so I’m currently looking for a new
stockbroker and today I’m taking a look here at E Trade in their new platform
from options house and kind of getting an idea of what’s going on with this
platform and is it something that I could use for day trading go talk about
it in this video so stay tuned what’s going on guys so today you were taking a
look at a trade and like I said I’m looking for a new broker I’m not sure
who I’m gonna pick but I’m really looking for the broker with the best
kind of deals maybe some free trades I’m looking for the best platform and then
just kind of overall customer service and stuff like that so first off I’m not
getting any type of promotional benefit out of talking about e Trade in this
video and I want to be honest with you guys this is really the first time that
I’ve used it I’ve opened it up and I’m just gonna go through it and we’ll kind
of talk about what I think after looking at it we’ll discuss if this is something
that I would use for day trading recently e trade bought options house
and now they’re using the options house platform it looks nice they want to make
it look nice and simple and easy to use the actual platform is a web based
platform so right there it’s already gonna be limited and you can see this is
basically everything you’re gonna see when you first pull up the platform and
it gives you two options you can see some charts here but overall it’s just
not very intuitive in the sense of charting and getting everything that I
need in level 2 and everything that I want to see for my type of trading you
know for a momentum kind of trading stock stuff like that this is a very
basic version of options house this is a free version that etrade is offering to
their clients now let’s just kind of break down what it takes for me to
actually place one trade so we have a chart pulled up here let’s say I want to
buy zs a in i want to buy here at the ten dollar area and now what do I have
to do to make that trade I got to go up here I’m gonna click trade I got to go
into here I gotta change my quantity and now I gotta go here and change this
stuff around and I basically press preview so I don’t have any money in
this account right now but just kind of give you an idea of how many steps it
does take to actually place an order so if I wanted to buy fast
and sell fast with hockey’s it doesn’t look like I have that option so that’s a
big big problem if I’m trying to day trade and I want to be very competitive
in these fast moving stocks not having hotkeys is gonna be a big issue now I
don’t really trade much option stuff I do kind of like this quote window where
it tells you the fundamentals gives you guys some ideas on the news and gives
you everything in there but overall I don’t really need that in my trading
platform this is more for somebody who’s just kind of investing and wanting to
buy stocks every once in a while I wouldn’t say that this platform is meant
for people who are day trading you know very actively someone who’s trading
three four or five times a day making trades in and out fast I’m not sure that
this options house platform is the right choice for that see if we can get some
options pull it up here so looking at GoPro it’ll give me the options window
here give me the calls give me the puts and give me information there I can
change the strike dates and then go through here and change all that stuff
so if you’re really into trading options this might be a good platform for you
I’m not very big into options so I’m not 100% sure what exactly is the best tools
for trading options so I can go in here and build a strategy you know actually
kind of tell me my risk reward my probability and all that kind of stuff
that’s kind of cool interesting it’s kind of interesting I have the option
over here to add my little market viewer got a broken so there we go alright so
now I can go over here add my market view or add stuff I’m looking at over
there going back to the quote the charts and
the options so we have those different things that I can use so check it out
the scanner here I can go here to let’s say let’s run the scan trades at 52-week
high and it’ll give me all the different stocks are trading a 52-week high which
is that’s not a bad feature I would actually maybe use this feature and then
also use another type of trading platform maybe like a – trader Pro but
then use maybe this scanning feature to figure out stuff that’s going on I can
go in there and change all some rounds kind of cool gap up on high-volume
showing me stocks that are gapping up on high-volume I can go over here to trade
now it’s gonna pull up this be you in I’m gonna hear chart pull the
chart and I can look at the chart be see you in making a big move today and
that’s kind of cool if I go to markets go to live action it’ll pop up these
different scanners largest number of trades on the day looks like Netflix is
the most active on the day right now Netflix up 2.8 percent today up $8 nice
little move there on Netflix so I do I do like this feature like I said this is
my first time really using this platform and kind of going through it with you
guys breaking down kind of what I see what I might want to use in the future
and then kind of seeing if I would use this but I do like this option to have
these schemes which is kind of cool just very simple and easy so I do like that
feature I’m not gonna hate on that feature that might be a good little
feature to have it’s a free platform and you can get these different scans quick
and easy so if you’re not looking to pay $100 a month for like something like
trade ideas you can use this each trade options house platform which is free and
open an account with each trade and then use this scanning features that they
have also giving me some of the news there so there’s all kinds of stuff
going on inside this platform again it could be great for someone who’s in a
swing trading or someone who’s just investing something who’s buying and
selling stocks every once in a while but I think for the active day trader for
someone who’s really in these crazy stocks that go up really big and crash
really big stuff like that this might not be the platform for you I’m
definitely not going to be using options housed personally for that type of
trading maybe I’ll use it for my kind of sweet trade and stuff like that maybe
open an e trade account just for swing trading alone cuz this is a pretty cool
platform for that option but when it comes to actually buying and selling
these volatile crazy movers I would not be using options house cuz I really want
to see levels I really want to have my hotkeys and I want to go to get in and
out rates fast I don’t want to click through menus I don’t want to move and
click and figure stuff out and have all these options so really I know – trader
Pro looks like it’s from 1999 but really it’s just very simple and very easy to
use it’s all you really need you just need to click click done done in and out
fast but being able to you know but having to go through these different
menus and click all this different stuff and change options around every time you
trade not something that I want to be doing when I’m trading these crazy
volatile stocks so there it is checking out the new
option South’s platform from etrade a pretty cool platform for most people
investors swing traders this could be a great platform for you but I’m gonna be
looking for something a little bit more advanced a little bit more active trader
is she but I’m gonna be looking for something a little bit more advanced
something that I can use hotkeys I can get in and out fast for and this is not
the one for me

33 thoughts on “Options House by ETRADE TRADING PLATFORM REVIEW!

  1. You can always call and ask them to allow you to use etrade pro. The trading platform. That’s what i did. It’s free as long as you tell them you have account with them.

  2. Patrick Wieland use Speed Trader. It's Suretrader parent broker but it's a U.S brokerage and a lot of professional trader use it. Speed trader and or Lightspeed over IB any day

  3. What broker would you recommend if you have under $25,000 to start investing due to the PTD rule? Suretrader?

  4. Just like everyone else here, E Trade Pro is the way to go. Plenty of tools, customization, Level 2, hot keys and pretty much everything else you would need for day trading. Customer service has always been great for me. My only real complaints for it would be that the windows take up a lot of space, meaning without 2 or 3 monitors it would be harder to use. Not impossible, just harder. Also don't know if you are trading Options at all but if you do, the options tools are pretty good. E Trade will also allow you to buy Calls and Buy Puts without trading on Margin. So anyone who is not at the 25k mark can pretty much day trade Options as the settlement time for Options is T+1, meaning tomorrow. And since not on margin the 3 days trade rule is out. Just my thoughts, GL Patrick!

  5. For options, TD Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim platform is awesome. Unfortunately, their commission fees are quite expensive.

  6. Ross Cameron uses light speed and is very successful with it. Seems to get orders filled quickly. I like etrade pro, but often orders seem slow to get filled( even with ARCA route). ..and I don't trade with even half the size Ross does. He is literally in and out at light speed thousands of shares.

  7. If you’re military, police, or ems. Check out TradeStation, they offer free commissions. I’m currently using it and love it. Switched over from TD A.

  8. The old Optionshouse was the Absolute best platform for stock and options BEFORE etrade plundered it. They Fukd up optionshouse. OH had single click entry and exit for both stock and options BEFORE ET got a hold to it and screwed it up. And the icing on the cake etrade cant even place order at all. Not joking. They use a third party vendor to place orders. Also, with the old OH platform I could enter a market order at the open with a single click until et screwed that up. Now they do not even permit market orders until 3 full minutes AFTER the open. What kind of crap is that. Stay the hell away from optionshouse will be the best thing you will ever do in your trading career.

  9. ANY OF YOU GUYS EVER EXPERIENCE "Technical Issue" when executing orders with E*Trade Pro? i have had a few horrible situations with them. I am currently looking for a new broker

  10. Etrade Pro is going away (Etrade customer service representative 08 Oct 18) OptionsHouse will become their primary.
    Neither are free, minimum $1000.00 opening new account and maintain $1,000.00.

  11. so what do you recommend for day trading?? I tried StockToTrade and the experience was horrible!! they have problems showing wrong data. Looking for a better platform. Thanks for you advises in advance

  12. Yeah it's hard to get in and out buying stocks in option house for an active day trader… It suckkkkks a$$$$$$, definitely not recommend.

  13. Try setting Buy and Sell orders pre market….and then you SAVE the order….you can click in and out of each order in split seconds…literally….maybe after you LEARN the platform, you'll do better with it.

  14. Optionshouse used to be best platform for trader, but etrade is destroying the app and the web trading platform.

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