(PART 2!) Mike Maloney Schools Bankers on Deflation, Oil Price Crash, Gold and Silver

this is the first time since the Great Depression the currency supply is collapsing it’s collapsed by over a trillion dollars this is people getting scared and they save up and they pay down debt instead of borrowing more currency into existence each month they’re extinguishing it by paying off their loans so this is the way a debt-based currency system works when we now can good movies okay you keep on promising to pay more debt then you’re borrowing a new currency into existence and every month there’s a payment due whether it’s the bond whether it’s the loans to you and as long as the public feels good and borrows more in existence the economy grows the banking sector grows people feel good but they’re sometimes when things get bad people get scared and they start saving and paying on debt and then a debt based currency system can literally implode it’s that simple it really is that simple it’s made complex by all of these rules and regulations and stuff if creates a smokescreen so you can’t really see what’s going maybe that’s a little overdramatic maybe the dollar will not implode but I do know this every 30 to 40 years the world has an entirely new monetary system this one is now 39 years old and getting older and it’s developing cracks it’s developing instabilities this is what you are seeing right now by the end of this decade the dollar as it exists today will no longer exist it’ll either be a different dollar or we will have some sort of world currency but we will no longer be on the worldwide dollar standard this is something called a dead cat bounce the stock rises it crashes and then bounces and then the crash continues there’s the Nasdaq this is a pattern called a dead cat bounce that crash was a 38% crash the total crash was 78% here’s the crash in 1929 that caused the Great Depression same dead cat bounce pattern that crash was a 48% instead of 38 like the Nasdaq the total crash was 90% this is something called a Head & Shoulders pattern a stock Rises then does it fall back it rises again and sets a new high and then does a pullback the next time it rises though it can’t exceed its previous high and you get a shoulder a head and a shoulder this is called technical analysis technical analysis is only right about 55 or 60 percent of the time so that means it’s wrong 40 to 45 percent of the time except this is one of the most reliable patterns that there is technicians draw a line across the neckline they’d invert the head and that is the predicted move for a stock or a stock market this is the Dow Jones again in 1929 shoulder head shoulder crash shoulder head shoulder crash shoulder head shoulder crash it’s a very reliable pattern the total crowd of the first part of the crash was 48 percent the total crash was 98 percent remember the Nasdaq the first part was 38 so the total crash was smaller also it was only 78 percent we just went through the biggest crash in history this is the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the United States there’s never been a crash this large I gave this presentation in st. Petersburg and so this is several months old and I was predicting that there would be a Head and Shoulders pattern developing and it has it now looks like a head and shoulders and it’s about to take that plunge I believe which would cause a bigger head and shoulders and further crash this is the best way of rating the value of stocks whether they’re a fair value undervalued overvalued or in a bubble it’s called p/e ratios I can’t explain it because I don’t have time professor Robert Shiller of Yale University took the sp500 out to the year 1880 what you see is them I need to show you I’ll I have to show you I’ll so what you see is that it goes from overvalued to undervalued to over bubble undervalued bubble undervalued bubble it went to fair value and bounced its back in a bubble the stock markets always seek equilibrium it has to go down the next best way of measuring a stock’s value is dividend yields and this chart is inverted so that bubbles are up and undervalued is down and you see the same pattern of overvalued undervalued overvalued undervalued and today measured by dividend yields we’re still in a bigger bubble than the first hundred and eighteen years of data the stock markets have to go down this is the sp500 in the United States the British stock market the German stock market you see they all track each other except Singapore used to trade differently the Nikkei Japan used to trade differently it wouldn’t always go up when the US stock stock market was good going up it would trade in opposite directions but in about the year 2000 they all started trading the same Brazil just started trading with the u.s. in the same direction in 2008 and guess what so did Russia wherever the u.s. goes you go and so does the rest of the world so we all in up and we’re all going down I believe because the US stock markets are going down this shows deflation this is a dead cat bounce pattern on soybeans this is wheat dead cat bounce shoulder head shoulder down this is corn dead cat bounce shoulder head shoulder I believe it’s going down if the currency supply was not collapsing I’d say that this could be wrong but I say that there’s no chance that this can be wrong because the currency supply is also contracting and the stock markets are in a bubble well look at this one crude oil see some patterns here shoulder head shoulder I believe it’s going down I believe it’s going down big you may see $10 a barrel crude oil this is a tonnage of Russian oil exports so that’s the volume it leveled out back in 2004 you’re having trouble increasing your volume so you can’t increase your income by pumping more oil it’s not going to happen this is crude oil prices and this is the value of the tonnage of oil times the price so that’s Russia’s income you see any patterns here do you see shoulder head shoulder do you see a dead cat bounce pattern I do this is the first oh this is the first ruble ruble goes back 500 years it was devalued ten thousand to one then one hundred to one then fifty thousand to one then ten to one ten to one and one thousand to one well we are on the seventh ruble right now the total devaluation the ruble has been devalued five quadrillion times this is wealth being transferred from the population to the government the world has a new monetary system every 30 to 40 years the classical gold standard were every unit of currency in existence every dollar every British pound and so on was backed by an equivalent amount of gold at there at the Treasury then World War one came along I’m done in two second I’m done in five thirty seconds then the Gold Exchange standard then the Bretton Woods system where all currencies on the planet were backed by the US dollar with the exception of just a few but almost all currencies were backed by the US dollar and the dollar was pegged to gold at $35 an ounce and foreign central banks could come to the Federal Reserve and change those dollars for gold at $35 an ounce effectively pegging every currency on earth to gold through the US dollar 1971 comes along and basically we had printed too many dollars receipts for gold we didn’t have enough gold to back it up Nixon takes us off of the gold standard and on that day August 15th 1971 all the world’s currencies became pieces of paper with numbers on them and nothing more it’s called a fiat currency it has no intrinsic value so 30 to 40 years 30 years 28 years 39 years plus what’s next the ruble has a crisis every now and then every currency on there on earth has why do you think the dollar is so stable why do you think the dollar isn’t susceptible to a major currency crisis I believe it is I believe we’re going on a new currency crisis is going to happen we’re going on a new monetary system it’s going to happen in this decade there’s the stock market there’s the performance of goal I’m going to just skip through this because I don’t have the time I’m sorry this is probably the most important thing I wish I could teach it to you but I can’t this is oh I see okay we should okay yes yeah you should be okay I’m done that’s it I had a movie for you sorry you couldn’t see it [Applause] our whole monetary system borrows prosperity from the future so that we can spend it today when we do a bailout we’re borrowing more prosperity out of the future just to prop up these zombie companies and zombie banks and what that does is all that prosperity is owed back just like our entire currency supply of the planet is all owed back plus interest that means our prosperity is owed back plus interest yeah it felt it was fun to kick some ass you

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  1. @WealthCycles I'm a fan of yours, have been for years and agree with pretty much all of your statements, been investing in silver for some years, however. These head and shoulder patterns you show toward the end, the third shoulder is higher than the first. From my understanding over TA that means these commodities will also increase with gold, why do you think they will fall? perhaps you can cover it in another video.

  2. @getbo Get ready for a new world currency then, it's already in the works. Brought to your neighborhood country courtesy of the IMF. It's called the SDR (read up on it).

    One world government is here, and so is the one world currency to help perpetuate it.

  3. I am an silver investor,but can someone please explain how can silver go up if oil is going down to $10 a barrell. So far the oil and silver prices goes basically in the same direction. And also if this crisis is going to be worse than the financial crisis why wouldnt the silver price go down again like it did in the last crisis?

  4. absolutely EPIC !!!!

    by the way your book just arrived, im going to read it all right now!! hahah, thanks Mike Maloney !!!

  5. At the end he was going to show a video about WealthCycles. Which you can find out more by searching WealthCycles in your search engine.

  6. Fantastic speech, I really wonder: Don't they really know how money comes into existence? I mean they're bankers…

    And what was it you were going to talk about at the end when they cut you off? I'd like to learn more about it.

  7. You called it Mike. They laughed at you, but you called it. It's happening now, right at the end of the decade as you said.

  8. "that is far too much reality for one day!" L.O.L
    Dude, I'm going to watch all of your videos and buy whatever books you write.

  9. Mike ive been reading Roberts books for years and recently finished your great title! I now have a new mentor!! thanks Mike for being such a great guy and trying your hardest to wake up the sleeping fools! my next read is grunch of giants! hope to meet you in person soon! (very very happy customer!) P.S keep up the great work and you really kicked some butt here!

  10. Is there a continuation video where you go over the "most important thing" and video that you were rudely stopped from showing us?

    *Kick ass you did, I bet everyone in that room felt like children who did something wrong and punishment was on the way.

    ****Stumble liked
    *****Facebook linked

  11. My Strategy is to sit on my 1000 oz's of Silver until i can afford to pay cash for a house in Australia for around $200,000, thats my game plan, until then i shall rent as house prices here are still way to expensive and the prices are contracting which suggests that aussie house prices are in a bubble..

  12. I hope so, but my main concern is that one can never predict what Goverments will do, that scares me and these manipulators dont play fair, no one wants higher precious metal prices except those of us invested so i'm concerned they will do everything possible to keep prices down. I hope i am wrong though.

  13. @welshhibby all of them will because they know the secret, you hear what they said at the end? they dont want too many people knowing about it so they can get on the train before it pulls out of the station. the train will pull out fo the station when a sufficient number of people know whats going to happen to cause a huge movement in the price of gold and silver.

  14. @Dreama40 it doesnt matter what government do, they can postpone the rise in price, and by dfoing this they are going to make it rise higher. just keep it a secret that your buying gold, and silver and you will be okay.

  15. Mr. Maloney, I've learned more from your videos than I've learned in college and I'm a Finance major! My professors believe in Keynesian economics, which is tragic. After watching your videos, I often debate my professors in class (which they hate) and they have an extremely difficult time at explaining various Keynesian economic principles when they're confronted with history and facts. I know I've won the debate when they say, "I'll explain it to you after class." (Which they never do).

  16. $10 oil? he doesn't have a clue… Energy is limited by the laws of nature, normal stock market cycles doesn't apply to energy in the long run.

  17. It is my fervent hope that generations from now, Keynesian economics will be viewed by humanity like communism. Sounds good in theory, terrible in practice.

  18. why do the market have to go down? what's to prevent hyper growth ni the markets if everybody started investing and no company's tanked?

  19. That was awesome how you mike showed them up so badly, they just pulled the plug on him to stop the bleeding. Thanks Mike for all of your advice, and awareness about PMs!

  20. He was probably saying to himself: "My bowels just 'dead-cat-bounced', I should go back to my hotel room and change my underpants, and then short oil."

  21. that was 2 years ago??? since we had 10 dollars oil?
    are commodities collapsing?
    I am afraid Maloney have it wrong…
    Maybe it is time to step back and check again…maybe a different approach..maybe PM are not the answer.

  22. I'm licking my frickin' chops for the "Main Event"…..I hope all the Banksters get some real justice served to them just like Penn State did…..It's 2012 baby – time for Justice and Conscience!

  23. PM are in a 20 year bull market, the manipulation that is temporarily bringing the i-shares prices down wont last for long. Make the most of the low prices, its a great buying opportunity. $150.00 Silver is a no brainer.

  24. use your silver to get the worthless paper dollars, then take the dollars to your bank and pay off the mortgage 🙂

  25. Do you just see the guy face at 10:25? something is fishy is going on man. Looks like the bankers dont even want us to know abt PM and the currency.

  26. just watching right at the end when he sits back down, one young guy on the left is laughing at him, and the older guy on the right of him has a look on his face like "holy crap" i bet you he bought some gold and silver after that.

  27. It would be a shame if you did not make much more income when these other normal people do it easily with Caul Cash Code (Look it up on google).

  28. Hi predictions was not right.! Look what happening with Soyabeans price etc DID NOT DROP !! it is around 1500. This guy have been studing economy for 1000 years he is an expert!! 🙂 For now oil is 90$ well it may drop to 10 who knows:P

  29. i have a question about this deflation, if oil goes down to 10 dollars because of deflation, wont gold then also go down dramatically?
    If you believe this scenario will play out, the why not stockpile dollars and buy the precious metals near the peak of the deflationary contraction?

  30. I was with him until the technical analysis bullshit…way too out on a limb. None of it was substantiated with good data.

  31. them guys didt want mike to explain the gold and silver part , they didt want him to explain any of it because its all true and go's against there mind set. rude people , that was awesome mike thank you

  32. I have great admiration for Mr. Maloney, but crude did not hit $10 a barrel. What happened and now does this affect your outlook on other commodities, such as oil and especially gold?

  33. what some people dont seam to realise is we are not quite there yet you expect it to happen the day you watched it hahaha it could happen tonight or next week but it will defo happen before the end of the decade, come on people are you really that small minded. humans are a fucking joke! look what happened to the roman empire 

  34. The interesting part is not what Mike says and teaches during the conference, but the key part is that they stopped him from continue, because they did not really like what he talked about..

  35. Poor Mike is preaching to the crimnial elite bankers who caused this mess in the first place. They don't care, they even think it's funny. Only thing I would add is never try and guess where the stock market is going. The market is rigged and the fed
    ( a privately owned bank) can print as much currency as they want and have their puppets use it to buy and drive up prices or sell and drive down. It's all one big scam but don't try and guess where it's going. thanks for the video though I just wish he hadn't made price predictions.

  36. Nov 2014 , oil price crashed below $80 just like Mike Maloney have predicted. Russian rubles have lost its value due to less oil revenue. Again it's happening exactly what Mike Maloney have predicted. 

  37. I had to come back to this. Mike is pretty much spot on. I love it in the end when he goes and sit down. The guy to the left is laughing but the man to the right looks like he just realized that we are all FUUUUUUU**ed

  38. Is it possible that gold and silver will have a short-term profitability, but then when a new world currency is created will they drop gold and silver down below it's value?

  39. the stupid moskals did not listen to him ….. they did not even let him speak till the end and they where laughing now Putin is forcing them to resign in masese HAHAHAA aa

  40. This vid of Mike should be go viral why it doesn't dumbasses. I'm 17 and I have many ambitions but now I realize what kind of life might be in the next decade if the economic crisis is happening right now specially in Asia. Government is a liar.

  41. It's a shame that you was forced to rush through the presentation due to a lack of time. I hope however that the participants went to look at all your material on the channel afterwards!

  42. Looks like Russia have take note of Mike's advise. Russia and China have increase their gold reserves. A drop in Russian rubles can be offset with the increase in US dollar value because most of Russia's foreign reserve is in US dollar. If US dollar is down, Russian rubles will go up. I think Russia's Finance Ministry have done a very good job in balancing the country's finance.

  43. Good looking back on this Mike – and how true it came! No-wonder Russians started buying so much gold! I think there's a time warp or a time lag – whereby the more money they've created the more it distorts the time effect – hence Mikes rationale is all correct it just takes more and more time for people to participate in the cause and effect. Longer term they'll be very little demand for oil – Russia raises this, as the world switches to electric power. Precious metals demand increases, again probably at a slightly slower pace than we'd expect, or maybe slower and then 'suddenly faster'! fast forward to 2019-2020

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