Napoleon Silver Coin, Gold Celtic Stater, And Other Awesome Metal Detecting Finds

look that only do and we will but we will everyone if
you’re not familiar that was butch Holcomb and Heath Jones with American
digger relic roundup radio you need to go check them out they were broadcasting
live from the Chattanooga Civil War in a relic show in Chattanooga Tennessee and
they put on their little dance for us so of course we had to put him on the
Internet we had to get him right here on the weekly dirt of course we had to if
you’re not a fan of American digger a relic roundup radio show check it out it
airs every Monday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern I’ll put a link down below it’s on and it also includes a host Jeff Lubert who’s right here from my
home state of Colorado and from my treasure hunting club so be sure to tune
in to american digger relic roundup every Monday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern
and say hello to those boys great fun a lot of fun
and speaking of I want to give a big shout out to digging with
seven and Tennessee Jeff for having me on as a guest on their relics radio show
last week we had a great time I want to thank each one of you that came into the
chatroom and interacted with us I was a good time they were gracious host and I
just want to say a personal thank you for having me on their radio show that
was awesome if you missed it you can catch the replay I’ll put the link down
below but it sure was a good time hey everybody DK here with adventures in
dirt glad to see you again for another episode of the weekly dirt hey if you’re
a fan of metal detecting videos and you want one show where you can just come
and be updated on what’s going on in the metal technic community on youtube and
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we’d love to have you as part of the family mud dog Mandy how many fans of
mud dog Mandy they had great week on that channel this week let’s go check
out and see what they were digging mud dog Mandy watch this okay
18:17 matron large sent nice shape gonna keep looking got plenty of time nice got me a little button oh that thread on
it plain flat button a little shirt button now you have another coin here
let’s get it out oh yeah that’s a copper okay this one’s
interrupts rough shape but it’s a drape bust and I believe it’s 1802 and then
here’s the back and a little better shape but I just popped out an old flat
button shank oh look at that I still got a little gold gilt going on there I
don’t see a design look what I got it’s a flying eagle looks like a fat one too
Oh woohoo that is nice looks like it’s got great
detail 18:58 yeah baby there it is cleaned up 1858 oh it’s a 18:22 wait room it’s in
beautiful shape this soil is nice right here pulling the buckles pulling a large
sense just a great week of digging from mud dog Mandy you guys if you’re not
fans head on over there I’ll put the link down below go over there tell him
you saw him here on the weekly dirt that’d be awesome
and hit that subscribe button they’d love it check them out mud dog Mandy
alright let’s head over to the UK and check in with Paul over there at diggin
UK great channel if you haven’t seen it go check it I got a lot of great videos
but this week he was doing some detecting and found some great things
let’s check in with digging UK watch this this is my field here just through
that so that’s where I’m gonna be today I just found this nice steel buckle I’m
not sure whether that’s a horse buckle war
exactly sure still no coins
hopefully next one well I think it’s a little bit of coin
or something I don’t know obviously it would have been round there’s a little
bit on the edge so far I haven’t found any decent targets so we’ll keep going I
mean it just go have a break it’s a bit of wind it’s a bit of wind kind of
whipped up a bit across these trees which is quite nervous actually cool
down a bit it’s about time cuz today hasn’t been too successful up to now
quite sure what do you is on that 1867 that’s the young Victoria okay not bad
first coin at a day at last okay we’ve got another coin literally it was only a
few steps on the other one I think that’s a half penny yep’s a half penny
and it’s 19 1828 and check this out I have just found a silver coin is
Napoleon the third I’ve never ever found a Napoleon silver coin before I’ve
always found copper ones I’ve never found a silver 1867 that is awesome well what’s that about four inches look
at the condition of it it’s a little bit worn there but oh that is absolutely
brilliant saved by the French I’m telling you
great silver pull their butt and all your other coins were great too some
buckles so hey you got a great day of digging there everyone go check out
digging UK great Channel you got to go check it out links down below tell him
you saw him here on the weekly dirt that’d be great
hey let’s bring it back to the states and check in with the stealth diggers
boy great week this week from the stealth diggers every week they just put
out some great videos one of my favorite channels let’s go check in with them
this week check this out from stealth diggers watch this well there’s a good
culture signal it looks like a button interesting it’s got a hole in it
well that literally took seconds to find sounds like a mix of stuff nice little
peek Oh some type of escutcheon might have had a draw a pull no I’m on it I
don’t think it’s a keyhole Wow and you know you know this stuff is old here
that was all hand done you wonder and we’re moving the brush too I always pick
a spot where there’s already too much brush to move a pile of it nice pewter baby
nice little spoon bowl now that’s a little bit cleaner so let’s
see if it’s something decent that the iron was throwing off that signal and it
was it was a little itty-bitty sleeve button oh yeah now that’s a dandy no design on it has a shank beautiful
just like the one from the other day whoa now that’s an oxen shoe I haven’t
seen before look at the shape on this one a couple
holes up here that’s different huh boy just all kinds of relics you were
digging out there charlie yeah buttons it buckles yeah pewter spoon yeah
thimble oh just great stuff great relics pulling for some great home sites there
awesome job this week from Stealth diggers
head on over there check out their channel they got a lot of things going
on and become a fan of the stealth diggers great Channel oh my gosh he did
it again he did it again let’s go back across the
pond check in with Little John metal detecting as he did it again watch this
from Little John metal detecting just amazing welcome to John melt detecting
and today we will back out one of my big farms Oh as you can see we’re back out
with the Apollonia gulp row from pirate metal detectors 18 kilohertz metal
detector and we’ve got our first signal down here in the hole so it could be
little musket ball yeah musket ball it’s like a massive buckle whooping signal a
huge buckle awesome stand in the hole looks like possibly a first coin in the
day crusty off penny then we’ve got another coin ship half penny fairly good
condition as well kind of mottled green and brown yes pretty awesome
get in another coin it’s not a half penny but
this one might be a young head Victoria that’s pretty cool a little bit bent
yeah we’ll have that pretty cool I’ve been combing most of the day and not
much coming up loads and loads of scrap and if this is what I think it is
I’m just gobsmacked again but let’s have a look and our fingers crossed man I
hope it is and here we are just standing how how much even sure if you can see
that just there I think it’s not a gold coin Oh my dice
hello sorry for my hand shaking look at that and it’s a different design than
the other one I think it’s got the oh I like and think now that’s just amazing I
never actually thought that be anymore on here look at that gold get in well
made up you know I like about Little John’s
channels he’s always pulling up some great finds he’s in a great area for it
so if you like finds like that head on over to this channel become a subscriber
show them some support tell him you saw him here on the weekly dirt and give him
a big thumbs up and tell them congratulations for finding that gold
Celtic stator again that’s his second one that I’ve seen I don’t know if he’s
found more but that’s the second one that I’ve seen congratulations little
John great week epic find awesome job my friend check them out
little John metal detecting hey let’s pull some announcements wild man’s Lodge
is having a hundred sub giveaway I’ll put the link down below you go over
there check it out follow the rules you have to follow and get in on that
giveaway that’s a good one wild man’s Lodge go check that one out
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at the weekly dirt how many of fans of Indiana Creek Walker boys give it away
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so you guys head on over there help them get there and we’ll all enjoy a great
giveaway from Ma Lyman 24 hey last but not least I want to tell you about a new
show I’ve got coming up I really appreciate you all coming along checking
out these weekly dirt series that I put together but I’ve got a brand new show
coming out it’s called digger spotlight that’s right it’s gonna
be a live stream one-on-one video interview with notable diggers out here
in our community the first premiere episode airs August 15th at 8:00 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time hope to see you all there for our first
premiere episode of diggers spotlight and who’s our guest but just mention
them it’s Mike Lyman MA Lyman 24 is going to be my premiered guest on digger
spotlight if you have a question for Mike send me an email @ DK at adventures
in dirt send it ahead of time I’ll make sure to get your question in hey thanks
for watching that’s what I got for you this week on the weekly dirt appreciate
you coming along everyone have a great week I’ll see you next Sunday

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