Never Too Early To Get Your Kids Stacking Silver and Gold Assets! International Silver Network

hey good morning everybody it’s Pete Olsen the Montana silver stacker and I want to talk
to you guys today about the importance of getting your kids or the young ones
in your life you know that your mentor – to get started stacking early right we
want them to stack early and just like anything that people do the sooner you
start the better it is and it’s really important to talk to them about silver
and gold why it’s real money how it’s different from fiat currency the
disadvantage of the voting fiat currency and why that you always want to have
appreciating silver assets right obviously to beat inflation for wealth
development etc etc this has been money for 5,000 years
every fiat currency in the world has always gone to zero and you’ll find that
they’ll get a passion for getting their silver every single month at is ni I am
the frontline ambassador for International Silver Network we have a
the world’s only silver and gold monthly savings program where you set it up
whatever you want every month and forget it and arrives at your doorstep every
single month without you even thinking about it it’s incredible so I set up my
son he’s getting and he’s paying for it which is great kind of learning
responsibility 3 American Silver Eagles every single month and I think the
American Silver Eagles are a great one to start with and the reason why it is
so widely known it’s a it’s a key name can never go wrong with American Silver
Eagles and I would say you know once once they get up to a certain amount
that you can start spreading out and getting a lot of different things you
don’t have to do the American Silver Eagles this is what I just decided for
him initially but he’s getting three ounces a month and it’s hitting him that
responsibility of saving but not saving in cash but saving and appreciating
assets and that is so so important and when these come every month he is so
excited because he pays for it and he has no idea how he
setting himself up for the future so if you guys haven’t thought about it make
sure that you set up your young one you know your nephew your niece your
daughter your son you know your young man or young lady that you’re you’ve got
a big mentorship relationship involved there that you’re having them save in
silver and gold don’t have them save in cash the worst thing you can you can do
make sure they’re saving in real physical assets and you’ll make a huge
difference in someone’s life let me give you the website our customer website
where you can set up that monthly silver gold savings program
it’s WWF free silver and gold calm WEF ree silver Silv er and Andy gold gol D
dot-com Co M okay and set it up and by the way every coin sold we provide five
meals to starving children all over the world through the Feed My Starving
Children organization we provided just about two hundred and fifteen thousand
meals to starving kids around the world making a huge difference so not only
will you be helping your young when save but you’ll be helping them give back to
the community and that’s another thing all our young folks need to learn okay
all right guys I appreciate it if you’re looking for a home-based business is n
has a phenomenal silver and gold home-based business our reps make
incredible money working part-time from home and the link will be below down
there okay please give it a thumbs up if this is the value to you please share it
with your other social media networks please subscribe and feel free to
comment below I appreciate you guys very much god bless you as always may God
bless our president Donald J Trump and may God bless the United States of
America have a great day bye-bye

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