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Hey guys, It’s Tina here. Welcome back to another episode of Tina Tries It! In today’s episode, I’ll be trying out a peel off chrome mask. If you haven’t already, make sure you click SUBSCRIBE below to stay updated with future videos. The product I’m trying out today is Bonvivant – Original Chrome Mask, Peel Off Type. This mask is hydraiting, Anti – inflammatory, contains Antioxidants and has firming and brightening benefits. Two special ingredients in this is “Pearl Powder” which helps to gently exfoliate the skin removing any impurities and also “Diamond Powder” which helps the skin’s elasticity and illuminates the skin. It also contains rice bran extract which helps to moisturize and improve the skin’s texture. Now I’ve tried a very similar product to this like peel-off chrome mask, The Glam Glow one. I tried this about 10 months ago I wasn’t like loving the whole thing, I think I rated it like a 6/10 from memory. This product has more of a firming benefit whereas this kind of exfoliates skin, hydrates, and also brighten up the skin. So the ingredients in this are different but the whole user experience is very similar Basically it comes in like a white foam first, and when it dries on the skin, it goes into this like silver or chrome look. A big difference between the two is the prize. This one is only $22, and this one is $68. Which is pretty expensive. In the box, you just get the product. It doesn’t come with a brush or a spatular or anything. but you can get an additional brush. This is like a spatula brush actually. and you can purchase it for $2 on Memebox. Now the consistency of this product is pretty gooey. It looks really thick. and like I said before, It’s white but later when it dries on my skin, it’ll turn into like a chrome color. Now I recently just came back from my Bali trip like 2 days ago and my skin has been really feeling in this trip. I’ve gotten all these like red spots and it always happens when I travel somewhere hot. I don’t know why. But I get all these like always like sweat pimples or something. Then it goes pussy or anything just like all these red spots kind of appear everywhere, especially after a long flight. And on the trip, I did not pack any like facial exfoliator so my skin feels really rough I feel really dry. It just feels really disgusting. So I’m really hoping this product actually works and does give my skin a quick pick-me-up. I really need to exfoliate my skin and brighten it and also smooth it out a little bit. So, let’s see if it works. Got to pop my ears on. Also did you guys notice my hair? What do you think of this color? It’s kind of like a peach blush color. or like…I don’t know. A rose gold just to make it fancy. But what do you think? Do you like this color or the purple or the pink? I feel like keep changing my hair. The best thing about having like really like light hair is that this color will fade and then I can just put another semi color on top and it doesn’t damage the hair or anything. So I’ve been going crazy with hair colors. Let me just pop this on. I was asking Alfred before if my hair color looks like an orangutan. Because I don’t know why but it just reminds me of an orangutan. Okay, I got my ears on. Let’s apply the mask. All I have to do is apply an even layer and then just leave it on for about 20 minutes. and I’ll see the color changing so then I’ll know if it’s dry or not. and then I just peel it off and yeah, I don’t need to really wash my face unless there’s little residue left over. So, let’s go! Wow, the product actually smells really nice. It smells like almost like perfume, Shampoo It just smells really nice. I’ll be using this $2 silicon spatula. It’s literally a piece of silicon so it’s actually going to be really easy to wash after the products just slides off. I would highly recommend you get a spatula instead of using your fingers Because it’s going to get messy. Okay, let’s scoop some of this out! Oh, it’s so gooey. Oooh, it’s nice and cold. Yeah, the product itself is quite thick. So I don’t think I need to build up too many layers on this I’m just going to apply a nice thin layer. Actually You know I said it smells nice before, I think the smell is a little bit overpowering. and for some reason, it’s kind of stinging my eye like the fumes. So far it’s pretty easy to apply Just try to get my hair out of the way. I wonder if this is actually going to hurt when I peel it. From memory, Did the Glam Glow one hurt? I don’t think it really… ugh… I don’t know. Usually most peel off products like if I get it in my hairs… Yeah.. it will get hurt. But I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t think this one will hurt. I got to be really careful around my brows. I don’t want to lose any hairs. and also I have like baby hairs around my hairline too. So… Got to be careful! You know what, I really like a spatula. It’s actually really easy to apply masks on. and it just smooths a nice thin layer for you. So you get the even layer. Because it’s quite flat. I can’t remember the last time I tried a peel off mask. I feel like it’s been forever. Yeah, it’s been a while. It’s definitely been a while. Pretty happy with that application. What do you think? Masterpiece! πŸ˜€ Surprisingly, I didn’t need a lot of product to cover my face. I feel like there’s heaps of products left in this. If you guys are wondering this product contains 85 ml whilst the Glam Glow one contains 50ml. So this one is cheaper and you get more and this one is more expensive and you get less. So…yeah! Whilst I’m waiting for this mask to dry and I can definitely feel it drying already around my mouth. I thought I’d do a Giveaway! Now Memebox sent me few extra ones of these. I’ll send it for free. So I didn’t know what I’m going to do with extra masks So I thought I’d giveaway to you guys. They also sent me three of these spatulas. So I want to do a giveaway. I’ll giveaway three of these and all you have to do is watch it to the end of this video and I’ll give you more details. I’m back! It’s been about 30 minutes. Because I had to wait a bit longer Because I applied a little bit more of a thicker layer on this side So I feel like it didn’t dry enough. So I waited 30 minutes I want to like show you guys my nose. It looks really weird. Around my nose, it’s gone all squatty I think that’s from blackheads and the pores. Around my mouth, it’s just really dried up now. and it’s restricting the movement around my mouth. The color has also changed from a white to a more silvery chrome color. And in terms of how it feels in my face, I just feel really tight at the moment. It doesn’t sting. There’s no like irritation or anything. I didn’t feel that uncomfortable. I just want to speak it feels restricted. So let’s start peeling it. I hope I can peel it all off in one go. It doesn’t really hurt Okay, maybe it does hurt a little bit if you have hairy face. It’s not as painful as other ones that I’ve tried. Oh, I think I can actually get this off in one go guys. OMG Oooh the concentration! Aww Aww it’s on my hair! Oh no… It’s on my baby hairs! I didn’t realize that I have baby hairs there because I dyed my hair and blend it in with my skin tone. That hurts. Oh look, it’s still stuck there on my hairs. Okay.. Rookie mistake Tina! Rookie mistake! It’s better now. Okay. I think I’m going to do as one go. I’m so excited! Whooooow Did you see that? It came off in one go! This looks so freaky! Can you see the profile of my face? Oh My God! That’s so freaky! Look! That’s my nose! Gosh That looks so scary! Why does my face look like an alien! Look at that guys! Isn’t that look so freaky? Especially when I turn it to the side. It’s like my nose is completely in that shape. Omg, especially the nose part just blows my mind. That’s so crazy. I love it. I’m so excited. I just feel so happy and to feel it at the moment. Here’s a close-up of the mask. This is the side that was on my skin. You could see all like the lines and pores I don’t think it removed any blackheads Because it didn’t feel that painful Actually maybe a few hairs around here. There are some residues left over my skin and I think I can just like pick it off or use like a wipe to just remove it. Man! That part around my hairline, that hurt! That was such a rookie move. I didn’t realize, I had baby hairs there. Because I’ve colored it. and it almost matches my skin color. so it’s a bit red there. That’s okay. I survived to tell the tale. So this is what my skin looks like after. I feel like it has brightened up my complexion a little bit But my red dots are still there unfortunately. They’re just everywhere. Ugh.. I hope they’ll go away soon. But my skin actually feels really soft. It feels really moisturized feels really bouncy and hydrated. I do like it. I still have my blackheads It’s still there. Well, this product wasn’t really claimed to get rid of blackheads It just claims to just remove any dead skin cells, makes your skin look a little bit brighter and more luminous. I don’t think my skin looks that luminous. It just feels like it looks a little bit brighter. I’m definitely going to keep using this product to see if I see better results. It says on the website that you should use 2-3 times a week. So I’m going to continue that and hopefully my skin will look even better. Overall, I do really like this product. I do like it much better than the Glam Glow one. Especially because of the price and how much products you get, and because it came off in one go. It’s actually really fun to use. I’m just looking at it right now and it just blows my mind. It’s so crazy. Anyways, I’m going to rate this product an 8/10. I do really like it. At first, I felt like it was a bit fumy around the eyes but that definitely went away really quickly and the smell, eventually that kind of went away. I think at first. Maybe I’m just super sensitive to smells but first when I applied it it seemed a bit overpowering but as the product dried, it didn’t really effect me after. How it felt on my skin, there was no stinging feeling, there was no irritation, it was actually really fine on my skin. It just felt tighter and tighter as it dried up which is normal for peel-off products. I also really love the small silicon mask brush. I really like it. Because it’s super easy to clean, it applies the product on really nicely, and it’s like a really flat flexible silicon brush. Now, are you ready for the Giveaway? I should probably take this off. Back to the Giveaway! As I mentioned before, I’ll be giving three of these Chrome Peel Off Masks away. and each of them will get the silicone mask brush as well. And all you have to do is Subscribe to my new channel. You didn’t know already or maybe you do know, I started a Vlog channel with Alfred. It’s called Tina Blogs it. A lot of you guys voted for that name because it’s like “Tina Tries It”, “Tina Blogs It” … It’s kind of similar! Do you get it? ;P Anyways, all you have to do is Subscribe to my Vlog channel, Comment on the latest video, and let me know your name, country of where you from, and your skin type. I will pick the three winners on Friday the 14th of April so make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel and comment. I’ll also announce the winners in the next Tina Tries It video after that day. So make sure you stay tuned and good luck! Now it’s time to vote for what products you want me to try in my next episode of Tina Tries It. I have a few different types of brushes to try. Let me know which one you want me to see. I’ve got these Blend Smart Brushes which are self rotating brushes which help to blend out your foundation. There’s a couple of different heads that comes with and it claims to give you better coverage with less makeup used. And the other brushes are these cool foundation brushes. This one is like a Painter Wave Brush. It’s got all these like cool grooves on it. I’m not too sure how that’s going to help with applying foundation but it looks pretty unique. The other brush is called The Hanging Powder Foundation Brush It looks weird. and it sort of looks like inside, you just take it out and it’s a round circle brush. It’s really dence so you can use it for powder or foundation. and then you just store it like that. and it just hangs on like that. So if you want to see me try those brushes, please vote for them. and yeah! that’s pretty much it to this episode of Tina Tries It! I hope you guys have enjoyed. As always, please make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven’t already, just click the SUBSCRIBE button below! and I’ll speak to you guys next time. Bye ~ πŸ™‚

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