Silver Lake NY – Ice Fishing for Perch

Hi folks It’s Ivo here from Thundermist Lures company and welcome to today’s episode of thundermist fishing tips so glad to see you So glad you could join us because I am here with the boatless angler this one feels pretty good We are out here for the very first time we’re fishing in Silver Lake New York State and they’re known for their perch and pan fish and also Pike so we came rigged for panfish and Antonio’s fish in just over there beside me looks like he’s got a few fish flopping around We just got set up here, and we drilled a few holes To scout the area a little bit to find out where these fish are holding, so it looks like we’ve got a spot here That’s holding some fish, so we’ll stay here and fish for a bit, but if these spots dry up Maybe we’ll move around because this is all brand new territory for us We’ve never fished here before so it’s gonna be a learning thing for us with with spots now this particular spot is about 10 feet deep and I’m running the sting nose jigging spoons I’ve got the 1/8 ounce size on there, which is good enough for perch and good enough for sunfish That’s why I went a little smaller Because they’re supposed to be sunfish and crappies here so and I also Just to open up with I tipped it with a butter worm now the butter worms there. They’re a bit. They’re a bit big They’re a bigger grub And I just lost my piece there They’re a bigger grub. I put the hole so I’ve got nothing on now I’m just gonna put it right back down because you don’t need to tip them But I did tip it because I just wanted to entice the bite and see what was going on down there And I put the whole butter worm on and then with a pair of scissors I just nip it off because all you really need is just a tiny little piece Something there as just a little extra scent and again. You don’t necessarily need it It’s there as an extra enticer, but anyhow that’s gonna be Oh, what do you got Antonio? That’s the size, I’ve been getting yeah Nice fish yeah, that’s a nice one. you got a couple nice ones, too Yeah, I mean they all seem to be around the same size. They’re not really huge huge Jumbo’s, oh here’s one one. So are you fishing tipped or untipped. I’m fishing untipped and getting fish, so We’ll put him right ice right back down we go it’s a gorgeous day. It’s about freezing out It’s about zero degrees Celsius 32 Fahrenheit The sun’s coming out, so it actually feels a little warmer but what I what a nice day to be out on the ice and just Jigging these sting nose just off the bottom the, Perch are on the bottom They’re not suspended, so we’re gonna work these just on the bottom, and you know my technique is jig and pause It’s a great technique it entices a lot of bites, and it works really really well Very nice fish ,oh maybe not. Are you fishing tipped Okay, I’ve got mine tipped, and it seems to be working I’m just jiggling it. What about you? Yeah? I’m setting it down. I’m just lifting it up a bit and just jiggling it slightly And they’re hitting it just on the jiggle He’s got all three trebles right in them Okay one at a time. We’ll get you out and get you back in Alright looks like we’re gonna have ourselves a nice day out here folks. So I’ve got a little container of butter worms, but I’m gonna hold off on using them Antonio’s tipping. And he’s doing well over there I’m just fishing untipped because he might run out of butter worms Antonio, and he’ll be looking for mine soon So I’ll hang on to mine. Did you hear that Antonio I’m just setting it down and jiggling and pausing That’s a nicer one, that’s a nice fish. I got the 1/8 on. You do? Yeah. Maybe we’ll get no sunfish who knows, but the perch are here, so I’m just setting it down to the bottom Jiggle-jiggle, and that’s it they just touch it, getting them to? This guy’s small. Yeah, it’s a really good idea. I know Antonio’s fishing over there, and I’m fishing over here It’s a really good idea to spread out a little bit because sometimes fish will hold in an area and 15 20 feet will make a big difference so Antonio’s fishing just yeah, he’s fishing about 20 feet beside me there and It’s a good strategy to do and we could also drill some holes Out behind us and around us and try different You know try a little different areas and what I like to do as well if this hole dries up Or if Antonio’s hole dries up then we’ll just move a little bit and try another hole because these fish these fish move around They don’t necessarily all stay in the same place at the same time so and these fish seem to all be about the same size, so Not any huge huge Jumbo’s, but I also heard in this lake that they don’t really really get that big The lake is not a big lake But there are a lot of fish in here a lot of pan fish And because of that there’s a lot of pike so you never know we might even jig up a pike even though We’re using just little sting nose. You can still jig up a pike without any problems, so this is a great technique and What else? One other way to spend a great day on the water or on the ice I should say during the winter day, and there’s some people down here. Just a little further They got their kids with them And you know what that is so great to see it’s great to see the kids out here having some fun They’re skating around they’re They’re ice fishing, and they’re just having a great day in the outdoors and the more we can get our kids outdoors And fishing the better it is Tiny bite Yep Good fish All about the same size? Yeah, I got a couple that are a little bigger, but yeah, they’re all clones of each other Yeah, they’re biting. Bites are really subtle. I don’t know if you noticed that. I did. like I’m just just seeing at the tip of my rod that Barely Yeah, it’s just like uh, they just pick it up. That’s a nice one Sting nose is great eh? Oh it work really good I love it. The hook is always in the lip, just perfect Okay, I gotta tell you what we did folks. We’ve just made a little move both Antonio and I Our spots kind of dried up a bit. I mean we got some nice fish We got some good numbers back there, but Antonio now, he just moved oh you just lost one? Lost a big one Antonio just moved over there and I just moved Over here I’ve been catching them So Antonio came and made another hole there So between the two of us now And that’s gonna be the strategy moving around and trying different spots throughout the course of the day And oh I just missed a good one and I gotta tell ya. It’s uh. Oh here we go It’s a lot of good eatin with these perch. They are very very tasty, and if you haven’t seen it We’ve got a really good video Showing some different ways on how to clean perch, and this is a nicer one Antonio yeah, that’s a nicer one and I’ll put a link in in here for you in the video you can check out a Couple different ways on how to clean some perch because they are very very tasty if you get into them and in case you’re wondering it’s the it’s the end of January and Like I say we’re all here in Silver Lake. There is a good solid ten inches of ice so it’s plenty safe Which means there’s a lot of good ice fishing still to be had and if you’ve never been down here. It’s a great drive down here. It’s a beautiful scenic drive hilly roads It’s just a really nice place to come and as you can see you can get into some nice perch and have some fun That’s exactly what Antonio and I are doing today, and he’s got himself another fish Eh, Antonio isn’t this fun? It’s great, it’s a great way to spend the winter day. And we’ve packed ourselves we’ve got ourselves a nice lunch, so we’re gonna actually we’re going to spend the day here We’re having a great time on the water if you get an opportunity And you haven’t gone ice fishing you really should give it a try It really is a lot of fun packing lunch like we did make a day of it especially when you got days like this Thanks ever so much for tuning into today’s episode of Thundermist fishing tips and has always folks until next time good luck

32 thoughts on “Silver Lake NY – Ice Fishing for Perch

  1. Five years ago I caught a 10 lb. Crappie with a broken cain pole from a jon boat in a driving rain storm and a 50 mph wind rain and lightning And it was at night with no lights of any kind. NOT REALLY. But I really do like your videos.

  2. This video got me so pumped up to go fishing!! I just uploaded my first ice fishing video, I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and let me know what you think! Btw I subscribed and I’m hyped on your channel!

  3. Hey, nice catch!
    What kind of rods are you exactly using? I've been looking for a rod like that, but unfortunately can't come across such here in Finland.
    Greetings & happy fishing! 🎣

  4. goo job and cool video! How come neither of you guys have invested in a Marcum (or Vex)? Makes icing so much more enjoyable

  5. Wow, some of those fish look about 6 inches big. Any ice fisher could have made this video. When you filleted those "keepers" did you even get a pound of meat? LOL.

  6. Hey IVO – you guys have your selves a good supply of Perch for a fish fry – let me know what time is dinner ( lol )

  7. I love your shows. You have to go ice fishing Barcelona harbor for steelhead threw the with egg sacks or spoons

  8. Wow I can’t believe you guys are fishing so close to me. The only fish with any size in that lake are the pike. You can get a limit of crappies in a couple hours there, though. If you want to find some decent perch in the area you ought to try the finger lakes. Especially Keuka, Canandaigua, and Honeoye. Oneida has some tank perch if you have a machine to get out on it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Its a city slickers paradise lol. Average pike 16-24 inchers occasionally 28-32 … dink perch with some 8 to 11 inchers and dink crappie mostly under 12 inches

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