100 thoughts on “New Trick To Get FREE Weapon Skins & Silver Fragments | PUBG MOBILE | 100% Working

  1. Check -FakeSidYT channel for more
    And u baited us becoz u will get coupons not skins and then luck depends if u get skins or not..

  2. appreciate ur video bro thank u so much for making vid in english language, i really don’t understand hindi

  3. First photo was of ghidora and after that mothra and after that monarch they handle these titans

  4. Wait I created that AKM skin clickbait icon and posted it on Twitter and messaged to my friends how u got it!!!???!????!?

  5. I wish I could get ak skin I wanted but in season 7 I got anew skin though and roaring bear ak and mad bear set

  6. Man when i go to big sity los i dont know full name i get a granade and do what you doo and granade just knock me and i dont die liku you

  7. Tu hai asli wala Bhai mil gai skin Bhai share b kiya sab ko mere friends me or sab ko bol Diya subscribe or share karne ko ,thank you mere bhai

  8. I spent two games landing on those two island searching for those two tattooed wall and all I ever found was no less than a bot.

  9. I have tried all three places according to the video this last version deleted this trick i found nothing after a fully focused seeking on every wall in this three places

  10. Everything gone now… There is nothing like that now in new update so dont try to go and find plz dont waste your time brothers..

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