San Diego Hat Company BSB3548 Sequin Animal Print Clutch with Gold Chain Strap SKU: 9165578

Hey gorgeous, it’s Jeanalin here with And you can feel like it catch me out with this clutch Let’s go check it out It’s from San Diego Hat Company® Ladies, this clutch is live I love how it’s made of velvet. It’s super soft And you also have that cheetah-print design with that sequins detail At the top, there’s a zipper and it leads to a little compartment Just enough space in here where you can throw in your cash, some credit cards and your lip gloss for that fun-filled night that you’re gonna be having I like how’s it really thin and you have this chainlink crossbody strap Add a splash of cheetah to your wardrobe and you’re gonna slay a girlfriend Click add to cart with this clutch It’s from San Diego Hat Company®

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