100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Julius Caesar Silver Roman Coin | History

  1. Let me call someone and I’ll tell him you’re asking $4,400 so he can appraise it lower than that.

    I don’t know why people say exactly the amount they want. I’d ask for 15k so Ricks expert can say 8-10k.

  2. Customer: I have a briefcase with 1 million dollars inside.
    Rick: I will give you $5 for it.
    Customer: $20
    Rick: too much, come back if you change your mind.

  3. Why are all these people idiots? They're not selling it to a collector or someone who's keeping it they're selling it to a person who needs to sell it for more money so they can make a profit to keep their business running they give you less money because it's an instant way to make cash if you want to make more money than just sell it yourself to a random person

  4. When are these people gonna learn not to give their asking price before he "calls his buddy who's a expert".

  5. These girls in the background are all plants (when the camera's rolling) there in all the shows, eye candy means ratings

  6. "As dictator of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar was credited with reforming the senate and reorganizing local government"

    That is an 'interesting' way to put it.

  7. He probably paid more than 1500 and about time someone called rick on his low offers. Even though 1k wasn't bad if it was really worth 1500.

  8. The owner of that coin looks like he got slapped in the face with some down syndrome….i have an uncle who was born with down syndrome and is alot smarter than that spoiled snot nose brat

  9. Yeah that offer was ridiculous. The experts that he calls in are his business partners. They assist him by making low ball offers in front of the sellers. Just how it works.

  10. Thats the problem with antiques, people always think they're worth more than they are… The value of anything is what someone is prepared to pay for it, simple as that… This guy should keep it until there's a movie about Caesar made or some aniversary, when he's in the public psychy. Then his coin will be worth more because more people want it…
    This show has serious flaws.. As a dealer you would never get an expert appraise something in front of the seller, gives the game away.

  11. Only desperate souls go to pawn shops, which is why they'll always be sitting ducks for the ruthless dealers. Life's a beatch!!!

  12. Boy, that seller is a jerk. Having bought from people like him before, it's hard to tell someone their stuff isn't worth what they think it is. of course when you can offer a higher price – they can be quite happy, but 99% of the time, they are disappointed.

  13. I love history and everthing associated with it. That being said I'm more of an admirer of booty and anything associated with that particular one in the white pants around 2:45. 😭😂

  14. Quete frankly I don't know enough but I will give you a dollar and I am taking all the risk.

  15. Hey dude get the 1000 you might even get less out there" but with that attitude u may get nothing but get thrown out" what a ham..

  16. Perfect.coins sell for 20000 dollars but this one is circulated around many time so its value is 1500 dollars . Wtf ???
    2000 year old coin would obviously be circulated around and wear and tear is so obvious !!!
    It's all a setup

  17. Right decision for the seller. Hold on to the coin coz it's better to put it on that gap between your teeth.

  18. Expects retail value from a pawn shop. Not gunna lie; this guys stature indicates that he's either a coke head or used to be one. Good thing bout a junky is you can spot them from a mile away.

  19. Cashier: that will be 5$ sir
    Rick: I'l give you 1.75$ final offer
    Cashier: No sir, the price is 5$
    Rick: There is no money to be made I'm taking all the risk here
    Cashier: what risk?
    Rick: Let me call in my cereal expert to take a look at this

  20. This dude reminds me of those sad dudes online who cry and complain about being virgins by other people’s choice and not their own, and say it’s okay to brutalize women because of it 🤕

  21. 1k is not a lowball offer that's what the coin is worth🤦‍♂️ you only buy something for what it's worth unless it's sentimental and then it's still too much😂

  22. Absolute douchebag….. coz this idiot knows the true historical value….. Pbbly didn’t even know who Caesar was until he opened Wikipedia.

  23. what I think he paid 3000 for it and it and was told he could make an extra thousand and it caught him off base so he didnt know how to correctly react. could see me doing the same thing if that happened to me. you've got to kinda think where hes coming from.

  24. Rick: I'll give you $1000 bucks.
    Seller: is that a real offer?
    Viewers: this guy has never watched the show apparently

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