My Trading Poker Club Winners

hi traders I’m coming to you today from Fort Lauderdale I’m in transit to the airport I’m heading to Bogota from Ivy beardo trading event there this upcoming Saturday but listen I promised you this video this update video on my treating poker club members I could not be more proud of them this is crazy guys listen to me my treating poker cards were inspired by my developmental years back in the 1980s when I was actually searching for something some tool or something that would help me develop my treating skill methodically step-by-step and I had this idea about coming up with flashcards well to make a long story short my treating poker cards are designed especially for that to help traders learn sound trading tactics techniques in a very very methodical way now those individuals who become members of my treating poker club those who purchase the cards become members of the club this membership is absolutely for life for the rest of their lives we spend time together developing their trading skills now listen the other week several weeks ago I held a one-week contest amongst all of my treating poker club members now listen to these statistics okay I got to give them to you check this out this is amazing because what I want to show you is how the trading poker cards are changing the industry changing the statistics I could not be happier and more proud listen 65 traders participated 65 trading polka card members participated 26 profitable listen to me carefully remember I’ve always told you that this industry has a 92 percent failure rate 92% of all individuals who try this fail and 8% only 8% only the rare 8% make it so look at these numbers 65 traders 26 profitable 39 not profitable okay but that’s a 40% success rate not an 8 percent success rate changing the industry’s numbers do you get this amazing the average gain the average trading gain of all the winning traders was $200 so $200 wins on individual trades the biggest winner was Sergio Gomez congratulations Sergio you won the prize of $500 cash gift from me that’s coming to you right now okay Sergio was the number one winner with 868 dollars in one week trading responsibly trading like the cards demonstrate it should be done amazing amazing the total gain amongst all 26 profitable traders for the week was a total of five thousand three dollars this is incredible listen my second place winner is right behind Sergio so Sergio won the week’s contest with an 868 dollar gain right but Jose placid he he came into second place with a little bit less so I’m gonna include listen I’m gonna include the image of all six winners in this post for you to see and review once again alright so take a look at all the winners congratulate them as if you can I’m sending $500 cash out to Sergio I’m also I also have a very special gift from my second place I have a special gift from all six top winners of the 26th but I want to extend up an amazing congratulations to all of you traitors all of you participated all of you who have the nerve who dared to challenge yourselves in this most amazing activity we fall trading but don’t stop keep the process going keep the progress press going this is a week-by-week journey I’m gonna be there with you we fly week month by month day trading poker club members I am so so how we’re changing the numbers okay Bogota come on chopper now totally [Applause] [Music]

18 thoughts on “My Trading Poker Club Winners

  1. Excelentes resultados felicito por que tiene la vocación de ayudar a los demás. La ley del gran legado "un líder sabe multiplicarse y además ayudarlos a tener exito" .
    Por cuanto el Sr te ha ungido para liberar a los cautivos…….

  2. Alli estare Oliver.Ud es la estrella que sigo. Gracias por tanta genialidad natural puesta a nuestro servicio. Soy Sandra desde Roma.

  3. Imponente me encanto esto del concurso, FELICITACIONES A LOS 6 GANADORES, impresionantes resultados !!!!!!! Oliver como siempre un éxito los eventos!!!!! Vamos por mas éxitos a todos.

  4. oliver master, quiero adquirir las trading poker, pero en la pagina sale un mensaje ( NO SE HACEN ENVIOS PARA VENEZUELA ), como puedo adquirirlas?

  5. Sorry I was looking for the price somewhere and then realised you need to order them in order to see how much they cost. Well I stepped through the ordering process but couldn’t understand the language. I selected what I thought was English option but it kept asking me questions in Spanish, then after almost completing the questions, it said they were going to cost $175 and I’m thinking wow that’s a lot and still I’m not sure exactly what these cards are and how they interact with my training program. Can you put some more info up somewhere?

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