Shadow of War, as with many games has multiple
versions for sale, the silver and gold editions cost a sizeable premium, but are they actually
worth it? Well, what they offer is fairly straightforward. I’ll be basing the price differences on the
sale prices in the UK, but price differences between the versions should be relative whatever
your currency. The standard edition is just that, it is just
the game with no bells and whistles. The silver edition has the game as well as
2 nemesis expansions, Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion and Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion. On top of this it has a Silver War Chest,
now keep in mind that the Silver War Chest will be far superior to a regular Silver Chest
giving more and better rewards. The Gold Edition gives the 2 Nemesis Expansions
as well as the much better 2 Story Expansions, The Blade of Galadriel Story Expansion and
The Desolation of Mordor Story Expansion. The gold edition has a Gold War Chest, I don’t
know exactly what can drop from this chest but I can show you what was in mine. I received 2 Legendary Champions and 1 Epic
Champion as well as a Training Scroll to increase a Champions level by 1 and a Boost for buffing
the Spoils of War by 100% for 2 hours. Now if we look at the price differences, the
Standard Edition in the UK is £45, with the Silver being £60 and the Gold being £80. This may seem either acceptable or overpriced
to you just based on what I’ve mentioned so far, but if you look at the DLC you can purchase,
you can buy the Expansion Pass which gives you the 2 Nemesis Expansions and the 2 Story
Expansions for £33, this gives the Gold War Chest a cost of £2 in the Gold Edition. With all this, I can only come to the conclusion
that, If you are absolutely certain that you will definitely play the expansions, you may
as well get the gold and receive a cheap Gold War Chest, if you aren’t 100% about the expansions,
then don’t bother, buy the Standard Game and get the pass later if you decide to continue
playing, missing out on the chest but saving £2. If you look around, before release it was
possible to get a highly discount standard edition making that the obvious choice no
matter what you’re after, if you can find a discounted copy of the game, then get that
for sure. The Silver edition is almost entirely pointless. If you are going to play the expansions, you’ll
want all of them, or at least the 2 best ones, may as well buy the Gold, or if you can’t
afford gold but can silver, then buy the standard and get the pass when you can afford it. I personally bought the gold edition as I
preordered and so got a fair few extras, the preorder extras also scaled on the edition
you bought, I also know I’ll be playing a lot and likely the expansions as I’ll be making
content related to Shadow of War on this channel in the form of Guides, reviews and more. Were I not, I wouldn’t have preordered and
would have gone for the Standard edition. Hopefully, this has given you some perspective
to making your choice, if you’re curious about what the game is like I’m streaming my playthrough,
it may give you some assistance in deciding. If this video has helped you be sure to hit
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  1. Yeah I'm going to get the gold edition so you better have some awesome videos for me to watch lol 🙂 They say the story will be different for every player based on personal decisions. Looking forward to your videos on this game but don't forget NMS lol

  2. Today they are 66% off.
    Standard – $20.40 USD
    Gold – $34.00 USD

    silver is not on sale TODAY. 21 hours left from this comment.

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