Perth Mint Year of the Goat 10 Kilo Silver Coin

Each year the Perth Mint in Australia release a
beautifully designed range of Lunar coins. The series II, 2015 Australian Chinese lunar calendar is the
Year of the Goat. The Chinese year four thousand, seven
hundred and thirteen starts on February the 19th, 2015. The goat or sheep is the 8th animal in the lunar cycle. It is seen as particularly
lucky as the number 8 symbolizes peace and
prosperity in Chinese culture. The goat is also
thought to bring harmony and growth. The obverse features the fourth UK definitive coin portrait by Ian Rank-Broadley, while the reverse design features a family of goats in a
field with the Chinese character for goat as well as the inscription Year of the Goat. A maximum of 150 10 kilo coins are produced annually on a mint to order basis. Struck to a 0.999 fineness this coin contains 321.51 troy ounces of silver. Both the design and the finish of this uncirculated coin are
superb. The monetary denomination of 300 Australian dollars is inscribed on the obverse. The diameter of the coin measures 221 millimeters and the thickness of the coin is 33 millimeters. Perth Mint are the only mint that issues a 10 kilo silver coin annually and
these coins are highly sought after by collectors all over the world. on

48 thoughts on “Perth Mint Year of the Goat 10 Kilo Silver Coin

  1. I would really like to take a couple of these to the car dealership so that I can throw them on the desk and demand the keys to a Camaro

  2. No!!! They can not do that even by 10 KG, calculating just 600 euro per kg, has cost a minimum 6,000 Euros !!! : O I thought that the bigger they were the ones to 1 kg. Never more than one will be able to sell a single piece so expensive !!!

  3. Here is a rule of thumb, if it is too big to be in a pocket, it is not a coin. This thing is a medallion and a huge one shaped as a coin, and it is completly insane to buy it. If ye have that kind of money ye are better off buying a monster box of 500 1oz coins. Not only is the per oz price a lot cheaper, but it is also a lot easier to sell the coins, as they can be sold both as a sealed monsterbox and as individual coins to people on places like ebay.

  4. I wonder if this kind of coin will have a numismatic ( not a premium, artificial rarity plus value ) value in 150 years

  5. If was rich i would use it as face currency as a joke just to see the reaction to paying something with a 10 kilo coin.

  6. We’re do these people get there money value. 40,000 dollar coin 300 value. I mean special Ray Ray in the back making this crap up. It’s 40,000$ the nerve.

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