Return To The “Smoking Spot” – Metal Detecting With A Huge Buckle Plate And More!

“1 Euro Cent” (lying on the stairs). From 2012. My assistants – ready for the trip? In the woods… The Lion seems angry. He doesn’t like trains. I’ve put a night sight on my… Deus coil. Short air test with a “20 Euro Cent” coin. Seems doing alright “today”… Gee, it almost ended here… It was a steep walk. I’m now more or less on top of the hill. The vegetation is too dense. The small trees have a name: “Prison bars”. No signals… Nothing. And more plants. Finally. Thorns… A deformed musket ball. A piece of lead. Whatever it is. A trail. Top of a can. As you can hear, my coil produces false signals when it touches something… Like here – leaves… A tree stem, or branches. This was a “normal” signal. But it’s hard to tell the difference. A tiny silver coin. Where is my spray bottle… “1 Kreuzer” (1867). GPS (POI) #1 I’m marking the spot to “control” it from the distance. It will give me a “reference point”. I’m often not sure, if there is a signal, or just falsing. It’s just terrible. This (of course) is clear. Iron… Looks like another coin. Is it silver? Probably not. It’s a “1/2 Pfennig” coin (probably from late 1700’s). I will show you pictures at the end. #2 Was there something? Probably not. Iron. That’s the setting I use today. A wind cap from an old smoking pipe. Hmm… Looks like it’s going to talk. Just in case… A rusty nail. Another wind cap. This one is gilded. I’m near the “smoking spot” from one of my previous videos… That’s a button. #5 Probably traces of a boar. A flat musket ball. The very quiet but present false signals are really annoying me. It’s broken… A “human horseshoe”? Maybe from a small pony that had to carry huge rocks… …while they were standing, smoking their fancy pipes. Probably laughing at the pony. I cough another smoker. It’s the lower part of the wind protection cap. A small mushroom. I think, that’s just iron. A signal indeed… The very first coil swing could have been easily identified as falsing. I’m not a fan of the blackberry plant… It’s a coin. “1 Bayreuther Heller” (mid 1700’s). No, it’s not made of silver. It’s copper. A “scratchy” signal. Despite the falsing and depth issues, the coil is doing a good job here. Something made of copper. A tiny spoon handle? Who knows… Looks like it made the tip of a wooden stick. A walking stick? There it is… A button. Hmm… Let’s see. Another tiny button. This one “looks” French due to the “square” shank. But it doesn’t have any markings. Was this marking a tree? A shell casing from the WWII. “TW” – Twin Cities Ordnance Plant – Minneapolis, Minnesota (1943) The lower part of a wind cap from a smoking pipe. “LC” – Lake City Ordnance Plant – Independence, Missouri (1943) A small lead bullet. I have to remove the root first. Is this a buckle plate? I think, it was already broken. A musket ball. I believe, that’s just a “piece of metal”. Did someone made this hole while detecting? Hmm… Hard to tell. Another wind cap… That’s crazy. My friend The Beetle. I think, he is resting. Hopefully… That’s a coin. Maybe you can help me ID it at the end. A button. Two signals. This was iron. Hmm… Part of an old shoe sole? Another casing. I can’t deal with it anymore (the pouch is full). What is this? It looks like a huge buckle plate. With painted symbols? Looks like they are missing. That’s the missing part! A pick ax. Another piece! I have to remove the casing. It could mask another symbol. It has to make the right (empty) noise. Finally. Is this a signal, or just ground noise. Sounds like a target. I can’t find it. What was that? Another part of the buckle. A small spade. I will continue with this hole in a second. There is no more room in my case. I want to see the symbols on that buckle plate. The pick ax fits. Part of the handle seems still missing. The small spade. And the boomerang. Nice. There is a chunk of iron. The hole has to wait. Let’s remove the iron first. It could mask part of the small handle. I heard a good signal next to the iron. Another pick ax? Maybe it came with the buckle as a spare part? (I had some difficulties that day :). The iron. That’s right – it’s a key. A relatively big one. Now the object in the hole. I apologise for the camera angle and the sound. It was a small shell casing. Time is up. I have to go… Did a bird poop on my shoe? Please wait for the pictures if you like. I had to wake up the Lion. The Hamster never sleeps during a hunt. Drive home on my ghost train… The “eyeball” find – “1 Euro Cent”. 2012. The spoon handle? Musket balls/bullets. Probably “forest related”. A piece of lead. The key. A (smiling) shoe sole? A bag seal. The end part of a walking stick? A button. Another button. Next button. The French (?) button. Lower part of a wind cap from an old smoking pipe. Another one. A different cap. One more… Gilded… The last one. “1 Bayreuther Heller” (1752?). “1/2″ Pfenning” (1779-1795?) (Würzburg?). Please help me ID this coin. Could it be French? “1 Kreuzer” (1867) (silver). It fell on the floor :(… The first buckle plate? The huge buckle plate. This is where my .50 cal. shells are. The treasure. Detecting time: 3h:33min

41 thoughts on “Return To The “Smoking Spot” – Metal Detecting With A Huge Buckle Plate And More!

  1. Hi, friend! Don't worry about the silver coin that fell on the floor. Last week, the same literally happened to me with very nice german 1/24 thaler. It was my fault, but it happens :/ next time I will make sure to always keep it on a safe spot. Your videos inspire me so much. Greetings from Prague.

  2. Why do you use that useless machine if it gives false signals. i have an F44 that i don't use shall i send it you / would this be of use?

  3. I don't think that is a boomerang on buckle. Must be a square measurement tool. The buckle is all tools of the trade. Thanks!

  4. Смотрю,мне нравиться Ваша подача своих походов.нравится что нет всяких мелодий,каких-то фоновых заставок,разговоров. Шорох листвы,звук металлодетектора,скрежет инструмента,дыхание…мне нравится.

  5. Ha ha, ever tried to grab a coin in the track of an motion censored door?  You cant do it.  I know I tried. I could tell the Lion was not a happy camper, his whiskers are bent at funny angles. But he will cheer up on the finds. Looks like the wind cap was going to blow you a kiss.  It was puckered up! May be a "Jack Boot heel" from military boots to make them sound louder and last longer. I think the copper item may be a small utensil for getting small amounts of say, medication out of very small vials. Like for morphine.  I've seen something similar in old medical kits. I know, I know… a brick mason or engineers belt.  The trowel, the rock hammer and the square!

  6. I think it might be a Yugoslavian coin from the late 20's. A 10 Dinar?  My guess by looking up Eastern European Coins.

  7. Excellent hunt, coinage and relics, congratulations. Always like seeing the pipe wind caps. Looking forward to your next relic hunt. Best of luck.

  8. Moin…
    Die Marke mit den 2 Löchern und der Nummer is eine Färbermarke… musst ma googeln…
    Ansonsten, wie immer tolles Video und tolle Funde😊

  9. Das nenne ich sportlich, in nicht einmal 15 Minuten 2 x Silber😮. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Silber. Samstag war nicht viel angesagt. Ein Haufen Münzen aller Art und jedem Alters, jedoch nothing Silver😥. Aber meine zwei Ringe (unsere) sind vom Goldschmied fertig gemacht worden. Ich schicke Dir ein Foto.
    Interessante Gegend, auch hie die Wildschweine die suchen nach Essbarem, wie auch bei uns. Was für eine tolle Gürtelschnalle, es fügt sich zusammen was zusammen gehört😉
    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Woche und herzlichen Dank für das schöne Video. Grüßle Andreas aus BW

  10. Hi (m) wow what an amazing Hunt .. what a great place got to be some more finds their.. see you on the next Hunt my friend 👍

  11. Once again good finds, the buckle with spade was fantastic, glad you found the missing parts.
    Is the "walking stick" end not perhaps the end piece of an officers swagger stick ?
    Lion was probably just in a bad mood. We all have days like that.

  12. Na das war ja mal wieder ne "Satte Runde" ich schätze der Löwe hat am Anfang so grimmig geguckt weil er wusste "das wird wieder länger dauern" 😁. Mittlerweile glaube ich das die Pfeifendeckel mit Absicht abgebrochen und weggeworfen worden sind damit die Pfeife nicht immer ausgeht. Wahnsinn was das für eine große Koppelauflage war, sehr interessant….. "Exit to the right" 😂

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