Searching Nickels – Finding Silver and More!

Rob seriously another nickel box oh yeah hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’m here with another nickel hunt I know I’ve been doing a lot of lately lately but I’m really trying to complete my buffalo nickel set and I just love hunting nickels there’s so much fun and I’ve had a score of silver nickels lately so it’s hard to get away from them I still hunt dimes in quarters I just don’t get a lot of finds and quarters and I do get recently I’ve been getting more finds and dimes and so I will start getting some more of those as well coming up also the weather is getting better so stay tuned for some metal detecting videos here in the next 30 days that being said you’re probably wondering why I have this labeled buff bank and it’s not because the bank is really strong but it is my Buffalo Bank and I made sure I labeled it this time in the car so I’ve picked up a box of nickels from my Buffalo Bank it’s right across the street from my half dollar Bank my grocery store half dollar bank where I got three boxes this time and anyway I’ve got this nickel box to hunt we got another one back there as well but we’re gonna see what we get this Bank never lets me down for the most part with good finds I don’t think I’ve ever been skunked on getting at least a buffalo nickel a silver nickel or something really cold that being said you know the drill I checked it it’s circulated it’s ready to be hunted so I’ll loop you in if I find something worth showing we’re on roll number 7 guys and we have an ’05 proof here can this oh five be a buffalo nickel proof oh it’s not but we’ll still take it I don’t mind seeing the ocean in view oh the joy wish it was a buffalo one but it’s still an ’05 proof that’s a good sign we’ve got an O five proof in the Box easy to wipe down with a micro cloth still but it is definitely you can see by the mint mark s and it is an O five proof so hopefully this box will have more proofs in it I am looking for them my set unfortunately my set ends at 2003 the last year of the regular Jefferson profile we also found a 55 D but it’s not a D/S already checked still on the board with a proof and a 55 early and a ’09 roll number 9 got our first 40s coin of the box and it’s a 46 San Francisco and that goes along with 2 55 D’s a 57 D and 3 09 s already unbelievable in the first 9 rolls roll number 11 got another 40s nickel here and it is a 1940 Philadelphia so that’s – in the 40s we’ve got 4 in the 50s already nope 5 in the fifties already and 3 09 s roll 16 it was an Ender but it was backwards so I didn’t realize it but we got in 1940 another 40 Philadelphia rolled over 17 another 40s nickel another 1940 another 1940 Philadelphia roll number 27 another 40s nickel here 1940s San Francisco this time it’s the 4th 1940 we found in the box already let’s find some more roll number 32 and I just laid him out and look what I saw look silver but it is a 42 so you never know you never quite knew and it’s a no-doubter 42p silver war nickel in the box didn’t let me down you got to love that we’ll take it all day same roll is that 42p war nickel and we’ve got a 46 here 46 Philadelphia last roll of the box we’ve got another 40s coin here 49 Philadelphia since it’s the last roll might as well just take a quick peek see if we got anything of note someone tried to get a hole in that one just in case I don’t think so alright I’ll get you a wrap up in a second all right hunted that box a nickel guys and here’s the wrap-up we end up with 409 s I found a damaged coin which I can’t put through the machine we got a 2005 proof it’s the oceanview one we got 15 in the 50s a couple of 52 DS 54 s we got four 2 55 s 3 57 2 58 2 59 so good on the early Jeffersons in the 40s we got three 40s 3 46 and a 49 and the find of the box proof would be close second but anytime you can score some silver let alone a first year silver out of Philadelphia you’ll take it hopefully you enjoyed this nickel hunt with me if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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  1. Roll Hunting Nickels in search of the usual awesome finds – Buffalo Nickels, Liberty V Nickels, Silver Wartime Nickels, old Jeffersons, Proof Coins, and of course, errors and varieties!

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    When I hunt Nickels I don't just search for the regular obvious valued ones. I look for double dies, error coins, and other variety coins that could be hidden in the rolls. As you know – it's rare to find a super key date for any coin in circulation, so your best bet is to familiarize yourself with the error and variety coins as those are normally not as easily spotted and you can still find some GREAT FINDS out there.

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  2. I like how organized you are in your search. It’s helpful to a newbie like me to see what you’re looking for. I found a 2005 D Ocean View proof my first week (two weeks ago) of collecting. Thanks for the info!

  3. Idk why but nickels and dimes are some of my favorites to search yea I probably dont find as much as i would doing halves but just finding some of those buffalos, v nickels, mercs anything along those lines and even silver is more of a rush i feel like as well as I can hunt thru more at a time because of the budget I work with on a weekly basis

  4. I sent you a package today with one day shipping,you should receive it tomorrow i forgot to put a note in it,so my utube name is on the back

  5. Hey Rob, I found one of those “05” buffalo nickel proofs in my first video of my channel. If you’d like to se it, just search up Braden’s Bullion in the search bar and you’ll see it!

  6. Well Rob, you've motivated me. I just got my Dansco nickle album. Now I have to get my own 39 D. Good luck, and HH!

  7. Hi Rob, I always watch your vids. Always great! Question…can you educate me on the 68, 69, and 70 's' nickels? Are they even worth keeping?

  8. Im really wonedering how many box’s do you open a day!! You post at least it seems once a day that’s a lot wow we’ll keep up the GREAT work

  9. Love the new intro! Awesome hunt! I haven’t been getting good penny boxes or Nickle boxes recently but happy to see your having awesome luck!

  10. I started coin collecting recently and I'm really looking for some silver coins but let me tell you it's not that easy

  11. I don’t know why but honestly I love the original intro. There’s just something about that seems cool. Maybe because it’s OG. Nice vid btw. Great finds. Found 2 silvers in my nickel box just yesterday.

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