Pawn Stars: An Expert Finds Red Flags in J. Honus Wagner’s Autograph (Season 10) | History

– I have this J. Honus Wagner
autograph. COREY: Nice. A Honus Wagner? A Honus Wagner. I didn’t even know who he was. He was a shortstop for
the Pittsburgh Pirates, arguably one of
the best baseball players of the dead-ball era.
– Mm-hm. They called him the Flying
Dutchman because he was German. [laughs] Yeah, I don’t get it. [laughs]
– OK. [laughs]
[bang] UMPIRE: You’re out! I’m a chairman of a local
nonprofit thrift shop. And someone had donated this. I honestly really don’t
know how much it’s worth, but I’m hoping like
a couple of thousand. So Honus Wagner,
he was the best in the era where baseball
was just a different game than it is today. They didn’t wear helmets. It was completely acceptable
if the pitcher didn’t like you to peg you in the head. Oh, perfect. Owners were
really, really cheap. So if someone did hit
a home or a foul ball, they would go into the crowd
and make you give the ball back. Wow. There was no restrictions
on what the pitchers could do to the ball either, so. COREY: Yeah, and the spit
balls are just commonplace. Uh-huh. COREY: It’s just a
weird era of baseball. JOANIE: Yeah. Honus Wagner was
one of the greatest shortstops of all time. But most people today
know him because of his rare baseball card. Back in 1909, the
American Tobacco Company put baseball cards inside
of cigarette packs, and Wagner didn’t approve. So he threatened to sue, and
they stopped making them. Only 57 are known
to exist today. So it’s kind of like the
holy grail of baseball cards. Do you mind if I check
it out a little bit? JOANIE: No, absolutely. COREY: OK. It’s weird the way
it was broken apart. JOANIE: Right. But then again, maybe
that’s why it was donated. [laughs] JOANIE: Yeah. COREY: What do you
want to do with it? Well, I’d like to sell it
because I’d like the money to go back to the thrift shop. OK. Any idea of what you’re
looking to get out of it? Well, I’m thinking
close to $2,000. You know, honestly,
I don’t know. Do you mind if I
bring somebody down to check out the signatures,
see if it’s real, and let me know what it’s worth? JOANIE: That’d be great. Want to give Steve a call? Sure. I’m really excited
to see if it’s real. I’d love to get
some money for it. [laughs] So Honus Wagner’s signature– I wish it was a card. [laughs] Unfortunately, I mean,
the card you talked about, the T206 Honus Wagner,
it’s the greatest baseball card of all time. If it wasn’t for
that card, I mean, you really wouldn’t
know a thing about him. JOANIE: I had no idea of that. He’s one of the originals
inducted into the Hall of Fame, really one of the greatest
baseball players of all time. So he’s kind of a big deal. Honus Wagner, I mean, he was
just able to hit the ball. I mean, the guy had
3,400-plus career hits. And he was the best fielding
shortstop, or one of them, of all time. So people who start autograph
hall-of-fame collections or just collect
autographs, they want him. COREY: You know,
it was obviously framed and matted at one point.
– Sure. And just something
seems odd about it. OK.
We’ll have a look at it. You know, I do see the
J, which is a good thing. He signed like that, you
know, really predominantly. So we do have J.
Honus Wagner on here. First thing I want
to look at, just check the whole
surface for ink here. Well, that’s pretty interesting. What is that? The ink isn’t
aged well enough. And that’s kind of a big thing. OK. Next thing I want to do,
what I assembled here today are basically his autograph,
authentic examples– pretty intricate, nice
signature, pretty basic. Now, what I see
here is something with some severe baseline
issues, kind of just jumps all over the
place to me, doesn’t have a real good flow
to it, and doesn’t have a real good style to it. Now, taking a look at the ink,
taking a look at the examples here, there’s no question. It’s not the real deal. You don’t have Honus
Wagner’s autograph. What I will tell
you what this is. You guys, go to your
library, and this is what I’ll have people
do is they take out the blank pages out of books. JOANIE: Wow. This is the same case. This is a book page
taken out, old book. And what they do is
they sign the signature, J. Honus Wagner using bad ink. So unfortunately it’s
not the real deal. COREY: Well, thanks, man.
– Yep. Good to see you. I mean, most of the time when
you see a cut signature you have to be kind of cautious
because they’re the cheapest medium for the foragers to
do because you just take out something that
looks old, and you fake someone’s name on it. At least it didn’t cost
you a bunch of money, right? No, it didn’t. And I really
appreciate your time. It’s great to meet you.
– Thanks a lot. Thanks. Really sad, but then, again,
I’m pretty happy that I didn’t put any money out for it. I’ll just take it
home, and it’ll be a reminder to be careful
about all these fake autographs out there.

57 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: An Expert Finds Red Flags in J. Honus Wagner’s Autograph (Season 10) | History

  1. Whenever you have an item that you think is valuable and he says, "what are you trying to get out of it?"… you tell him,"well can you get your friend who verifies that it's real and I'll take whatever it's worth based on that!"
    Baaaah haa haaa!

  2. A very very lucky person brings in a 1932 saint gaudens double eagle. (Worth 7 million dollars , because the USA was cracking down on pure gold coins only 20 something survived).

    Rick: I mean I can give you $40 bucks for it

    Seller: u kidding me it’s worth 7 mill

    Rick: No no no no theres no money to be made

    Seller: Gets scammed out of $6,999,960.00

  3. Dude is a fraud though hes a scammer google it..scammed em out of so much money that fake authenticator 😑

  4. Once again, it's the customer trying to rip Rick off. Yet as always, all the comments are against Rick. It's obviously jealousy.

  5. Flying Dutchman because he was German…?
    Yeah right…
    Americans and history / geography, always a good laugh 🙂
    Wouldn't be surprised when in a couple of years from now it turns out the US army never set foot in Iraq and instead have been fighting in Guatemala.

  6. dont be careful of fake autograph out there , be careful of yourself because you cant fool nobody in this new generation of smart people 😂

  7. Why do they ask how much the person wants if they "don't know" !? Just say u need to call the expert from the start!

  8. Does the insecure autograph man with lots of peacock jewelry ever change his shirt? His cool guy chain is also causing an allergic reaction, 2:33 his neck is red.

  9. I am 100% convinced that no one should ever buy any autograph unless there is 100% proof of its authenticity. Too many fakes and the experts can never agree on anything.

  10. I have this used cat turd and I'm asking 400 dollars

    Rick: We need to see if it's authentic, let me call my cat turd expert

  11. Pawn Stars commenters have nothing intelligent to say, they know nothing about collectibles or business….so they resort to personal attacks. It's clearly a fake autograph, and the expert is correct.

  12. What is the point of asking what they want to do with it? Are there any videos from this channel where the people aren't looking to sell?

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