New Day Trading Computer Setup! 4K MONITOR!

talk about everything that I’m using
today trade and how it all works so stay tuned so you can see behind me I have
the new 43 inch monitor I’ve got the 32 inch LG monitor in portrait mode right
now I’m not sure if I’m gonna leave it in portrait mode I might put it back in
horizontal we’ll see I got the new stand for it so it’s sitting right now I’m not
really in love with it but we’ll see how it works over the next week or so on the
32 inch portrait mode right now I have my skype chat room for the alerts from
the Skype chat room that I’m a part of also have my Twitter feed and everything
Google Chrome and I give us some other stuff on that monitor and then on the 43
inch monitor I have my setup with my – trader pro short trader Pro I got my
different montages for all the different stocks and I’m watching the time and
sales I got a couple different charts for all those different stocks that I’m
watching that wig and watched four or five stocks at once while I’m day
trading with the market first open I’ve got my main kind of montage with my main
1-minute chart I’ve got a 5-minute chart and then I’ve got the daily chart then
we can see what resistance is coming up kind of keep an eye a head of time pre
market I can usually make a plan of what stocks are hot that day and kind of look
ahead and see where it might be a good area to short at where might be a good
area to go long at 43 and samaras awesome it has so much room to put all
the different stocks and buttons and everything on there right on the 43 inch
monitor its massive it’s huge I can watch everything I don’t need to
have ten different monitors to do it all it’s right there on that one main
monitor right in the middle there and then on the side I have my 32 inch LG
monitor that I’m watching like I said Twitter the Skype chatter and I can put
a couple other things over there and that way I can mess around with things
if I need to but everything that I’m actually trading is going on right there
in front of me and right there in the action so stro trader Pro is pretty cool
I can kind of range it however I want I keep changing my setup over and over
that probably changed a hundred times by now there’s really no secret way to do
it it’s really up to you and how you want to trade I like to have my time and
sales my montage and everything right next to each other that way I can keep
an eye on the level to the time and sales and be able to coordinate
everything looking at the chart and that way it’s all it kind of right there on
that side of the monitor and I get an idea okay time to sales going it’s the
candles moving I can watch the candle patterns right there
on that side it’s all kind of like right here on the right and that way I have my
level two and keep it all just like right there you know I’m always talking
about how I need to watch level to need to watch the time in sales and
then kind of watching this candlesticks and watch the resistance support areas
there on the chart and that way it’s all right there on that kind of right side
of the monitor in main I got this new mouse like I just I don’t really know
it’s a gaming mouse it’s it’s expensive that’s what it is it’s really this is a
stupid expensive mouse but I actually have different hotkeys on there I
haven’t actually used them yet but I have a program so I can buy sell with my
actual mouse so I have the hotkeys on the mouse I can buy sell buy sell and
different things like that right there the hotkeys on the mouse I haven’t used
them yet but I’m going to use them I need to just get to that point then you
can see I have an Apple keep happy we’re gonna make fun of me I know everyone’s
like why don’t you get a mechanical keypad I don’t know if this works I have
my hotkeys set up I got my hotkey command one command to command three
command fork main to five so I got my by on command one command to sell command
three I can short command four I can cover half command five I can cover a
quarter so pretty cool you can set up your hotkeys to however you want that’s
the way that I trade this the way that I do it and then I’ve got two speakers
that I’m using for editing and music while I’m trading it’s really just a
personal preference you don’t need speakers add a trade but if you want to
have that cool music I’ve got to set up there I’ve got the Bluetooth speakers
that way I want that wires going in and it’s all kind of wired up there with my
Bluetooth speakers they get really loud actually I think my neighbors probably
think I have a rave going on here at 8 o’clock in the morning when I’m turning
music on him and doing the live stream talking and screaming and talking to the
microphone for the microphone that I’m using for recording live streams as I’m
using the blue Yeti microphone that’s pretty much like the basic like YouTube
streaming microphone everybody buys it the first time I might end up upgrading
it to a better one in the future but it works pretty good I feel like the audio
is pretty good what do you guys think audio it’s good okay audience pretty
good for now the biggest thing for me is I just need to have a setup that’s works
for me and that’s what’s really important for you to figure out is what
works best for you you can have as many monitors as you want you can have as
many montages and charts and all these different setups but really what it
comes down to is figuring out what works best for you what’s your preference when
it comes to trading do you like to have different montages different charts what
timeframe do you normally trade on I usually focus on the one-minute the
five-minute chart some people like to look at the bigger picture a lot of
times I’m in a stock and out of the stock on the same one minute to minute
candle right there boom boom in and out so for me it’s very important that I’m
watching the one-minute chart I bought this gaming chair off of Amazon
for like a hundred bucks it’s pretty nice that’s a nice support to it it’s
nothing special knockoff of
the higher in ones but it works good it’s got some nice support and I kind of
feel like I’m in a race car when I’m trading it on the computer working and
you can see pretty simple I’m using a MacBook Pro nothing crazy in the MacBook
Pro 15 inch retina it’s closed most the time so I don’t actually look at the
screen this is running the monitors it’s running the 43 inch running the 32 inch
monitor no problem and it works I haven’t really had any issues other than
sometimes cert trader pro using crossover has issues that will log out
or it’ll freeze on me and I have to restart it but I’ve been lucky enough
that it hasn’t happened during a trade yet that’s one of the reason I also use
my iPhone so I can have the short trader app on my phone so let’s say the Wi-Fi
goes out I can be able to trade on my phone to get out of a trade if I need to
so I have that back that’s one of the reasons I always talk about people make
sure you have that backed up so if your computer does crash if your Wi-Fi does
go out you can go on your phone and you can get out of a trade if it’s gonna
lose on you or you want to get out of trade if you’re worried you can do that
on your phone so it’s very important to think about that have a back-up plan to
get out of a tree brawl I’m pretty happy with a setup right now it’s pretty
beastly setup I feel like that’s pretty good setup to trade with it’s nothing
crazy but at the same time it’s it’s a good setup it works that’s what works
for me it’s really up to you your preference your style of trading and
what you need to trade and do the jobs and make the money in the market so
really figure out what’s best for you and kind of build on that look at what
we’re using look at their setups and then kind of okay I like their setup but
then I’ll do this in my setup and I can kind of tweak it and do things
differently and ask the cool thing about day trading
is really when it comes down to it it’s all about like kind of your little niche
you can figure out the best way for you to trade you know what stocks are hot
what stocks are good for you to trade what setups are good for you to trade if
I want to wake up the more I make a little bit of money then be done for the
day I can do that if I want to wake up and trade all day long and over trade
and blow up my account I could do that as well so really it’s all about your
personal preference your setup and what works best for you and that’s this is
what works best for me so hopefully you guys enjoy the video hopefully you guys
enjoyed checking out my setup and I’d love to see some of the pictures of your
setup so your comments leave a comment below what you’re trading with or what
you’re using the trade you can have you up on Twitter as well as some photos if
you want to share those so I will talk to you guys later and make sure you
subscribe it’s you know if you haven’t already and follow me on Twitter
Instagram whatever you want to do the links are in the description talk to you
guys later

39 thoughts on “New Day Trading Computer Setup! 4K MONITOR!

  1. Audio is good, sometimes it's lagging from the video, not in sync.
    What do you use to record your screen, live trading with youtube? Just curious…

  2. I agree with a back up plan. I have my phone ready using my data just in case my Wi-Fi goes out. So I can get out of a trade without waiting for my internet to come back.

  3. Love the chair.and speakers,your right often will do better just blasting music, rather than chart this, rsi that, or other confusion tactics.

  4. Yeah the set up looks visually very nice and hot keys in the mouse sounds good to me. I stopped listening to anything trade related when you said sure trader though. Paying quite the premium there to avoid the PDT.

  5. What is the brand of the 43" monitor? Can you please share which stand did you buy for the 32" LG? I have the same monitor!

  6. Really cool setup, I like the simplicity of your layout. You're also not a douche and that's pretty uncommon in trader videos.

  7. nice setup but aren't the font size so freakn small since its a big desk and you're sitting far away lol? basically bigger the screen the smaller the numbers in retrospect right?

  8. Are you using Suretrader to execute your trades ? Has it been annoying to trade lately due to technical problems that they have been experiencing ?

  9. I have nearly the same setup, 43" LG monitor and MacBook Pro. Though, my second monitor is a 24" 144hz gaming monitor for csgo to destress and avoid overtrading at times.

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