My Trading Infrastructure

Hi, guys, Andrea Unger here and today I want to show you how I am personally structured. As this is something that many people ask me I can tell you that I host my trading software on a cloud server so that I am safe in case of connection problems or power supply problems. This is my platform which is MultiCharts, this does not mean Multicharts is the only choice of course, many other software can do a trick, I use Multicharts because I am familiar with it and because I personally like the flexibility it offers; in any case Tradestation can be used as well Ninja Trader, Trade Navigator whatever you feel comfortable with provided it offers you what you need to do. I have a number of strategies; Every month from my software Titan I get the list of which strategies are chosen to be live on the coming month and these are a strategies i put live or the platform. Here you see I divided the strategies, the systems, into different worksheets, each with let’s say the name of the market it covers, this is just a personal choice. These are the US Indexes: Nasdaq up here on a fifteen minute base mini S&P are all the others. You see different time frames: five minute system, thirty minutes another five minute and the ninety minute system. Then we have dollars and bonds -thirty years bond- on a thirty minute, european bund -five and thirty minutes- and EuroFX currency on a thirty minute time frame. Energy sector, plenty of here, Gasoline fifteen, fifteen, five, five Natural Gas two strategies on fifteen minute and one on five minute, Crude Oil fifteen, five minute 5 minute and a 60 minute Crude Oil. No Heating Oil this month but i do have systems but they were not chosen to trade live, this month. European indexes: here is mostly Dax, I also have some EuroStoxx systems which are not live because they did not pass the monthly test and also the Dax you see there 1440 minutes which is a daily timeframe but because of the daily bars issue showing most often by settlement close instead of real close of the market, I prefer to plot it on a 1440 minutes base which is 24 hours actually, so this is a daily bar system five minutes, sixty, fifteen, five, thirty, fifteen so you see again many timeframes Metal sheet here i have Gold silver two systems, copper and platinum. You see i have a sixty minute, sixty, five, sixty on silver, sixty on silver, five minute on copper and sixty minute on platinum. I also have a soft workspace, where two systems on Feeder Cattle are trading live this month and Live Cattle system as well, i have some Lean Hogs system as well and also some other soft like Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, but these systems are all sleeping this month because their performance did not allow them to pass the monthly test i run every first saturday of the month. On the tracker i have a list of systems and for each system the position it is. The broker position should be hopefully the net of the sum of these numbers, on the Mini S&P for example, no let’s go on europe, minus one, ok minus one let’s see here, we have 4, -7 something, what are the differences Crude oil is not here not… Gasoline you see on Gasoline i have here one system is long 8 another is long 2 and i have 10, which is eight plus two so i’m fine with it. Dax is long two here, long two here and short one, the sum is three which is correct. So I know that things are right. I can check this here or easily on the platform itself where I see also here I split it in different sections, the three contracts on Dax I said Gasoline had ten here we are and so on. I can I have a glance at the whole portfolio there are many losing positions today, it’s not always like that but I’ve also some winners so it’s fine, I’m interested in the total gain, and that’s it actually. The data feed i mean the feed of real-time data comes from IQFeed, i don’t get data directly from Interactive Brokers which is my platform because I prefer a more detailed feed not the snapshots that Interactive Brokers offers but this is a technical point which we might define in another video and the IQFeed covers most of the markets I need to trade. I don’t have running strategies on the italian future, I live in Italy, I should have, but IQFeed does not cover that future and I don’t like to mix data feeds so I don’t like to mix it with the Interactive Brokers feed. I did it in the past but I felt uncomfortable in some situation so I dropped those strategies. I would have also some strategies on some asian markets such as the Hang Seng future or the Nikkei but also for the same reason I’m not trading them. I might get equipped in the future because the results are interesting so I need to consider them for a setup in the future. This is more or less what I wanted to show you if you have questions or comments feel free to write your thoughts just below the video here and I wish you a nice week. Ciao from Andrea Unger Enjoyed it? Click the link below and you will be noticed as soon as new material is available.

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