Pawn Stars: Rick is Blown Away by This Seller’s Opening Offer (Season 13) | History

what do you have here? CRAIG: Pennsylvania Oilfield,
1870s, 1880s, wooden barrel with Gargoyle advertising. RICK HARRISON:
It’s really, really cool because most of these were
returned for their deposits. It’s also weird to me that– that’s called a
bunghole, by the way. CRAIG: I– [laughs] I had to say it. That’s what that’s called. It’s called a– you know, it’s– CRAIG: Yes, it is. It is a bung. [laughs] I came to the pawn
shop today to try to sell my Pennsylvania
Oilfield wooden barrel with Gargoyle advertising on it. In my opinion,
it’s one of a kind. I’ve done seven
years of research, and cannot find anything equal. Well, I’m hoping to get 50
grand out of this thing. Who knows? RICK HARRISON: I mean,
it’s deeply cool. You know, the world was
basically dark before 1859, when they found oil
in Pennsylvania. They didn’t have
pipelines or anything yet. And they didn’t have
steel barrels or anything. So this is what everything
was transported in. So when you went down
to your local store, you would have a
rack of oil there. And that’s why this
would be out like this. And you’d buy a gallon. This is the Vacuum Oil Company. And you have the gargoyle here. The Vacuum Oil Company
didn’t start using the Mobiloil logo till 1899. So we know it’s right
around that time. CRAIG: Mm-hm. Vacuum Oil Company
eventually became Mobil– CRAIG: Yep. RICK HARRISON: –which
is now the biggest oil company in world.
CRAIG: Right. Right. RICK HARRISON: So I mean, it’s
a really neat piece of history. You don’t see a lot
of these anymore. CRAIG: It’s the only
one I could find. RICK HARRISON: How much
do you want for it? CRAIG: You only get one of
these a lifetime, in my opinion. I’m going to tell you 50 grand. That’s a start. Yeah, yeah–
CRAIG: Hey, I’m with you. –that’s definitely a start.
CRAIG: Well, hey– We all got to start somewhere. CRAIG: That’s right. RICK HARRISON: I think
you’re asking way too much. CRAIG: OK. You’re not going to
hurt my feelings. I’ll give you
1,000 bucks for it. I mean, it takes up
real estate, dude. Yeah. RICK HARRISON: And it’s super
cool, but I got to resell it. CRAIG: I’ll tell you what. 2 grand, it’s yours. RICK HARRISON: [sighs] CRAIG: It’s worth every penny. You know that. Can we meet in the
middle at 1,500 bucks? I’m in.
RICK HARRISON: Sweet! I’m in.
That’s cool. This is cool.
Let’s go do some paperwork. I’ll have my guys–
CRAIG: Yes, sir. –grab it.
CRAIG: OK. I’m settling on $1,500 because
it is 10 times my money. I bought it for 150 bucks. That’s a home run to me. COREY HARRISON: What
have you been doing? RICK HARRISON: I bought
a Standard Oil barrel. So what, it’s like a
55-gallon drum or something? No, no, no, no, no,
because you have to remember, a oil barrel is 42 gallons. Well, 42 American gallons. A gallon can be two different
sizes depending on what part of the world you’re in. [sighs] AUSTIN RUSSELL: I
don’t get how a gallon can be a different measurement
in two different places. It’s a gallon. Well, no, there’s imperial
gallons and there’s US gallons. No, there’s gallons. No, gallons are
bigger in England. Like, our pint is 16 ounces. And over there, their
pint is 20 ounces. Do you get it now? AUSTIN RUSSELL:
Yeah, no, I don’t. RICK HARRISON: You
weigh less over there because they use kilograms. AUSTIN RUSSELL: I’m
still just as fat. [laughter]

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Rick is Blown Away by This Seller’s Opening Offer (Season 13) | History

  1. Chumlee is a persona thats full of surprises. Everybody at first thought he was a stupid fat slob. Look at him now. Challenge yourself people. We have one life

  2. Wow chumly and ricks son look higher then a kite . Ez off the pills guys your to young to leave this world GOD BLESS

  3. How do these 2 idiots survive life. He better be thankful hes got a dad that owns a pawnshop , And that other waste should just be thankful hes got a job. Seriously these too must be the biggest idiots on Earth

  4. Before we negotiate, u have to listen to my little historical speech, patronizing n educating da sheep.

  5. Every single time, they act all bashful and try to justify their low ball price, then they almost jump for joy when they get double their original offer.

  6. Guy’s opening asking price was 50 grand.

    Rick: I’ll give you a thousand bucks for it.

    That went from one extreme to the other in record time 😅

  7. we do not use kilograms for weight, we use stones ,pounds and ounces, so 14 pound to a stone 16 ounces to a pound, we also use hundredweights etc, metric is an eu thing, but most ppl still use imperial, but thanks for clearing the us pint thing up, next time i`m over i`ll ask for a 20oz of beer lol

  8. It’s worth $50,000 but at $1,500 that’s 10 times my investment so I’ll settle at $1,500 and forget about the other $48,500! Very good.

  9. I was just taking a drink of water when the guy said 2k and I laughed so hard I spit out the water all over how stupid 50k to 2k

  10. Why do people take anything to these idiots.Wait let me call an expert the most used line used by the stooges on this show.

  11. Dude this is all just advertisement so everyone knows he has it. No one is going to do "seven years of research" for a product then go from a $50,000 starting price to a $1500 deal, especially if rick doesnt even OFFER to call in an expert. Gotta reach that niche market somehow

  12. in india negotiation is part of life….all i learnt from my experience is that who ever puts price first ..he is the winner

  13. My standard post on Pawn Stars videos: "I'll give you $5 and a Handy J from Chumlee in the mens' room. And Chumlee's taking all the risk."

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