Nexus Gold CEO: Burkina Faso is a Great Mining Jurisdiction

What’s your symbol? What exchange are you on?
Nexus trades on the TSX Venture under the symbol NXS.
You’re in a couple
of different jurisdictions; You’re in Africa, you’re in North America
What are you most excited about it? I almost want to say to you,
what’s your elevator pitch on Nexus Gold? and we’ll go from there.
Yeah okay!
Well, you know what we’ve been in West Africa for years. One of the barriers to entry
we found with Nexus is just not a lot of confidence or a knowledge of West Africa
among North American investors. So, one way to open up our audience was to
expand into Canada and other jurisdictions and we’ve done that,
landing a couple of Canadian projects in the last six months.
So let’s talk about
those projects, where are they? We have one in BC near Bralorne,
the central BC. Long history of production in the area. The second
property is in Northern Ontario and Red Lake, in the heart of Red Lake. We really
like that, there’s some great numbers, historical numbers there and obviously
it’s a fantastic place to be. And you’re also in Burkina Faso? Correct.
Tell me about the project there Yeah, well there’s four projects 550 square
kilometres, so large land package on well-known greenstone belts. So
there’s production around us, multi-million ounce deposits all around
us. Our projects are moving to an advanced stage, particularly one of our
projects, which is two contiguous projects is heading towards a resource
estimate. We hope to be able to do that sometime in 2019, might stretch into
2020. We’ll see how quickly we can do it but advanced exploration towards
compliant resources. And that’s where you’re moving forward the furthest in
this project, isn’t it? Correct! That’s the most advanced. It’s our, it’s our quickest
path to a higher evaluation is to be able to deliver that but we’re also
explorationists so, we like to take grassroots projects, make a discovery and
develop that project. So what was it about that that property in Burkina Faso
because as you point out not a lot of people know a whole lot about it And what I understand of West Africa is you know it’s
unsettled as far as the jurisdiction goes. For an investor I liken it to an acquired
taste, not everybody likes scotch but those who
do, really do. So you know, West Africa has its upside in terms of being able to
get ground that hasn’t been pin cushioned by another company ten times.
You can get large land packages for relatively good dollars and your upside
is there upon discovery and you’re able to delineate large deposit.
That upside is there in Burkina, it’s not always upside potential in well-known
jurisdictions so we’re happy to be there. We’re amongst the majors and we’ve got a
good sized land package and some great projects. So, what do we know about
resources as a whole in Burkina Faso that make this a good
mining proposition? Yeah well, there’s what they call low-grade bulk tonnage
situations all over the place in West Africa. These are near surface, one gram,
two gram average deposits that are economically viable, easy to get to open
pitiable, all the infrastructure you need is in West Africa. There’s mills,
there’s drill contractors and all the other things you need so, you
know for us as a junior to be able to cozy up to majors, be able to get a
sizeable package that we can exploit and turn into something big, I mean it’s a
great place to be. Where are we at in this whole process of being able to cozy up to those majors? Yeah, we’re in the right place, we’re on the Boromo and
Goran greenstone belts and there’s some talk as to how they evolved over one
another so we call it the Boramo Goran area. But there’s multi
multi-million ounce deposits north and south and east and west of us. It’s just
a matter of time before we were able to bring something to market that we think
is large enough to get enough attention to maybe put us on their radar.
What do you need to do to get to that point though? Really establish a compliant resource of
size and really we’re on our way to doing that. We’ll see just how big it is
but the Bouboulou Concession that we’re working currently, it’s got about
60 holes done on it and we’re probably halfway to a resource.
The more we can drill, the bigger that thing might end up being so we’re intent on
doing that and we’ll be able to do that at some point.
Questions that people always ask are ok where is this located, what’s its relationship to
infrastructure and the ability to get to market? Yeah, easy! Where we are in
Burkina Faso, all paved roads, water power everything within reach and more
importantly is there’s mills and workable minds, working mines, producing
mines all around us. So we’re not out in the boonies, we’re not out on a ledge by
ourselves. We’re right in the heart of where it needs to be. That’s good!
Your team, talk about your team because you know you’re in multiple
jurisdictions, your team needs to have the appropriate kind of background to be
able to navigate their way through all of that different regulatory environment that
they’re in. Yeah absolutely! Well important for our Burkina situation, Warren
Rob is our Vice President of Exploration. He’s a director of the
company as well. He’s been working in Burkina on and off for a decade. He was
chief geologist at Roxgold’s and when they made their year Molko discovery,
which is now one of the highest grade mines the planet. Warren knows the
ground. His crew are ex Roxgold guys as well and know the ground well
in Burkina. We also have a man on the board, Ian Stalker. Ian has a long history in this business particularly in West
Africa and so we have some experienced guys who know the lay of land and I
think that brings a lot of value to Nexus.
Well they have that acquired taste that you were talking about. In fact, more
so. These guys, they love it there and their intent on discovery and success.
Next steps, let’s come back to North America. Next steps with your projects
here. Sure! Well, they’re they’re more grass roots place but we’re going to spend
the summer at both of the properties. We’re gonna do some mapping and sampling
and get an idea of where the occurrences are and where the best places to drill
are. You need data to drill now, you can’t just go pop a hole in the ground,
you’ve got to know where to put those holes and you’ve got to mitigate all of
the you know potential downside limit, your misses as best you can. So we’re
going to spend some time on geophysics. We’re going to spend some time on Sat
sample or mapping and make sure that we know where we’re going to put
our first holes on these Canadian properties but we’re going to do it the
right way, methodically and get it done over time. So, why is a potential
investor is now a right time for me to put money in Nexus Gold? If you like gold and if you think gold
is gonna be strong and we do, you know we’ve been flirting with 1300 over 1300
for a bit here, just dipped under 1300, heading into this weekend but a good
strong gold market, you can find a $5 million market cap that potential for
growth in a 5 million market cap is 20-25 30-40-50 million is there. It’s great to
make some bets on some juniors in a rising tide and we think we fill the
bill at 5 million market cap, I think we’re good.
So, the combination you’ve got are different properties and a solid team. Right! And a
structurally sound set up, you bet! Thank you! Thank you!

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