Perth Mint’s Silver Kangaroo

Hi, I’m Mark Flaa from eBay and this is the Chat of the Week. I’m here today with Neil Vance, the group head of minted products from The Perth Mint and I’d like to ask you, Neil, why should I choose a silver Kangaroo as a bullion coin? “Yes so we launched the silver Kangaroo last year and basically what we’ve done is produced a bullion coin in a mini monster box, so it actually comes in 250 to the box so it’s easier to carry, you can store it in a safety deposit box. Also with a Kangaroo coin we believe we’ve got a really quality product. The minting process we have produces a beautiful finish to the coin and the Kangaroo is incredibly recognizable as an Australian coin, so it’s an Australian legal tender coin, as well.” It is a beautiful coin. I’ve seen that the coins you’ve released last year — why the new emphasis on silver? Was there a change in strategy? “What we did was we wanted to play more in the mainstream bullion market. So we’ve always had our Kookaburra and our Koala and our Lunar bullion coins, which are considered a little bit more in the collector bullion segment, and they all had limited mintages, and we decided we wanted to play in the mass market. So basically we actually extended our factory, and extended our capacity, and we launched the silver Kangaroo. We had a projection of about 5 million coins to sell in the next 12 months, and to date, with 10 months gone, we’ve actually sold 10 million coins. So we’re really ecstatic about how it’s gone.” That’s fantastic. We absolutely love the the silver Kangaroos at eBay. We’ve certainly seen a lot of them move through the U.S. market, and we’re very excited to see the next coins that you launched. Thank you very much. “Thank you.” I’m Mark Flaa from eBay and that was the Chat of the Week.

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