Silver Landcruiser 200 Series Conversion: Part 1 – The Chop ► All 4 Adventure TV

Well I’ve just picked up the new 200 series,
and you’ll never guess where I’m taking it. Well, I tell you what, I liked that other
vehicle, that other 200 of mine, so much I thought maybe Simon could drive that one,
and maybe I’ll get this silver one chopped. So I’m just pulling into Creative Conversions.
And Len from Creative Conversions is going to chop my car in half again. And we’re gonna
show you what goes into chopping a car in half. Especially a brand new 200 series. Where do you want me to start cutting? With that? Yeah. I suppose that’s why they call it a conversion. That’s right. Oh well, remember, look it’s brand spanking
new. There’s not a mark on it. So what exactly are you going to do to convert this thing
into a ute? Well, we’re going to take all the interior
out of it. So strip all the guts out of it. And then we’re going to cut the back of it
off. Weld some bits in. Extend the chassis out. And away you go. All right. Get to work, mate. Now they’ve actually cut the entire chassis
in half and taken the rear end of the truck backwards, that way. And this is where it
gets really scary for me, but these guys do it day in day out. And this is where they
put that space in. So if you have a look here, I’ll show you. I’ve got this little camera
here. And there it is. My car’s in two pieces. So they’re actually
going to stick 650 millimetres into the chassis. 650. Weld at that end. Weld it on that end.
And the car, well, it becomes longer. She’s starting to take shape. Now it’s all
back together. So they’ve put all their strengthening gutter plates in. And now they’re going to
start work on what goes in here. They’ve got this big toolbox that goes in here, and then
they can start looking at lengthening all the wires at the back. Because remember, 650mm
has gone into the chassis of this car. So it’s coming together nicely. So what Creative Conversions do is they pre-fabricate
all the parts. You can see here, I’ve got all the parts here. This will be the parts
for the toolbox by the look of it. They go down in here. They get it all pre-fabricated
and then they just basically put the pieces together like a meccano set. And then weld
it up. And then it’s a matter of doing a bit of body work, and then of course, they start
looking at doing the final which is the top coat. And blending that silver in. So as you can see, behind me now, we’re in
the paint shop. So it means we’re in the final stages of the conversion. And this is where
the real magic happens. So Paul behind me, now this guy is good at what he does. He’s
real good. Because this car, when it’s finished is going to look like it came out of a Toyota
factory. So his job, it’s got an undercoat there on the back, his job now is to blend
that silver paint job through to the front. And I can guarantee you won’t be able to pick
the difference.

23 thoughts on “Silver Landcruiser 200 Series Conversion: Part 1 – The Chop ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. Thanks for uploading the video. I’m located in Costa Rica Central America and unfortunately I have never been able to watch a full episode in I think I will have to order the DVDs. Hey Jason, I have tried some of your recipes … loved the Spaghetti Fritters. BTW Jason, I think you will have to give this new cruiser to Simon, he has been the best co-host ever.

  2. I still don't get it. Why not buy a Tundra? OR a Toyota Ute that's also on sale in Australia? Why bother with LC200?

  3. Are there any frame structural weakness issues when you cut/extend/well like this? Will get going on my own research but would love to hear your thoughts.

  4. i feel like crying while im watching them chop that car up :-(,,,,,why couldn't you just have gotten a double cab cruiser hardtop ?….it's what the USembassy uses in Kenya ,pretty capable car

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