100 thoughts on “Rose Gold Hair Tutorial

  1. Can someone tell me if it's possible to get this color with black hair? I want to dye my hair so bad but I am scared of burning it.

  2. Я тоникой розовой на каштановые волосы бахнула,такой же результат

  3. I paid 200$ for a rose gold at a hair salon..it lasted 2 days..and it looked barely pink. So disappointing..i wish local hairstylist would watch this

  4. ну такое, такт красиво, но девушке не идет такой цвет, первый был лучше

  5. I acheived a similiar color once by half bleaching my hair until it turned orange, then dying it bright pink with semi permanent hair dye to try and hide the mess I made and then letting it fade naturally to rose-gold because I was too cheap to dye my hair again…

  6. Okay, how did I even get here? I was watching Lady Gaga´s videos and the next thing I know… BOOM "Rose Gold Hair Tutorial".

  7. Guy tang I need to ideas on what to do to my hair, so I have pale, fair skin but not that pale sometimes it looks rosy in type of light and then tan so I’m so confused I died my hair to orange it really suits me but the re growth really made it look ugly what colour should I do

  8. Does this color work on grey? I have a lot of white grey at the front of my hair and dark at the back and would love this kind of transition.

  9. Hola, me gusto como quedo el cabello de la modelo, en donde se ubica, sería maravilloso poder ser atendida por el, y arreglar mi cabello, debería hacer una sección de estilo para las de 50, gracias

  10. Im getting money from babysitting and I'm really excited because I want to use it to get rose gold highlights, kind of like this!

  11. Wow best tutorial I seen so far! Iam not a beautician but I understood the steps! Iam gg to do this in my hair! Thanks for so a great explanation!

  12. Where can I buy these colors . Is there an alternative if I can't buy them in a Sally's to achieve the same look.

  13. So. You womt get hot roots with the pink cause its just picking up the lighter tone through top area? Is that right? Could you use the col booster in the level 9? As well xx

  14. Love that blend 😉 I think it would look great with lavender or violet tones as well to make it pop and so pretty ;0) I love u GT you're the best!!

  15. I'm going to try this next week! Going to put 7rg on the roots, 9rg in the middle, and Amber rose 9ar on the ends. Wish me luck 🤞

  16. Guy tang is a genius and his enthusiasm is so contagious! I wish you could do my hair! Absolutely gorgeous!! I love watching your videos! ❤️

  17. I love you Guy Tang so much. I LOVE your transparency. You’re completely honest with your formulations and application technique. Would love to model for you one day! ❤️

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