Price of Gold Per Ounce – Can You Afford to Own Gold?

hi there Heidi Caccamise and I
wanna talk today about the price of gold per ounce. do you realize that the
price of gold is manipulated and artificially suppressed by our
government the price of gold is kept down because as it rises it will put
more pressure on the purchasing power of the dollar and we all know that the
world’s already lost faith in our dollars to the last thing our government
wanted for gold prices to rise and put more pressure on the purchasing value
and even less in the faith around the world in our dollars so again the price
of gold per ounce can be a little bit tricky because of those factors but i
wanna talk to you also about being able to buy gold in smaller
sizes still a lot of people would like to buy gold they understand the benefit
of owning gold in in exchanging their devaluing paper money for gold that
they’re just not able to do it the price of gold per ounce just intimidates them
they can’t afford it too they just don’t do it so what would be the benefit of
having gold available to the masses in smaller affordable one gram sizes one
benefit would be that it’s easier to transact with repeated need to exchange
your gold for products and services are back into paper currency it’s easier to
do in smaller sizes than trying to exchange a whole bar of gold the other
benefit would be to be in smaller sizes people can buy it more frequently more
people could buy it could actually create that habit of saving but not on
paper money and gold so they can do it there what the wealthy people do and
actually pay themselves fares pay themselves and currently grade gold
create that habit do it every week if he could buy the gold one gram at a time so
couple benefit without having to worry about the cost of gold crowns and if you
want to learn how to exchange your devaluing paper money for currency great
gold one gram of time click the link below in or in the post in the
description below and start saving today do you realize that even though you woke
up today everything look the same there’s a lot of stuff going on behind
the scenes pull back the curtain take a look there’s a lot of turmoil in our
economy and the economy around the world and just because today look great you’re
able to go to work or home watch TV spent time with your family doesn’t mean
that’s gonna be the same tomorrow and the problem is is that as long as
people do wake up and they see everything the same everyday they just
don’t take action so you have a chance right now to educate yourself and take
action and you don’t want to regret down the road that you actually knew that
something was going on and you just didn’t take action so well has never
destroyed it merely transferred and we’re actually position right now to
have a really great walk transfer so you want to make sure that your positioning
yourself and your family on the side of opportunity and be prepared for what’s
happening down the road and happening behind the scenes so start buying gold
today you don’t have to worry anymore about the price of gold per ounce and you can
buy affordable one gram sizes click on the link below in the description on
the post and set yourself up start saving start doing what rich people do
pay yourself first but not with devaluing paper currency. but in currency grade gold and get in the habit of
saving today

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