Shell Trading Career Stories: Karrie Trauth, GM Shipping & Maritime Tech & Innovation

I joined Shell five years ago
as an experienced hire. I worked in the shipbuilding industry
for the US Navy before joining Shell so… …I spent a couple of years in Houston, learning about Shell,
about the oil and gas business. I came here to London and now I lead our
technology and innovation organisation, creating overall maritime solutions
for group business. One of the things Shell is very good about
is identifying development plans, identifying what needs to be learned,
creating the space and network to do that. So early on I got the business mentor, as well as a technical mentor
to help me through that journey, and both my line manager and colleagues
and my HR business partner were fantastic about reducing,
as we call it, my time to autonomy. We talk about Shell’s leadership
attributes of authenticity, collaboration, growth and performance. As you can see right now, I bring myself,
my whole self to work every day, so authenticity has served me well
throughout my whole career, but collaboration, particularly as an ExP
hire – an experienced professional hire – has been the most important
because I needed to build relationships very quickly in Shell
to understand the business, but also to make those key contributions. While there aren’t so very many women
in the organisation, we have an incredibly inclusive culture,
and I’ve felt welcome from day one, but then on a personal
and a personal development perspective the opportunity to grow in Shell,
we’re such a large company, there are so many
different business lines, different areas
where you can apply your skills, that to me is
a huge selling point for Shell, a big employee value proposition,
if you will. What I most enjoy about my job, it’s a tough one and I’m going
to give you two answers to that. The first one is the people,
it’s the people I work with, people who work for me
and the people I work for. The energy, the professionalism,
the drive, the knowledge, the capabilities we have
are really second to none. And the second bit is my ability
to contribute to the world. I really believe in cleaner energy, I really believe in the solutions
that Shell is providing, lower CO2 footprint,
bringing green solutions, and every one of us in Shell
has the ability to impact that and really impact the world. The best piece of advice
I’ve ever gotten in my career is never shy away from a challenge. If an opportunity looks too big, too daunting,
something you’ve never done, that’s the one you take,
it’s right for you. Don’t turn down the challenge, take it on.

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