and I’ll let BC Mike decide if he wants to cut that out or not Over here. These are really cool. This one here is a 1947 Mexico Cinco Peso This here is 90 percent silver. This is about uncirculated condition. It’s even still has luster on it It is gorgeous. And then this one he was really excited to see and I was excited to give it to him This is an 1898 Mexico un peso cap and rays variety this thing here is very very gorgeous Alrighty now he loves his Chiwoos And this one right here. This is a 2 ounce Chiwoo Cheonwang right there guys That is one of the two ounces This is an incuse by the way, so it’s actually incuse into the into the coin and it is just gorgeous Next to it. He got four More of the 2018 Chiwoos with the scrofa privy, which is really cool right there next to my finger He got four of those this one right here. This is a Canada. This is a 2017 one and a half ounce For nine silver grizzly bear. That is awesome. He got that. This is a 2012 Canada silver moose. That’s from the wildlife series as well this one right here. This is from Australia 2015 Australia funnel-web spider. These are really awesome Back here. He got a one ounce grim reaper 2017 these are really cool. They only a minted 10,000 of them and that is awesome. Here. He has a 2018 South African silver cougar and that right there is very beautiful for BC Mike as well. This one here. He had a 2016 this is from Texas precious metals. This is a coyote these are really really cool with high premiums next to that next To that check this out. This is a silver shield mini mintage big mother is watching you one nation under CCTV This is really really cool. You can see you know, Queen Elizabeth and skeleton form. That is really awesome next to it He got two of these. This is the Australian birds-of-paradise. These are from Australia one ounce of four nine silver. These things are absolutely Gorgeous. I just love them next to that. He got two of these. These are 2019 silver pandas 30 gram AG 999 pure silver very very beautiful In fact in my opinion the best design panda thus far here. He has a 2015 Silver panda this thing right here is beautiful and right here. He has a 2019 Australian kookaburra, so those are all the big ones. He also got a 1/2 ounce this is the Battle of the Coral Sea battleship. Very very beautiful over here He got a bunch of 90% of us. We got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 That 90% has the majority of them are Benji’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 of them are Benji’s and he got 6 40%’ers he got a Mercury dime and a Trinket pull which ended up being a Japanese aluminum coin and keep in mind We didn’t find any silver in the boxes last night. The boxes were completely light This is just what he got from me for doing another so BC Mike again Thank you so much for your support in the stream I just wanted to share this with you guys because this is so awesome guys if you enjoyed the video, though Do me a favor. Make sure you like and subscribe check out the videos on the side there and guys We we really do appreciate it. Hit that big red subscribe button though guys It really helps me out and we will see you in the next video

18 thoughts on “Silver Meltdown Haul for BCMike!

  1. That was a great night BCMike got some great pulls, best bags that I've seen on YouTube I can't help but say that. Thats my opinion but i haven't seen bags as good yet on a consistent level. Congrats BCMike, congrats and thank you silverseeker on such a great livestream that you always put togetherπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―.

  2. Those meltdown wins are the reason I keep coming to your live streams. You actually invest in the live stream rather than just the bank rolls and boxes. When I donate, I'm not just having someone searching rolls hoping to find silver because even if the rolls don't have silver, I'm guaranteed either a stacker item (bullion coin, round, or bar) or a numismatic coin (Morgan dollar, Benjamin Franklin half, Peace dollar etc). Even when I don't donate to the stream, you convince me to buy the coin. You should work for Apmex's marketing team; you have a knack for it.

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