Pouring Copper Bars from Copper Wire – Devil Forge

since I got myself a devil Forge figured
I’d go ahead and do a copper bar pour for you guys today I actually even
painted it with that ceramic coating to make that fire cloth to last a lot
longer I tested it out last night I poured a new bar and one of my cast iron
molds and I haven’t polished it yet this is actually when it came out like right
out of the mold so pretty excited about that it’s sitting there
we got a bar and now today I’ve got a bunch of this copper wire I’ve already
put some of my old copper wire here it’s not as nice as this at a copper wire but
figured I couldn’t get another pour done and record it I also got some of this
engine copper here that I’m going to use our like fan motor copper that I’m going
to put in there once this melts down this is actually into being a 27 ounce
and I put it in this one and I didn’t quite get it to the top I was a little
bit short I wanted it to be a 2 pounder but we’re just under 10 except I think
I’ve chit-chatted long enough let me get this crucible inside here we’ll get it
lit and have some fun make sure we use a little borax anytime
you fell copper because there’ll be some impurities in there add a little bit of
it into some tinfoil which you’ll see later on the borax actually helps clean all the
impurities out you can see it working its magic now so it’s ready to start and
skim off all the dross not too bad
take that all day wolves what happens a low-carb cold
color this time or borax in there I didn’t come out too bad want to see
what that one looks like after it gets quenched let that cool down just a
little bit more before I dump it and flip it make sure it’s all sealed up
looks like it is though be pretty excited about this one now this is the
one that I added aluminum foil to compared to those being mostly 99%
copper obviously we had that ball of borax that had some tin foil or live in
a foil in it so it’s not a pure mix but it’s close enough this one does have a
little more fall that you saw me at it I’ve got a nice crevice here though I
see that there’s a hole in this one that’s kind of a bummer all right it’s
gonna be hot let’s flip it there you go looks like it’s a pretty good bar though
that’s quaint you boiling that water should have added
more ice that is still a hot bar but I got my fire gloves on so I should go to
handle it okay you can see it’s got more of a gold tone to it versus that pink
copper color I could have added more foil made it even more gold color but
it’ll polish up nice and as you can see it’s got that crater like I was talking
about in it but that’s on the bottom so that’s a pretty good bar man that’s
heavy too next step is I got to do a quick polishing on these and we’ll see
how they go not bad so as you saw I just did a
really rough polishing I’m not trying to make these mirrored bars just yet I
don’t have all the equipment like a bench vise I don’t have a lot of the
sanding stuff that you would need I do have some of the items but that takes a
lot of time and I’ve got other things to work on today that being said I wanted
to give you a look at these bars not too shabby
little holes on this one it happens probably could have skimmed it a little
better on the second one a little bit of an indentation but I’ll take it it’ll
still clean up nice if I were to make it a polished mirrored finish came out
pretty good overall I like to leave the bottoms ugly and unfinished anyway so it
doesn’t really matter this is the one I poured yester didn’t test it out the one
I poured today was a little bit bigger and then the final one where we add a
little bit of aluminum and you can see the color is a little bit lighter than
copper and if you look at the front you can see it’s got kind of a goldish tone
to it if I were to polish this smooth you
would see a lot more of the color variance compared to copper now I only
added a few percentage of alumina to this if I were to add it a lot more when
it came out a lot more golden matter of fact I have another pour that I’ll show
you that actually has about 5% aluminum and you’ll see the difference so here’s
the one that has about 5 maybe 6 percent I didn’t do the science too well or the
math too well but at the end of the day look at the difference in color very
cool when you add 95% copper to 5% aluminum and you weigh it out it looks
about like that this might have been a little bit less than 2% but either way
it did have some pretty happy overall let me get a whip on these guys and see
how much they weigh so I’ve got my scale set to try ounces yesterday’s pour I
believe was twenty six point four you have twenty six point three three so
call it twenty six three the first pour today should be a little bit heavier
than that twenty-eight point four six troy ounces and then the final pour 29.97 troy ounces let’s turn that into
grams and see what we got here 930 2.2 grams
not quite a kilo we were a little bit short had I poured it more smooth and
filled up the middle and made it not so bowed and it was perfectly poured that
would have been a 1 kilo almost pure copper bar hopefully you guys enjoyed my
first time videotaping and pouring with the devil Forge I had a lot of fun it
sure makes it a lot more easier than the electrical ones the temperature gets up
a lot hotter and once you have it up to temperature you can pour several pours
pretty quickly I think the first one took me about 25 minutes to get up to
temperature and once I poured the first one took about 15 minutes tops on the
second one and the melting point was reduced by some either way I do plan on
making another nordic gold if you will copper bar Lumina bar in the future you
guys enjoyed this copper pouring video I’d appreciate a thumbs up if you want
to see more like this please put in the comments down below and as always happy
pouring happy hunting and thanks for watching

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  1. Pouring some copper bars from copper wire using my new Devil Forge Furnace or Foundry!

    After some luck but more issues with my electric furnace, I decided to turn to the tried and tested Devil Forge to re-embark on my pMetal Pouring Journey!

    In this video, I will pour some BIG Copper Bars using my new forge, the new cast iron ingots and with any luck, we'll have some beautiful bars to add to my stack.

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  2. Man I’m jealous, I’ve been wanting a devil forge for months now, but I’m excited to watch your videos using it!

  3. Oh hey this is RFT i didnt relize it i thought you were big stack d and also if your useing copper already that pure which is in wires and stuff you really dont need to throw in borax but hey mu experiences are diffrent than your so more power to you

  4. I could watch this stuff all day. Cool to see you play with the amounts of aluminum to change the color. πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. I’m just catching up on your vids Rob, loved the mail call and the penny hunt as well. Awesome watching them all together. Merry Christmas to you and the family. β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»

  6. Great job Rob, I'm always up for some diversification with content. As someone else mentioned electrical grade copper wiring is actually finer grade copper than it is after melting. I prefer silver melts as its alot easier to work with than copper I find. You can make some decent moulds too provided you have the time. I prefer fine over chunky but that's just me.

  7. Very cool RobπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Awesome job my friend πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ can’t get mad at thatπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

  8. Gripping the crucible by one edge with pincers is an accident waiting to happen, dont learn the hard way, get yourself a decent support pouring shank, its cheaper than losing a foot

  9. You’re a scrapper too? That piece of stuck together copper that you said was from a motor was actually the copper yoke from an old crt television

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