Preventive Conservation Intern Blog – Protecting the Silver Collection

Hello. So basically the last couple of months I’ve been basically trying to come up with some solutions of how to protect our objects from pollution and from further tarnishing. So basically I have started to wrap the objects in special materials that prevents objects from tarnishing. And I have in this case used a couple of different materials one is more fabric based material and then one which is on a plastic basis that has copper particles in it and this reacts with the pollution and once this is black the bag is not reactive any more and it needs to be exchanged. And both materials are commonly used to protect metal objects from tarnishing. For easy identification and to minimise handling I have attached images of the objects and on the back I have put the accession number so basically that stops people having to open the bag if they are looking for a specific object and it is always good to minimise handling. We also still check our tarnish tokens regularly if they show any evidence of tarnishing or if there is a change to the metal. So far everything seems to be normal there is not much going on but you really need to monitor it really regularly over a longer period of time.

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