Nial Fuller Price Action Forex Trading Strategies Tutorial By Nial Fuller

Hey guys and I’ll hear from Lynn to trade
the market. welcome to today’s Forex training
videos in today’s video XVideos very simple setup and then we talkin about talk about
me looking at a tried to Theresa Lee phone recently found on the GBP USD use on a 4 hour
timer at what time frame now let’s get onto the setup here we can put up here we can see
the chart was breaking from left from left to right we’ve got this one two three full
name formation of the lower lows and lower highs it’s very and such a very simple downtrend
we’re looking for counter or counter-trend movement that’s any movement to the who’s
going to the outside to create a shorting opportunity opportunity we’re also looking
for key horizontal levels two levels now this is a horizontal level for the look for the
looks like it’s very obvious level with a moth level with the market has reacted he
can see this preview previous support becomes a new resistance and and very simply goes
on and on throughout the chop this. Chadha stepping formation is a classic clue
for Explorer explosive train moves on the Great British pound when you have and when
you have this challenge structured Sean with a gone with the levels of being respected
and that’s giving sir giving us two points of confluent secret that down Hugo. Downtrend you’ve got that horizontal level
knots to points you can fluids what we’re now looking for now looking for is the third
point of confluent systems of this is the third chicken the box with katsu so what’s
up so what’s outside now the third will be a comfort confirmation bar price action event
a process consigna can signal the way that I look to try as I work at these got these
points first and I’ll look for that downtrend I’m trying to look for the horizontal level
and then I look for that Hotpoint in the market where things are where things are really boiling
where they creating a tree creating a trigger for an explosive move the wind things and
when things come together we cool. Confluent influence or intercept when we see
these rejections actions on the cannibals that’s the confirmation to get to get into
a try to mate you know what I see these these rejections I want to see the market closing
off the off the line now when I say closing of the line at this is this is the key level
and the market moves through and and rejects the level that is a very high probability
probably entry trigger from the I don’t want to see them Placita Market move through and
closed with candlestick candlesticks the signal is only valid once that process cross is actually
closed that time frame sites for hour 4 hours need to actually have closed moved on to the
next turn to the next spot to be valid so we’ve actually we’ve actually got two strong
rejection Z of this level of this level at 16533 you’ll see both balls of actually actually
closed also leveled I punched through the level with the level but they then close back
below we didn’t see the see the third candle Russia that is the entry candle for me channel
for me when we have the rejection of the heart of the Halls when I’m clean out those Lowe’s
there was any adding sidebar a pinball within broke those Lowe’s was that is the confirmation
for me to get shorter it sure now this tried resulted in a 41 profit unpreferred initially
I was aiming only for 2 to 1 which one okay because this Market really broke away quad
play quite suddenly of the next 48 hours I was able to able to clean up on this nicely
pulled in the 4 to 1 421 south show you how I place myself until I get a simple I simply
answered on the break of the law there I place the a place to stop above the high and I ain’t
initially initially 4221 Target okay once it hit the 2-2-1 I was and I was quite bearish
on this because we actually two we actually took out this loso this increase my berry
it’s my Barry spice I moved to a break-even stop through him turia that was a break-even
stop by then let the trade what the trade run now the market for C2 lower change the
lower and I looked in 41 right here is that was a is that was a 4 to 1 when I know the
way we measure every measure a prophets is not in Pips that’s why I have that’s why I
haven’t told us about the distances of the all the stops in the united pics of actually
made it seem it’s the measure of how much of made in profit relative to relative to
what I actually reached in in this case in this case for example it’s a stop loss was
80 points 80 points and my target was 41 x 4 x 8 IS300 300 sorry for * 8320 pitch profit
and again and again I don’t care about how many Pips we make in a day Anna tried it’s
the actual risk-reward that’s extremely extremely important that anyone that talks about trading
trading at suddenly should be looking at logical and and clean trading approaches and something
that awesome constantly hold close to my heart isn’t what I offer offer he’s a genuine trading
approach is no smokes and mirrors bunch of Mary’s here there’s no indicators when I’m
talkin when I’m talkin about how many glamorous pitch with me Richwood made what we talkin
about is hyperbole are probably entry points at confluent intercepts witsel which holding
about very clean shots without using younique using indicators for looking at things in
terms of risk in terms of Rich reward and nature all the elements elements of a very
lucrative trading plan now I must say now I must say that this is not going to be for
everyone be for everyone things in the trading to require effort and effort and ongoing study
yes this is a very simple truth a simple trading approach I find it very easy to follow easy
to follow I find it quite amazing the consistency consistency that some of these set up soda
invented in invention and tweets only pay off but not all of them pools in the main
nothing at the moment the fakies running Nikes running around 55% on the daily chart and
the PIN turn on the pinballs working around 60% so you know so you know can be winning
every tried but you know but you know applying that risk reward strategy. Just Gmail just told us about certainly helps
get you over the law do you want the line and Times of the month to month what’s the
month profit now again smoking beef going to be for everyone because not everyone blocks
to a blocks to actually work at that writing this is not a pipe this is not a passion for
everyone some people say this is a I say this is a I get rich quick and a grade thing read
think I’d say that what we’re offering in the members in the member section in the form
in the Trading Post trading course is something that is going to be an ongoing ongoing project
you go to have a passion for trading the trading you certainly going to have a loan with time
Lumberton Outlook now it certainly can be done or I’ve got I’ve got plenty of friends
that I tried off got plenty of but plenty of members that now tried full-time and plenty
of and plenty of them have also dropped off the right up and I and I’d say that shot mainly
because maybe they just don’t have I just don’t have it is a try to maybe they greedy
3D maybe they traded real money in blow up their account your account way too many times
before they are ready they already I think that if you’re interested in you question
you’ve got a passion for writing this stuff is this stuff is going to totally awaken you
to opportunity two opportunities and if you got any queries at all we should all send
me an email and if you’d like to check do you like to check out the trading call some
Embassy dissection of course she can check out the website www. Let’s try the hopefully see you
in hopefully see you in the members section and hope this video I’ll just for your help
take care

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