Punk kid and his family stealing my parking spot

No, that’s mine. No, I was here first. I was here first. I was here first. Your car wasn’t here. Your car wasn’t even here. He was like on the other side, ok? Lady (inaudible): They were waiting here a long time so they can have it.

100 thoughts on “Punk kid and his family stealing my parking spot

  1. Run the punk ass kid over and punch the dad in the face then hook up the car to a tow rope and drag the mother fucker down the road. Fucking assholes in this country with a sense of self fucking entitlement.

  2. If I was a passenger in your car, I would have planted myself directly in front of that grey car and blocked its path. This is pathetic.

  3. Everyone involved needs to die a slow and painful death. I'm sick of these sub-humans thinking they can do what ever they want. SOON, they will start dying wholesale.

  4. Anytime someone pulls this shit on me I let them have that spot for that moment. After they’re gone I’ll go around the car taking photos of every angle including the license plates. If no one’s around and no cameras I’ll leave them my Zoro signature on every side. I there are bystanders or cameras then I’ll just send the photos to my friend which has a tow truck company and have him tow their car. He loves doing it since they have to pay to get their car back for some bullshit that wasn’t there but he made it up😂

  5. …and people wonder why so many public places are getting shot up…people sick with Emtitlement-itis who think that they are OWED just because ( insert excuse here).

  6. Have this ever happened to me? Yes/No. Yes, I've had people steal spots I've been clearly been waiting for but never have I had someone jump in front of me "reserving" the spot. Thats a good way to get run overed because I back in all the time.

  7. I don't know the American law, but I was wondering if in my country the person would be able to sue the owner of the parking lot and the driver for moral damages.
    Unfortunately, people in my country just kill each other instead of seeking justice.

  8. Oh let her have the spot… can't you see shes a mussie who thinks we're all 'infidels'… she deserve the spot, not you…. wow… some white 'peepo' make me sick.

  9. Run into the little fucker and teach her m that you don't piss off a guy who was there first…oh bother! That won't work. The little fucker will cry. Okay. Do this. Go and let the air out if a tire or 2,3 or all 4. 😄😄

  10. I would have told that kid it's okay. Move aside. I'll find another space. And then I would have pulled forward right up to the car waiting for the spot. And then when the space was free I would back in. LOL

  11. Yes, this is a very bad example from adults to children, but if a driver who departs notifies arrived driver that the parking spot is reserved for someone else its a lose-lose situation!

  12. Your front wheels turn. Go arnd that punk ass kid! The ppl that took that spot was not gonna damage their car just to take that spot. I wldve had them try to call the law and to see how stupid they wld be. You can't hold a parking spot for someone just bc u want them there. For example, if the ppl were handicapped, there are designated spots for those ppl, other than that…f#*k'em! I got pissed bc u didn't get your butt in that spot. Pretty sad they used a kid to block u.

  13. See I know I'm a little weird but if that was me I wouldn't hesitate to run those smug fucks right over.

  14. Those are everyday activities of Muslim families.. stupidity of the West amazes me every time😂

  15. When that child gets older and needs to work his attitude will have to change if he wants to be successful, unless his goal is to be a punk.

  16. Awhh man. U should of at least honk the reprimand honk. Well, that's what I call it. I'm sure u know what I mean jelly bean.

  17. I'm soooo angry that the weak kid acts so tough if I find him I will beat him up on or blocks My parking spot I will run him over

  18. Pointed screwdriver in all 4 tyre walls…..without a second thought. Done it before and would do it again..!!

  19. I would’ve gotten out of the car and stand in front of the silver car since they wanna play that game

  20. If that kid out his bike in front of my car I would have got it picked it up and launched it at that other car

  21. I wonder if the parents taught that punk kid that slimy move of blocking a waiting vehicle with his bicycle. Jeez, seems to me like an easy way to get run over by an irate driver.

  22. Pop the air from their 2 back tires and their spare. Remove both mirrors. Probsbly steal the bike for parts.

  23. i would have just grabbed and thrown them out of the way or accelerate into the car spot fuck those scummy people.

  24. Shoulda bashed the little shit that’s what we do in my country regardless of age they know what they done wrong

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