Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 9 Preview | “Silver Sacrifice” Official First Look

So what are we hanging from? A jungle gym?
No Steel. Whoa, nice robot, dude. Who are you calling a robot? Can’t you see I’m half human? Just a joke. Very funny, he’s my science experiment. You have to try to blend in, okay? It’s hard to blend in, when you’re made to stand out. This is it Steel, the most
popular hangout spot in town. Now that I’m here, it is. Shall we?
(rangers laughing) (explosion echoes)
(crowd yells) Sorry, my finger slipped. Blaze, Roxy, what are you creeps after? Only that steely hunk.
Why thank you. You’ll have to go through me. (laughs) If you insist. Tronics! (tense music) (rangers yelling) Back off! Get him! Steel! ♪ Power Rangers Beast Morphers ♪

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