Pawn Stars: Tiffany’s Sterling Silver Ice Bucket Puts Corey’s Deal on Ice (S11) | History

Hey, what’s up? I have a dated 1857 silver
bucket from Tiffany & Co. This one came from a yard sale. Just out of curiosity, what
where they asking for it? Rather not say. It was [inaudible]. That little, huh? It’s amazing what you can
find at these yard sales. There’s no attachment
to antiques like there used to be in the past. It’s not uncommon to find
something that is something of very high value that
they don’t place value on, but they just want
to get rid of it. I’m assuming
it’s an ice bucket. Yeah, that’s what I was told. OK. It is Tiffany, which is just
one of those iconic American, you know, luxury brands
that will be around forever. I mean, this is the company that
makes the Super Bowl trophy. This is the kind
of stuff people got people back then for weddings. Obviously they were pretty
well to do because they didn’t get them the cheap crap. They actually got
them Tiffany’s. People all over the world
know the brand Tiffany. Nowadays people mostly know
them for their jewelry, but what they’ve really been
known for is stuff like this. And the fact that this
is Tiffany’s makes it very collectible if I can
get it for the right price. So what are you
looking to do with it? Well, I checked with
an auction company, and the quote that I got
was $8,000 on the bucket. That is really rich
for my blood, my man. I mean, we have, what, $600,
$700 worth of sterling silver here, which is a lot. And because it’s Tiffany’s,
I’d offer you, like, $1,000. You have to see my side of it. There’s not very many people
lining up to pay $1,800, $2,000 for an ice bucket– not to say it’s not rare,
not to say it’s not valuable. Are you willing to come down
from that $8,000 at all or– I would. I’m thinking around
$6,000, yeah. Buddy, I’d go up to $1,500. That would be the most I’d pay. Right. Yeah, I understand. So is that a no on your end? Yeah, I just– that’s just– Maybe next time you come in
we’ll be able to make a deal. [inaudible], OK. Take care, buddy. Thanks so much. I’m not disappointed at all. I think that the
bucket would bring a lot more at an auction house.

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Tiffany’s Sterling Silver Ice Bucket Puts Corey’s Deal on Ice (S11) | History

  1. Just love how pawn shops always try to just pay ‘spot’ on items and no additional value. His calculations were based on 925 sterling. Glad he walked. I would have.

  2. The bucket would bring more at an auction house, and after you pay all the fees, you would get less than $1,800.🤦‍♂️

  3. So only the silver was worth 700 if we go by his calculations, which might not even take into account the quality of it, then you have a Tiffany branding and an age of over 150 years to boot and Corey was expecting to get away with 1500? More like 5000.

  4. Corey: I’m Ricks son, I’ve been family trained to give no more than $1,000 for any item
    Customer: it’s worth $80,000
    Corey: I’ll give you $30 right now CASH 3 $10 bills. Have you ever seen that?

  5. OMG that is such a low ball price. Put that on Ebay with a no reserve bid. That will fetch at least 4000 USD

  6. Pawn shop employee : Hey boss I'm going on my hour lunch break

    Rick: Best I can do is 15 minutes and I'm taking all the risk here

  7. I have a piece of graphite from Chernobyl. It's really sad piece of history. How much can I get for it?

  8. The king of low balling. I'd never sell of for $1500 you couldn't replace it for that if you tried. It's 150+ years old, solid silver and a Tiffany's collector piece.

  9. There isn't s whole lot of people who'd pay 8 grand for an ice bucket. Even IF you could fetch that price it could take months if not years before doing do and during that time you have both money locked down and inventory to store.

  10. girl: I'm looking for a guy that's at LEAST 7 inches
    rick: the best I'm willing to offer is 5, and I'm taking all the risk here

  11. customer: This is the first ever edition of the Bible (brings them with full evidence), its worth is around at 150 million$
    rick: look man, my best offer would be 5 bucks, or I can give you 2 pencils for an exchange, take it or leave it.
    customer: make it 3 pencils and you got a deal

  12. When Corey says "you have to see my side"… uh, no I don't! This show exposes many "tactics" bybpawn shops…asking how much you paid for something, where did you get this? Give me a break.

  13. Nice. If he looked at auction sale then he should know about buyer premium,fees. So 6000 was near what he would make why would he expect a business to pay that? Maybe held out for $2,000

  14. Nobody has to take any deal that’s offered. So quit whining about it! You take your &$#@ to a Pawn shop EXPECT to not get what it’s worth!!

  15. ya its worth at least 7500$ i looked it up 3500$$ is a good price thay can make at least 4k

  16. Bruh Corey is so rude lmao smh , he’s always rushing and barely even let’s the guy finish speaking

  17. He was definitely trying to screw the customer. Jumps his final offer from a $1,000 to $1,500. So you know it's worth a lot for him to jump that high. He Could probably get $5,000 at auction

  18. Rick would've said "its gonna sit for a long time, I have to put ice in it to sell it, I'm taking all the risk, can give you like 300 bucks"

  19. I have a used urine sample cup with some used urine in it, it comes with a certificate of authenticity, and I'm asking 750 dollars

    Rick: Let me call my urine expert and we'll see if we can get ya some money

  20. I have a 1980's champagne bucket and two cups from Tiffany's for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. It's solid silver but I'd assume not worth much because their names are engraved all over it. That's probably what the original owner of the bucket thought.

  21. He was offering less than silver melt price for a 162 year old Tiffany ice bucket? Seven pounds or 112 oz. x $15 per ounce = $1,680

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