100 thoughts on “My Most Important Trading Rule

  1. Boker, I'm Christian. Your videos are so amazing. Keep it up. I wish I can start trading with the various mentorship knowledge you have been giving out.

  2. I'm loving your videos! Easy to follow and informative. Ilove your teaching styles. So I've learned about pip calculation, support and resistance and some formations and stop loses. Any advice on what to do next? Or subject to learn next? I have a demo acct.

  3. i had some succes looking at political situations , finding volatility and using 5 minute time lines and trading on the edge of bolinger bands , the down side is having to watch it frequently but its been positive so far . got myself out of a 1600 dollar hole pretty quick

  4. hi Rob ,currently in UK….loved ur book on believers trading…. just trying support and resistance… thanks for the video.

  5. Hi Rob. U R awesomely good n funny too. Cant stop giggling but at the same time learning the trading tips. Thanks. Btw, Im from the faraway land of the Borneo Island. Yeay..we do trading too… : 0)

  6. Hi Rob, your trainings are awesome. I now have the confidence to trade and win after watching you FX 101 series. Arinze watching from Nigeria

  7. Hey. Thanks for the video. I have been reading and studying technical analysis for some time now, and like you say – price always move from one level to another (sooner or later).. Could you share your thoughts on why this is? What are you thoughts on the "psychology" behind support and resistance. Thanks again. All the best from Norway

  8. Hi Rob and Nate, I am beginning a 5k demo from Gin Gin Queensland Australia. Loving your videos! Thanks so much. I will check out the websites you recommend.

  9. solid stuff man. sweet content. good to see other people in our niche who share quality stuff. "dont lose too big" ๐Ÿ’ชโค

  10. Hi Rob , i m from malaysia. I m a beginner Thank you for your amazing video . Your explanation is easy to understand and make sense to me.

  11. Hi! I am Edmund, following these lessons from Tanzania! Can I grab that Amazon ECHO prize? I will appreciate!

  12. Hello Rob Iโ€™m watching from USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Los Angeles California and Iโ€™m new in trading and I love you videos ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  13. As a new trader I have found a great confidence in my trading from your teaching! I love your personality and patience and giving spirit! PLEAASE KEEP GOING!!! THANKS!!

  14. Hi any Amazon ECHO'S still up for grabs? lol i'm Scott from the UK. Love your channel Rob, great work mate.

  15. Hey Rob!! I have been following you for awhile now. I like your trading style. Thanks for being great at sharing and communicating! ECHO ECHO

  16. Hi Rob, thanks for the video, is wonderful to watch you in action. Praise God for sending you to bless me and all these people. Praise God. Amen

  17. Hello…. like your show so far…..fx trading is going good for me……just took me 18 years to catch on.

  18. Great info as always Rob!!! I know i am a year and half late but are you still giving away Echo's??? Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Great video Rob. I think I want to be a trader who automates everything too. I am a software engineer by trade and have paper traded for a period of 3 weeks each day at the London open and found out I can not stomach it. Day trading is like a crash course in personal development and owning your emotions and I even did not trade with real money yet!

  20. We try to cajole or manipulate the market, acting like the ancient emperor Xerxes, who ordered his soldiers to horsewhip the sea for sinking his fleet. Most of us arenโ€™t aware of how manipulative we are, how we bargain and act out our feelings. Most of us consider ourselves the center of the universe and expect every person or group to be either good or bad to us.This does not work in the market, which is completely impersonal. To beat the market, equip yourself with a good and profitable strategy and I recommend highly the IQD strategy from Lukasz Wilhelm. I and my trading group use and and it has made us highly profitable . Search him on google for contact details .

  21. Thanks for the lessons i did learned a lot what is trading and how to start as a new trader.
    I followed your lesson 01 to 15, would prefer if I can get a link to watch the rest of the lessons from lesson 15

  22. Howdy Rob. I stumbled upon your channel and watched a few videos. All of them have had great content & superb presentation. I subscribed and hit the bell. On this particular video I'm surprised one of your rules is not, "Control Emotions." Look forward to learning from you. By the way I am new to FOREX. I do not have an account yet. I appreciate you taking the time to teach.

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