My First 20 Custom Hand Poured Silver Bars – RFT Bars!

Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and I thought I would go ahead and share these clips I have of my
silver bar making process with you guys it’s not all-inclusive I didn’t film
some of the parts I wish I would have but since I had the clips I figured I
put them together and go ahead and share with you so the opening scene is me
basically showing you the electronic furnace that I have and talking about
getting some pores done so let’s cut to that right now! now so I’ve got my SY0002 electronic melting furnace it’s at about a thousand degrees right
now and silver is actually molten about nine hundred and sixty two degrees and I
take the top off you can definitely see in there it is molten so I need to heat
up my little crucible here it’s two ounces I got only four ounces in there
taury ounces wish me luck I’m not gonna film the pour this time
I’m just gonna film the end results of the two pours and we’ll see how I do
because it is my first time using the electronic furnace we’ll get my gloves
on we’ll get that graphite mold heat it up
and we’ll see how this goes I’ll be back in a minute so I decided that the first
two bars poured pretty well so I figured why not go ahead and pour the amount of
silver that I had ready to melt and I went ahead and poured my first five bars
let’s go and take a look at the first five bars and how they came out so here
you have it everyone these are my first five bars poured I poured big birthday
here this is 84 grams so about 22 grams over 2 ounces this one is 76 grams so
about 14 grams over yeah you know about 2.4 troy ounces this is 74 grams about
2.3 we’re getting exact sound there this one is 71 grams and then the end of my
run this one had a little bit of gunk on it trying to polish it out thinking
about reporting it but I still think it’ll take my stamp I don’t know what do
you guys think should I read poor ones like this
it seems like whenever I get to the very last bit of silver and my crucible you
get a little bit of that crucible stuck and it kind of makes the poor not as
clean but it also gives it some character so we still got lots more shot
to melt I also have some rounds if I wanted to I know I’m pouring these
heavier I think what I’m going to do is get a three troy ounce graphite mold so
that I don’t have to worry about trying to pour it to the top or pouring it a
little bit over I can actually pour it a little under or little over and it’s
still gonna be between 1.75 and two point seven five troy ounces because
that’s what I’m looking for somewhere between 175 and 275 these are all trying
to get Ryan around to two and a half and it was very tough anyway I still think
that came out pretty good I like this Big Bertha this is my first one poured
so this is going to be barred number 1 bar 2 bar 3 bar 4 and the jury’s out on
bar 5 well bring youth when I get my stamp and I get the tops of them stamped
then I’ll flip them around and I’ll be putting on the 999 fine silver as well
as the weight and the serial number so I’m gonna go ahead and cut to the scene
where I’m tumbling them I forgot to film me actually stamping them we’ll get that
in the future video when I start doing some live stream pours along with some
live streams stamping but in the meantime I’m gonna go ahead and show you
me we’re moving them from the tumbler and how they came out after that process
then they get these bad boys out of the tumbler and see what they look like alright pull some bars out of here I only did three at a time because I don’t
want to exceed the weight capacity of my tumbler let me get a wipe down I’ll show
what they look like check out these bars guys the rft logo
right on the front this one’s a little bit extra it was my first bar poured
it’s two point seven three ounces Troy nine nine nine fine silver zero zero
zero one and this is bar number two it’s to 700 ounces Troy nine nine nine fine
silver serial number two came out pretty nice
as well barn threes got a little bit of
scratches on it or something it’s kind of different
but I like it it was uneven took a little work
this is 248 troy ounces you can see I was a little bit tough on the o ZT but
you know what it is what it is that’s the third bar and I’ve got a whole bunch
of rft bars coming behind it and I’ve got them from 244 235 this is all troy
ounces and then I even poured some thinner ones all the way down to this
177 but when I use the steel wool next on these to get rid of the scratches
that’ll look good and then I’ll stamp them and then I tumble them you don’t
want to tumble them before you stamp them because it hardens the silver and
stamping it’s very tough to do so I’ve got their weights on them
these are all be ready to stamped and they’re in order that I poured them so
bar 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 I want I was running low on silver and I was
calculating what I needed to be at and I thought the last three I was like well
if I pour a couple at two I’ll have like literally an ounce left a little over an
ounce so I had to budget it this one’s got a little character it’s got a little
circle in the middle kind of weird but at the end of the day man
the tumblr man shines them up nicely good looking bars I’m happy with them
let me know what you guys think in the comments down below I can’t wait to get
the rest of these stamped tumbled and then keep pouring some more bars after
all it’s only 15 I just realized that bar – I got a I got a double die it’s
gonna have to stay that way it is what it is bar 2 came out a double
die we’ve got our first rft Aaron variety unbelievable so after I
completed the first three bars I decided to go ahead and complete the next seven
with the stamping and the tumbling and the whole nine yards so this next clip
is me showing off the first ten that I have now fully completed up to this
point pretty excited bars 1 through 10 you know I really like bar number 5 a
lot came out really clean my stamping wasn’t too bad baris pretty pretty uniform for the most
part it’s been tumbled been polished love it bar number 8 looks good as well
pretty happy with it overall mathjax I’m pretty happy with most of these bars 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I’ve got 10 more poured I’m tumbling a couple right now and I
still got a stamp 6 more so got a long ways to go but I think they’re coming
out pretty dang nice and get some light on these bad boys look pretty good I’ve
been getting a lot of requests for one ounce bars and I’ll be honest with you I
can do them but man they’re gonna be some thin guys and I didn’t want thin
bars I like the weight of 2 ounces or more so I’m gonna try to keep it right
around 2 ounces but I did try to pour some light
and I do have four or five ones below two ounces just so I have some lighter
ones I haven’t really got into doing the rippling you see a little bit of ripples
on that sixth one but I don’t know man I like with my big stamp on these I like
them without the ripples you guys let me know should I start trying to put some
ripples on some if I do that it’s just gonna make my stamp cover most of the
rippling but maybe it’d look cool if it was surrounded like a spiral around I
don’t know I’m gonna give it a go but right now I seem to like the way these
are coming out and we’re gonna keep making some more so after I show it off
the first ten I decided to go ahead and stamp and tumble the next six which put
me at sixteen bars and then I decided you know what I better show off the last
four before I humble them because I haven’t really shown what they look like
after I stamped them but prior to tumbling them so in this next clip you
will see sixteen bars completed with four only front stamped prior to
tumbling now I’ve got sixteen bars done it’s been a few days later I’ve got four
bars that I’ve only got the front stamped on them so far they’re not been
tumbled or polished yet still gonna stamp the backs of them that way they
look like that in the back so two more to go then I’ll have my first 20 bars
poured can’t wait to get them done I should finish these today and then we’ll
have some bars for you guys alright we’ve got 17 18 19 and 20
stamped I’ve got my tumbling mix here a little bit of water this is that 1 pound
jewelers mix I’ll be adding a little bit of a shine bright to it just probably 5
or 6 drops to this and then we’ll throw the bars in there put him on the tumbler
for about an hour sometimes 2 if I really want to shine him up pretty good
or if they have some scratches I want to get out of there but these are pretty
clean bars so they’re probably not going to need much time in the tumbler about
an hour so next step is drop in here they could take up to four I guess I
could do five because this tumbler is allowed to do up to three pounds it’s a
pound of shot that’s about 3/4 of a pound of silver and then we’ve got the
water as well weight so it’s a little under three I do five of the smaller
maybe six but on some of the bigger bars I can only do three or four let me get a
few drops in that in there get on the tumbler and we’ll get the rest of the
bars all finished up well it’s official my first 20 bars are done the plan now
guys it’s sometime in the next week I’ll have or plan to have a live auction so
what I’d like for everyone to do so that I know which bars you want let me know
if you want bars one through twenty is you could shoot me an email to my email
address it’ll be listed in the description down below and in my first
pin comment just let me know which barred number is your first choice and
the bar that’s your second choice if you’re the only one who picks one of the
bars it’s yours I’ll get you a price if you’re multiple people who want some of
the bars we’ll have to have that for the auction and it’ll be a live auction that
I’ll hold sometime probably in the next week could be Black Friday could be over
the weekend hopefully have interest in my bars I’ve got the first twenty poured
I plan on making these for a lot of years for a lot of people I’ll also be
using them once in a while for giveaways and special events hopefully you like
this video of me making my silver bars if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up
and as always everyone happy honey and thanks for watching bar number one

100 thoughts on “My First 20 Custom Hand Poured Silver Bars – RFT Bars!

  1. Very cool. Let me see how much money I left after black Friday lol.

    So what's your black Friday day? Buy 1 get 2-3 free lol, jk. Great video my friend. I would be all over those but this thing Christmas has my kids humming lol.

  2. I want either the cheapest silver bar or the DDO bar unless ypur keeping the DDO bar for yourself? Who knows it may be worth something someday if theres only 1 or 2 ever made lol.

  3. WOW! Them bars turned out beautiful RFT! Great job on them my friend.Have a wonderful Thanksgivin! Thank you for sharing , i'll be getting one from you in December. Happy hunting & have a awesome day! # freebaggins

  4. @RobFindsTreasure hey email me. I think an RFT 2oz bar in my stack would look real good my friend. An I'm getting a furnace myself to can't let you guys have all the fun lol awesome job on those beautiful one of a kind bars

  5. They look great , I would like to see the rounds . So I am going to wait for them too come out , You did say you was going to make some rounds ??

  6. Wow those are great Rob. The logo looks awesome on them. I think you have a pouring future 🙂 I am definitely interested in picking one up. Great video 👍👍👍

  7. Technically, that would be a double struck bar instead of double die. The die is fine. It was the stamping "machine" that made the error. (Actually you are a machine at going through coins, so maybe I didn't need the quotes.) Still looks awesome, though. Great set of pours!

  8. Hey Rob…some of your links are broken (at least on my phone). I am interested in one of your mats but the eBay link is broken. Also the link for supporting you on Amazon is broken as well. The others ones seem to work. Thanks.

  9. WOOHOO, Good for you bud.I still am old school with cup and torch. They both ave their advantages. With the cup you/I can weigh out measured shots with no schmutz on the surface. These are looking just fine bud.Nice and chunky.

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  12. Hi Rob how's it going hope all is well with you mate. Rob i would like a few mate if ok and i will pay for the postage to Australia mate ok excellent bars my good sir.thanks for sharing take care Regards Gregory Lee from Melbourne Victoria Australia.🌏🥈🥈🥈👍.

  13. You're getting the uneven pores because you are using one credible and one mold and that little bit of Gunk on the top is slag. If you have enough silver to pour 5 bars you should make a multiple mold that will take all the silver in one pour just like the Spanish did it when they poured silver in Mexico at the time of Montezuma. (unpolished)
    Don't you lose some silver in your polishing.

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  17. if you want to get them even shinier…get a buffing wheel and some mothers mag and aluminum polish…i made some coin rings from some very worn 90% silver half dollars and after polishing them from 400 grit emery paper all the way up to 7000 grit emery paper…the mothers polish gives then a mirror finish

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    Congratulations on your pours.
    It looks like you did a darn good job for a first time. 👍

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