Should I Buy Silver Or Gold? – Mike Maloney

and you feel the same about silver during deflationary is there a distinction between gold and silver you were talking about gold is still stood well the reason I good what gold will be better at first during the deflationary pour a point and that’s the reason I think the gold silver ratio will go from where it is at about 75 to 100 possibly I think that gold and silver will both go down silver will go down more than gold but then when they take off at first gold will go up silver will lag and then silver will make up all of its time and then some and it’ll as far as performance I think you’re probably going to see the gold silver ratio hit something like you know it went to 16 in 1980 it’s at 70 gold silvers value is 175th of golds it was 1/16 of gold in 1980 I think that this time if you look at the fundamentals half with gold only about 5% of all the gold ever mined throughout history five to ten percent has been used up or lost with silver it’s more than 50% and silver the supplies the ore bodies tend to occur a little closer to the surface gold tends to be deeper and so the mine above supplies used to be about 12 times more silver than gold in ancient times and so when you dig it up there was about 12 times more silver than gold circulating as money and so the free market was doing something called the price discovery mechanism figuring out the rarity of these two items and setting their exchange rate on the average for the first 2,000 years at twelve to one then government started manipulating with the Bank of England setting fixed exchange rates and so on and we had an average of about fifteen to one for a couple of hundred years and then it has been extremely out of whack for the last century since the late 1800s the gold silver ratio has been as high as a hundred but it hasn’t been at this natural ratio for a long time in the mean time we used up all the silver the my novel supplies one of the heads of a mining company when I used to do the silver summit up in Idaho he thought that the miner Bowl supplies might be an 8 to 1 ratio now instead of 12 because these surface deposits of silver get worked out and also most silver comes as a by-product from mining other metals well you saw what’s happening to copper and what’s happening to the CRB index and as the world economy slows down we’re not going to dig up as much copper and zinc and the things that we dig up where this where most of the silver comes from as a by-product there’s going to be less plumbing pipe demand in China there’s going to be less zinc castings created for automobiles stuff like that so as the mining of those metals goes down so does that silver supply just at a time when everybody wants silver for monetary demand so the price should be explosive I’m expecting that we will go to a higher value for silver than 1/16 I think we’ll probably go to 1/10 of gold’s price 1/5 who knows I mean you just have to look at all the data and try and use logic to come to a conclusion and you know I might be wrong on all of these things but I’m using as as much evidence as I can to build my case as possible and what I see you know there’s no possibility that the that the fiat currency game can go forever especially the way they’re abusing it now it would be an impossibility that this is a coincidence the only reason the stock market is up is because of this gift to Wall Street that Ben Bernanke created the coming charts here they should scare the hell out of anybody that is not a precious metals investor we are in the Bernanke bubble and it’s going to be followed by the Bernanke bust and Janet Yellen has left to do the cleanup work after this bust is over

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  1. Hi Mike Maloney. You are a legend. Our only qualm is we don't see enough videos being released. Thank you for all you do. Keep up the great effort.

  2. didn't really answer the guys question directly but SILVER is the answer. glad I concentrated on silver more than gold.

  3. Hi Mike, how sure are you on the deflation before the (hyper)inflation? From what I understand Peter Schiff seems to think we will just go into hyperinflation arising from some kind of economic shock like the market bubble bursting.

    Also interesting point about much of the mined silver being used up while most of the gold is still available.

  4. The Fed and the banks are going to keep this game going for long time but eventually it will end, so be prepared hold on to silver and gold for a very long time. So slowly build up you supply of gold silver and crypto coins.

  5. Buying an ounce of silver is easy while buying gold… Well it is a pill that is harder to swallow… As far as silver goes and what Maloney said, I come to one conclusion: Physical default.

  6. "It's been extremely out of whack……. since the late 1800s". That is, since the "Crime of 1873", the demonetization of silver.

  7. I have never ever listened to someone like you – with so much knowledge and so much humbleness I can't wait for the day I will meet you – thank you so much Mike you are truly amazing

  8. In the video you said you, "might be wrong". I say, "no, you are absolutely correct", so far about everything that has taken place. God help us, if the world doesn't return to a sound money system, the crisis's will only get worse and bigger if we don't. If the value of the precious metals goes to what it should be, the silver and gold coins will get thinner, and could take the form of the gold polymer notes that you can now buy from bullion dealers, as actually circulating currency. Some digital could be used, but it would have to be actually backed and allocated. Unfortunately, this system we are in now, came in like a thief in the night, (remember the instant debasement of the coinage in 1965 in the US and 1968 in Canada?) and no one reared up and overthrew any governments over that! We all just played along, and that was the actual start of this downfall. The problem with going back to a sound money system is the old one will have to come to a crash and burn end, which, to say the least will be extremely chaotic. Panic will arise, "blood in the street," as they say will occur. It's going to be a bumpy ride down!

  9. Gold and silver won't save you after the debt bubble pops, make sure you have a supply of food, water and protection as well.

  10. I am not a big fan of silver simply coz it is really hard to sell, unless you are a dealer. I don't know how silver stackers gonna get rid of their stash when silver skyrockets. I will stick to gold!

  11. Mike is talking like Gold and silver prices are not manipulated. Silver is certainly more precious than Gold due to its properties as being number 1 metal for conducting heat and electricity etc.. It is not that I'm against manipulation since we can get silver cheaper……hehehhehehe

  12. I don't see a big prolonged deflation I think we will see huge swings back and forth then finally a hyperinflationary depression!!

  13. all my friends are loughing at me buying silver .does anyone knows if its going to b 3 months or 3 years b4 i lought at them?

  14. You are not an “analyst” if you ONLY forecast to buy. Sorry, that is a promoter, not an independent analyst.

  15. I have an important question.. Suppose I have $10mln and i bought gold and silver from that.. instead of depositing it in bank and fire occurs in my house or some other calamity like earthquake or theft I will become bankrupt within no time and keeping property securely of that worth is quite headache also it creates tension but atleast if i go to bank and ask for money they will still give after depositing it

  16. 50% of the silver has been lost". Lost where? It is an element. It is all here unless it got shot off into space. Please be clearer about what you mean when you say 50% of the silver has been lost.

  17. Fact: The golden eagle isn't fully gold, like the government tells you. It's 95%. If you want completely gold coins, buy golden buffallos.

  18. years pretty steadily so stocks like coca-cola Canadian banks and one in the traders!follow

  19. I really like Mike and trust him almost 100% however this video looks very very fake to me!
    not only is he kept totally in frame throughout the whole video but also the sound is absolutely perfect!
    Seems totally set up to me!

  20. If you told me at 17 we would be talking about this and in this situation I would have said you are nuts. But, here we are. What ticks me off is we didnt create it. It has been a well laid plan for many years. I remember Nixon closing the gold window and he didn't look happy when he said I guess we are are Keynsians now. IN 2006 the lights went on nd i saw what was really going on. The sad thing isi used to try to educate friends> and they all still laugh at me Now i just do my thing and don't worry about others. Then again I was and am the contarian. But the gift off 2008 it presented the opportunity to gain fiat and turn it into something real.

  21. Hey guys love your work and taught me so much I just jump on aboard with ABC billion gold saver where your money buys real gold and silver have you got wind of this and are they trustworthy plz reply and I watch the whole series of the history of money that why am doing this

  22. The answer is both. Man, I've lived 60 years and I never even had a dream or conversation about this. 30 years ago if you would have told be this was going to happen I would have laughed. I remember the 70's and some people got rich of numismatics and miners. I rememmeember the$10 indian was a money maker.. if you don't know Lynette zang check her out she has this theory that on the surface makes sense. Two things eworry me survival and what type of government moves in after the dust styles. You guys in your 20's this will be an adventure.

  23. I buy gold only because it wont accumulate into a giant pile like silver. I don't like the idea of having to move that much weight

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