Rocket stove review ,silver fire

this rocket stove is the culmination for
me of about two and a half years of research and experimentation this rocket
stove is the best one that I built and the only one that I kept and this is the
best functioning rocket stove that uh I’ve ever seen until I got the silver fire in the mail I’m
doing this inside right now because it’s like 27 28 degrees outside but when I
like this and everything we’re going to be outside I got to wait for the Sun to
come up because it’s about 4:30 a.m. Todd Albee the owner of silver fire sent
me this in the mail and thanks to Jay know for putting me in contact with him
and we’re going to do a little review on this I can tell you right now though I’m
completely impressed with the materials and the quality of the build and the
technology that’s gone into this but I’ll talk about this in a minute what I
want to talk about now is the pot this is Todd out Todd alby’s own design the
over at silver fire and what it is is a the pot skirt combined with a pot all
one unit and it sits down on the top like that and none of the heat gets
wasted it all hits the bottom of the pot and comes up around the sides and exits
through these holes so all the heat all those all the wood you’re using that’s
creating heat is being used you’re not wasting anything from the wood to the to
the heat the woods greeting all right let me show you the wood pile I gathered
these are just some sticks I gathered up in my yard and believe me finding sticks
in my yard is rare because I got a little bit of OCD about my yard and
sometimes I can catch a stick before it even hits the ground you know I’ll hear
it rustling through the trees and I throw the door open run out there and
catch it but anyway we had a heck of a storm come through here the other day
and I managed to there are a few twigs that were on the
ground and they’re wet I’m going to give them the butter our in here by the stove
to maybe dry some of the water out of them or off of them because they’ve been
laying on the wet ground and the first thing I’m going to do right now is
process this fuel into a usable sized pieces and then I’m going to explain a
little bit about what I like about this silver fire survivor and the combination
of technologies in it all right let me let me get to this fuel this is my wood
gas stove and what I like about the wood gas stove is its complete burn of all
the biomass you put in there here’s how this works
see the holes on the bottom of the burn chamber there some of the unburned gases
escape through them holes come up the space between the inner and outer can
with a hot air the air comes in here and gets hot and of course it hot air rises
and it comes in these holes up here andrey burns and when these things are
working properly you can actually see the the flames igniting the gases that
are coming through these little holes so that’s what I like about the wood gas
stove the wood gas stove is a great little thing
it’s drawback is you have to lift the pot up in order to feed the fire now its
benefit is it’s a complete burn and it’s very light here’s what silver fire has
done with their stove and I don’t know why nobody else is thought about it
do you see the holes above the burn chamber down there that’s exactly what’s
going on here he’s taken what works good with the wood gas stove and incorporate
it into what works best about the rocket stove now I’m going to talk about you
know I’m a I’m a builder and a tinkerer fabricator if you all watch nothing my
videos you know what I like and what I’m into so I’m going to tell you what
impresses me about this stove more than anything is the superior components that
go into making this the cast iron top is really thick I think it’s probably a
quarter inch thick or maybe not quite this is stainless on the inside
refractory grade stainless this is refractory grade stainless on the
outside the insulation is a mineral based rock wool insulation it’s the same
stuff that they use in pellet stoves and the bottom I don’t know yet we’ll see I
don’t think the bottoms are going to get hot enough to be concerned about it
catching something on fire I see a heat shield in there so that should really
make a difference on how the bottom gets now the burn chamber is big enough to
put the amount of fuel and get in there and light the fire that’s the problem
with my little stove there is it’s really hard to light and because you
can’t get your hands down in there and you know if you get any bigger than what
you don’t get is the gas is burning properly but with this it’s big enough
to get your hands in there and light it but as I said it incorporates the
technology of the gas stove in it so you’re not losing any
of the gases I like this oh this is you keep this closed when you’re operating
it and you can take a peek in there and see when you need more fuel
it’s almost warm enough to get outside I think I’m going to think I’m going to
stick my head out the door and see if the Sun’s up yet and how cold it is
we may get started here in just a second all right here’s what we got this is the
amount of wood that I just picked up in my front yard right here these are the
bigger ones these are little ones we’re going to start the fire with some torn
up strips of paper you don’t want to ball paper up you want to tear it up
into strips so let’s get that going I’m going to take a handful of some
little bits and pieces that came off as I was busting up the bigger pieces there when that gets going I’ll start sliding
these pieces in the door here I got two lighters I hope I’m hoping one of these
will work and William even the papers wit this is Louisiana everything’s went
alright I’m going to have to get some dry paper from in the house this was on
the back porch I’ll be right back well I didn’t need more paper what I did was
make the mistake that everybody makes I put too much wood in there it doesn’t
take much to get it started we’re going now I’m going to let that
catch let the coals burn down a little bit and then I’m going to start feeding
the the bigger stuff in there we’ll put our pot on oh and this is another thing
I’ve learned there is a standard test when you’re comparing rocket stoves and
that is a boil test and it’s 5 litres of water I did not know that so I have 5
litres of water back here I don’t know if you can see it but that’ll be the
test I’ll set my timer when I put the pot on there and fill it up with water
I’ll set my timer and we’ll see how long it takes to boil that water but after
that’s done I’m going to cook me some bacon we’ll be back when this gets to
gets to cooking be back in a minute all right it’s going I’m going to walk put
the pot on full of my 5 litres of water in there that just a lot freaking water I’ll tell
you that that was four liters than that and this is a leader here that’s a lot
of water oh it’s gonna be a beautiful day all
right here we go I’m gonna start the timer and we’re going
sit right here we’ll be back when we’re boiling little
over six minutes and we got the bubbles starting on the bottom that’s pretty
good and you know I lit this under the worst
of circumstances I use paper that was damp I’m using wood that’s I absolutely
damp because we’ve had record-breaking rainfall here and all these sticks were
on the ground and this thing is still it’s still lit and still cooking under
the worst of circumstances I’m pretty happy with that
oh and if you want to see this in action I’m going to be bringing this with me to
prepper stock and I’m going to do all my cooking on it even my coffee so if you
want to see how it works gonna see me I’ll be in spot number 32
March 14th deer Lick Creek State Park about 25 miles north of Tuscaloosa
Alabama that’s March 14 2014 purpose stock come see me and I’ll show you how
this works check back in a few minutes I just wanted to show you when these
things get get going and work correctly there’s virtually no smoke none you see
the fire down there and no smoke because it’s a complete and total burn there’s
very very little of the of a fuel that’s not consumed which is the beauty of
these rocket stoves and the science behind it we’re getting close here
I think it’s 14 minutes in yeah we’re getting close I got my fry pan I got my
baked into my eggs so we’re doing some cooking here in a minute man I’ll tell
you I’m just blown away by how well built this thing is
and the cream the cherry on top is that pot that’s uh that’s a fantastic
addition to the rocket stove because it what it does is capture the heat it
takes the way this thing works and it doesn’t waste a drop of energy that
you’re getting out of these sticks or whatever you use very nice I can’t wait
to get some cooking done on this thing I just wanted to give you a close-up I’m
going to put the microphone right up next to the see can hear the rocket
sound it’s making I don’t know if you can hear it or not
but uh we got 23 minutes and it’s so close to boiling I’m not going to call
it a boil yet though let’s just give it a second twenty four thirty full rolling
boil five liters of water that is impressive
especially considering I had wet wood and it’s 30 degrees out fantastic
all right now let me set that timer up now for the fun part let’s cook some
bacon and some fresh eggs right out the chicken’s butt
as a matter of fact I just picked them up a few minutes ago let me get this
this pan off and and the other pan on here I love this thing
that’s an amazing though doggone ah let’s eat you know this is going to end
up sounding like a infomercial instead of a review but I can’t help it I get
the science behind this really excites me I like cooking on rocket stoves and
things that are well-built are so hard to come by nowadays that
when you do find something that’s put together well and uses good quality
materials it that’s exciting it’s so rare it’s exciting isn’t that
sad well uh there’s a great little stove here
it’s the silver fire survivor and silver fire makes a couple of others one is the
hunter and cheese what is the other to drag in and it makes that pot believe
they sell a wok which I’ll be getting because I want to do some stir-fry on
this I’ll bring that to prepper stock with me too and maybe I cook enough for
everybody well a man I hope to see a prepper stock and Thank You Todd Aldi
over at the silver fire there’s great little stove and you put a lot of time
and effort into perfecting this and I appreciate it
have a good one y’all

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