7 thoughts on “Redwoods, Revenge and Thirty Pieces of Silver :: Baby Monsters (Pt. 4) | Pastor Levi Lusko

  1. Has there already been an Anakin Skywalker as a baby monster joke? But also as someone who wasn’t given up on.

  2. What a convicting reminder to be diligent in seeking God's help in distancing myself from what seem to be "small" sins. I also liked the part how no one, not even Judas, saw the betrayal of Jesus coming. Watching the news confirms this. Everyone is always shocked when a neighbor does a totally evil thing. Sin doesn't want to stay small.

    I just discovered this YouTube channel. After I'd been very moved by reading I Declare War and Through the Eyes of a Lion as audio books, I was delighted to be able to hear more from the author. I ran across the link on Facebook.

  3. Great message. Listened on the app but there is something more watching your animations am AV production. Thank you for what you do.

  4. As a pilot, having a healthy bit of fear is a good thing, the ground is hard, even though it looks pretty from a distance. Judas is very scary, and even though we think his destination is not a possibility for us, Hell is a real place. So even if not for ourselves, we should consider where others are headed.

  5. Good job Pastor Levi, I always love listening to your sermons! They are filled with truth, hope, and love..and some humor which is always good 😉 love you and Jennie!

  6. Looks like captions aren’t available for this video. Can you please add them? I often send sermons to loved ones who are hard of hearing. Thanks!

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