Quarter Hunting From Bank Hopping – Can I Find Silver?

hmmm I wonder if we’re gonna find any silver today hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I know a lot of you been asking me to do some quarter hunts I just want to confess that I do do quarter hunts every week two boxes a week about on average I never find a single silver quarter I think I found one out of 35 so when I say two boxes a week when I do get am I trying to get two boxes typically I’ll go two boxes for three or four straight weeks get nothing and then lay off him for like two or three weeks and I searched for boxes in the month of August and got nothing and I probably searched another couple hundred hours in loose rolls absolutely nothing so I decided to do something I don’t know what I do instead of getting full boxes I went to five banks I got two Wells Fargo’s that gave me one gave me 400 that’s what they had in their loose rolls then I got another 250 so that was six fifty and then I went to three chases and I got a hundred each and then I realized I was fifty short so the very next day I got 50 more dollars from a Chase Bank so now we are sitting right at $1,000 in quarters now most of this box or at least two-thirds of it is Custer rat but we do have two rows of machine nut at the bottom and then I put all these this doll illumise for one Bank in here plus some other roles for another Bank so basically we’ve got like three and a half banks in this box and a couple of things in this box so we’re going to kick it out for the Custer wraps if I can score some lucky silver and as always I’ll loop it along the way but if I don’t find anything I’m still gonna post this quarter hunt regardless no matter how short it is which is why why I’m talking too much just so that you guys know I do quarter hunts let’s go find some silver we’re on customer out number two guys and I just found myself it’s a 2005 P Minnesota and there are a belief 12 different types of double dies reverse on this where there is actually a extra tree on the fourth tree now I’ll show you what I’m looking at in the picture now I’ve studied all the pictures and there’s different varying ones they’re all worth about the same but the double die twelve has one two three spots specifically that looked just like that fence is about eight dollars an extra-fine when I put my quarter under the microscope look at that even the shape of that middle one specifically we got it so ma’am not exactly a great find and I don’t I would say this is extra fine I don’t think it’s about in circulate it’s got a nice scratch in front of his nose as you can see right there but I think we just found ourselves the 2005 P Minnesota double die reverse number 12 I’ll be two-by-two in that and one of them order to find unbelievable it’s not silver but it’s actually worth more than silver let’s go find some more rule number 16 of the custom wrapped it was one of those quaint Ainur ones oh we got a nickel and it’s not even an old one you could tell by the edge 79 what a waste lost 20 cents that first box of quarters is hunted guys we looked at 2,000 quarters there’s the discards kind of bittersweet no silver in the first box we’ll keep the streak alive I was not finding silver I didn’t pull out this cool tone coin it’s really weird it’s clad layer it’s like it’s been polished down to the clad layer just about it’s a little different so I pulled it aside and then of course we did find a 2005 P Minnesota double died coin on the back the fourth tree we have the double die 12 so for the double reverse 12 I should say so that’s pretty cool that’s my first one I’ve actually been looking for this for years as well as the high and low leaf Wisconsin air but we’ll take it so it’s it’s bittersweet because I got no silver but I’m happy to find that double reverse and I’m happy to find this polished clad showing coin it’s just something different all right now that we’ve got those out of the way can Loomis come through for me on a silver Porter you don’t want to see me when I’m angry well we finished that box of quarters two boxes of quarters I should say and no silver so no silver stack in a day you guys saw the finds the best find of the two boxes came in the second row of the first box 2005 P DD R 12 that’s where it has the remnants of a fourth tree right there DVR number 12 probably about an 8 dollar coin that made it kind of worth it and then the other two finds was this really odd rimmed quarter where you could see the copper sticking out and then I always choose the best 82 or 83 because they’re hard to find in high-grade this is not gonna be better than a type at the most but it might upgrade the best 82 I have found so that’s it man sad hunt this is why I don’t normally do a lot of quarters but you guys were asking for it and I have to be cognizant of that and I drill search and I do search them I just never post and it’s because I don’t normally find anything and at least we found a variety coin to put in here as part of the hunt which was good it did make it somewhat worth it I’ll tell you 500 ours and quarters times to $1,000 would get me to half dollar boxes it would get me a dollar coin box it would get me for dime boxes and when you think about the time it took to hunt these two reroll them deposit in the bank and do all that that’s why I don’t hunt them very often that being said I’ll never give up on quarters especially when we get into the fourth quarter this year which is the next month so I’ll keep searching them but I’m not gonna post videos where I don’t find anything just know that I am actively looking at the end of the day we did find a cool coin hopefully you enjoyed the video with not a lot of fines if you did I’d still appreciate a thumbs up or at least a thumbs up for the effort and as always everyone thanks for watching and happy hunting

62 thoughts on “Quarter Hunting From Bank Hopping – Can I Find Silver?

  1. I never get much luck when I coin roll hunt quarters… Yet, I still love the anticipation of opening those orange striped rolls and looking for silver. I have put off hunting quarters since my luck with half's, nickels and pennies has been so good, but some of my viewers wanted me to give them a go.

    In this video, I'll open up a box of quarters (from my bank hopping video) in hopes of breaking the skunk streak.

    No matter what I find, I am posting this video. Hopefully, I can find a few silver quarters over the next few hunts and be able to share some cool finds with you all.

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    Thanks for watching!

    How is your luck with Quarters?

    Do you only silver hunt or do you also check for proofs, errors and low mints?

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  2. Rob, do you roll all the coins and return them to bank? What's the cheapest way to find coin rolls so it's affordable to coin hunt?

  3. I hunt 5 rolls or so to a time..try to do machine wrap only..and I've done ok..but at the same time..i don't waste a day making nothin'

  4. Dude ur lucky man. Not a single bank will do anything for me without being a customer. There was one that was cool with me for about 2 months then all of a sudden one employee threw a fit and that was that now i got nowhere except my bank which is a royal pain in the ass!

  5. Rob, I am really thinking about getting a Redbook coin book. I assume you have the 2018 version, but I know that they are selling the 2019 version already. Should I get that one instead?

  6. quarters are tuff, due to laundry mats, the machines that took quarters were picked apart from the owners of those laundry mats, I knew a person who owned 6 laundry mats, an his two sons searched thru quarters an him of course for years, I always laughed that the kids hadda help, but I guess now, I see why. this was years an years back, but times that by 50 laundry mat owners, just crazy!

  7. Rob there is something over like 100 known different extra trees on that quarter they were all over the place with thst design! In case you forgot pull your 2009 D Duke Ellington Quarters

  8. You can't win them all, but just remember that box you skip that had the $3000 1969, then you'd cry boo hoo LOLOLOLOLOL

  9. I was at the laundromat with my mom and we had just gotten two quarter rolls and right before she put one int the machine and i saw the rim 1964 silver in excellent condition still had the ribbing on the side and everything no scratches it was like near mint

  10. i would like to know of all the error and varieties you look for in your hunts.(in all denominations) i know of some but not a lot. could you help me out??

  11. Only reason I hunt quarters are to find 2010-early 2012 ATB, especially Chaco Culture and El Yunque with mintages of only 22 million (State quarters were over a billion for each state)

  12. RFT i know that you save the 2009 pennies, don't knew if you save the quarters also because of the lower mintage. If you do save the 2009's check out 2010,2011,2012 mintage there even lower. 2012 has some of the lowest #'s and the highest the last two quarters in 2012 they started to raise the mintage and in 2013 there back up. I save all the years myself but there pretty hard to find you will see the difference if you start pulling them out. I'll be very surprised if you find them like crazy, there just as hard if not harder to find as the 2009 pennies.

  13. Rob could you mail me 1 sivler eagle and a Morgan dollor if you can or you just send 1. And also how can send stuff to your fans

  14. I have found a total of 3 silver quarters. 1 in customer wrapped when i first started searching, 1 in bank rolled, and one in my banks coin return machine reject tray.

  15. You need to find a bank that doesnt charge you to dump coins. It gives you more time to search not having to re-roll all of them.

  16. Thank you for telling the truth!!! Some of these other CRH's seem to be full of shit and put up fake videos to get subscribers.

  17. So really quarters are a waste of time,besides finding the occasional error or variety.the main hunt in quarters I guess is for the West Point quarters.

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