Silver Collection 90% Junk Silver Coins Dimes, Quarters Half Dollars Coin Roll Hunting

hey silver bus what’s going on I wanted to show you another stash pickup we got today that really really cool so there’s you know a lot of forms of different silver out there this is what is called junk silver it’s 90% silver so 1964 and prior your quarters your dimes or half dollars your larger dollars they were all made with 90% of its coinage was silver and then in 1960 you know five forward that changed to a basically a plug and you know junkier metals what have you that aren’t worth a whole lot compared to a nearly pure silver coin so there is a whole movement to collect this junk silver 90% silver because it’s it’s got some great value and trade value it’s very very liquid out there there exact some states I’m in Utah today and I picked this up here and Utah this is actually used in trade it was made legal a year or two ago I believe to trade via the silver the old silver coins for its silver value for example this is a stack of quarters you would not take this and spend it like a 25 cent piece like like a regular quarter from today okay that’s worth 25 cents I guess maybe a penny of silver in there if that or other actually other metals but this one 64 and prior this particular one happens to be a what is that a 50 going to get it to focus maybe if I go like this to a cool and you can spot these so that’s like a little 1950s era what is that 58 that value is going to be quite a bit more than just the 25 cents in fact in today’s market I think it closed around 16 and a half dollars roughly per ounce and so the conversion for pure melt value today is about twelve dollars so what that means is for every four quarters of the dollar is worth about twelve dollars in melt value okay here are some fifty cent pieces look at this old one from the 1940s Walking Liberty half dollar you can get it to focus on that that’s pretty cool check out the back and then of course we have the Ben Franklin’s and those go back into the 50s and 60s this is a 62 and a 63 all right and again 90% of its silver so there’s real real silver value here so these two combined is $1.00 in face value and about twelve dollars in melt value on the panning sense okay here are some dimes and these actually look the same as today’s dimes only the date is going to be 1964 or older I’m not sure if that’s going to focus on that I think that is a 64 died and here’s a tomb of them so you can see the silver color I don’t have any against to compare against and that’s one way you can find these in rolls of quarters and dimes is that the edging is all solid silver looking versus I’m going to take say two quarters I don’t know if this will show up on video real well but you can see there’s there’s a little bit of bronze looking and silver on top silver color anyway okay versus pure pure pure edge of silver okay and that’s one way to quickly help the year of these coins so a roll of Dimes for example is it’s $5 face value today’s mark you can multiply it by 12 and that’s not what that is worth so right there $60 was a silver one tube and I picked up these glass not glass but plastic tubes just so I can store these things really nice and preserve them pick them up at Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks for four or five of these things and I love here my silver clang and Chang listen to that anyway hope that was useful and informative so be looking for this kind of coinage in your spare change if you have jars or containers of old coins that you know before you hit the the machine that takes them back in and spits out a little ticket you go to the cashier and get that paper money look through them and see if there’s anything pre 64 so including 1964 and older in the quarters half dollars and dimes okay nickels don’t count unless it’s a buffalo nickel then that’s has some collectible value but these are the three I’d keep an eye out for and every once in a while I’ll get it in some change loose change at the 7-eleven or you know somewhere or the grocery use my debit card but most the time but when I use that real money I’ll get back some and we just start collecting it all right so hey if you liked the video if it was helpful informative appreciate a thumbs up maybe share it be sure to subscribe to the channel we’re going to talk a lot about silver over the next while because we’ve got some really cool things we’re working on in that in that arena and so be the first to sort of hear about it through this channel alright over now thanks for watching

24 thoughts on “Silver Collection 90% Junk Silver Coins Dimes, Quarters Half Dollars Coin Roll Hunting

  1. Also, look for half dollars 1965-1970. They will contain 40% silver. Also, war nickels 1942-1945 with a large mint mark above the top of the Monticello building on back contain 35% silver. There is absolutely ZERO silver in modern coinage made for circulation.

  2. Montana, keep stacking, and don't disregard the '65 > '69 Kennedy halves, they are 40% silver as well, not quite as nice as the 90% '64 and previous coins, but silver just the same.

  3. Recently I have bought boxes and boxes of half dollars and dimes and have had unfortunately no luck. It isn’t even worth the time of buying and searching through them anymore because all the junk silver seems to be picked out. 😭

  4. Love real silver coin….love the sound of silver!!! I stack tons of half dollars. Have over 5000 now but want a lot more!!!! So much better than paper!!!

  5. I made a monumental move today and decided to sell at least half my stack of silver and move into gold…as I'm getting older don't have the patience for silver ..

  6. Don’t forget they’re not just worth melt value. A silver quarter you can sell for s quick $2.50 because there’s a huge community of collectors that find more value in them.

  7. I prefer to use the term constitutional silver also a good website to check out for coin values is

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