[ Pen turning ] Making Fountainpen / Silver,Gold,Wood

Pure Silver 95% + Copper 5% Rate
Make accurate measurements Heat it with oxygen + LPG gas torch
Alloy (dissolve) After applying heat,
Be sure to do acid washing Dilute at a rate of 90% water + 10% sulfuric acid solution,
Warm it up and use it In the silver bullion state which melted silver,
Basic forging must be done To make the silver tissue fine
To prevent it from splitting Heat the hardened silver material after processing Make it soft This operation is called “Annealing” Annealing of “non-ferrous metals” means that
Unlike “Quenching” or “Tempering”, Cools regardless of temperature or speed Roll pressing the silver plate on the electric roller When using an electric roller,
Never wear gloves. It’s dangerous Until you get the right size and thickness,
I roll repeatedly The hammerhead’s texture is made from corrosion. Hit freely,
Create your own unique texture I wear so nice clothes
I think you’re dazzling. Ha Ha Ha … When sawing
We recommend keeping it vertical Collect silver powder
Can be melted back and utilized as silver So that the texture of the surface
Utilizes wood hammers, plastic hammers, urethane hammers, etc. What I apply when soldering is borax(Flux) While cleaning the parts to be soldered,
It makes the flow of solder easier. Flexible shaft (hand piece)
Power tool used for trimming or polishing You can use various tools of constant thickness, It is convenient because it is easy to insert and remove Sculpt freely on top of the texture Made of pure gold with paper thickness
In Korea, it’s called “kumboo–gold foil.” Kumboo is made by attaching a thermal fusion method on silver,
It is a Korean traditional craft technique that has been handed down for a long time. It’s similar to the traditional overlay,
Heated without media such as solder, Korea’s unique way of working Dissolve in boiled water and dye (color) Pure gold is not dyed
It penetrates a little to the surface of silver and becomes black dyeing (coloring) Properly surface treated with 3M scrubber Is to determine the finish just by the sense of the hand.
Work carefully and meticulously According to the hand sense of the worker
Quality is an important task Red wood
Amboyna burl cutting Black wood
Mpingo Cutting My little studio !! Hmmm… 1st process RPM is maintained at 2500 ~ 3000 Without attaching accessories to the brass tube
The primary reason for doing this first is, In the tree state of the rectangle
Because it’s hard to see the final pattern, Later, silver ornaments and wood patterns
To combine them in the best direction. Glue using a viscous instant adhesive The glue I used “AXIA 268” Because this adhesive takes a long time to harden,
I like it because I have time to work And it is very strong Be careful not to apply too much,
It is also important to apply the right amount Trimming is a must Brass tube inserted inside
Drill only until it’s shiny Carefully shave little by little Rough sanding process is omitted Sanding in zigzag order # 800 ~ # 1200 sanding also omitted We utilized vegetable oil (camellia oil) With coatings and finishes Without excessive force,
Finish with very light touch The nip of the fountain pen is not plated
Gold nib made of 75% pure gold (18k) Thank you for watching!

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  1. Tolles Video. Darf ich fragen welches Drehfutter und welche freilaufende spitze verwendet wird ? Danke für eine Antwort

  2. Ich würde mich auch sehr dafür interessieren welche drei Tools da benutzt werden. Mit den runden schneidplatten Ich finde die sehen sehr gut aus

  3. i.wish i could have this pen in my desk…. 🙂 but sadly not enough rich to afford this piece of art 🙁 may be some day i can

  4. 생각없이 보다 본드에 쓰인 한국어 보고 놀랐습니다.. 한국에 이런 장인이 있을줄은 생각하지 못했내요..

  5. Why on earth would people dislike this video?! Dang haters take your negativity elsewhere. Superb job on that pen. It is gorgeous.

  6. Thats a part when some nation dont understanding a human

    knowledge. Europian make this to perfection. yellow is amator. like remainder. And remeber this noobs

  7. Eine vorzügliche Arbeit! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Ich bin von dem Federhalter begeistert.
    Sie haben echtes Schmuckstück geschaffen! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    세상에 이런 일도 있군요. 감사함니다.

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    한국분이 운영하시는 채널이였다니 놀랍네요 작업하시는 환경이 뭔가 모르게 외국 느낌나네요 좋은영상 감사합니다

  13. That is a beautiful knife. I work with leather and prefer the Korean/Japanese style of knives over the western style. Are you planning to use this yourself, or was this made for someone else?

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  15. Wow. I have seen fountain pens that were priced at over $ 6000. That were Not as Beautiful. Is this one well balanced? It looks like it would be more weight on the cap end. Thanks.

  16. What is the music you used in this video ? (The classic piece)
    Wie heißt das Klassische Stück dass du in dem Video benutzt hast ? (Bei 5m etwa)

  17. Hey man wanted to touch base with someone turning pens currently, most of the videos are older. I’ve been away from pens for long time and I’m getting back into it!!! Hey no joke I thought I invented the ca finish on pens I built a lot I Atlanta ga. 12 years ago . Be nice to talk to someone shit a lot has changed I just bought me another jet 1015, really like for some one to chat with as I get back to it!! Live the Celtic knot stuff, and using different materials I’m not used to, would live to know any thing to help me get going – still chasing my checker board pen- black and white perfect squares I never did it but with all the segmented stuff I see now days it’s doable?? Thanks any help would be awesome !!

  18. what a beautiful pen …will love to have one…don't know how I landed here but it was amazing….btw How much does it cost

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