Most Beautiful Older Actresses!

Hi, guys! It’s Samantha! From a feline superhero
to a woman related to royalty, here are some of the most beautiful actresses that are fifty
or older! 10. Monica Bellucci (54) Monica Anna Maria Bellucci is fifty-four years
old and was born in Citta di Castello, Umbria, Italy. She began modeling at just thirteen
years old and traveled to Milan in 1988. She signed on with Elite Model Management and
was already making a name for herself from Paris to New York City by 1989. Bellucci started
acting in the early 1990s, and she played in 1991’s La Riffa and 1992’s Bram Stoker’s
Dracula. She also earned a Cesar Award nomination for playing Lisa in The Apartment. She gained
more popularity with her roles in Malena, Irreversible, and Brotherhood of the Wolf.
I think we can all agree that Bellucci’s age didn’t affect her seductive good looks
one bit. 9. Courteney Cox (54) Cox got her start at twenty years old in Bruce
Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video in 1984. In 1985, she got a starring
role in Misfits of Science, a television show that aired for less than a year. Then, she
played Lauren Miller in Family Ties from 1987 to 1989. Cox began her film career in Down
Twisted, a 1987 crime movie, and acted in Masters of the Universe, I’ll Be Home for
Christmas, and Cocoon: The Return throughout the 1980s. She also played Melissa Robinson
in Ace Ventura alongside Jim Carrey. In 1994, she got the part of Monica Geller in the sitcom
Friends. Courteney had originally auditioned to play Rachel Green in the show, but the
role went to Jennifer Aniston. She acted in the series until it ended in 2004, and she
became one of the highest-paid actresses during the last two seasons, making about one million
dollars per episode. Courteney has also been in numerous well-known movies, including the
Scream film series, The Runner, The Shrink Is In, and 3000 Miles to Graceland. Something
you probably don’t know about Cox is that she’s a direct descendant of two people
who played significant roles in the likely-ordered elimination of King Edward II of England.
Plus, she’s one of William the Conqueror’s descendants. 8. Demi Moore (56) Now fifty-six, Demi Gene Guynes, or Demi Moore,
was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1962. Since Roswell is known for its alien activity, it’s
safe to assume that Moore’s unaging appearance is due to her extraterrestrial roots. But,
in all seriousness, this actress looks as good as she did when she was starting out.
Moore gained popularity in 1984 after she made an appearance in the romantic comedy
Blame It on Rio. She also acted in No Small Affair that same year. However, she garnered
more recognition for her role as Jules in St. Elmo’s Fire, a coming-of-age film, which
earned her a spot in the Brat Pack; but, she thought the label was “demeaning.” In
1986, she starred in About Last Night with Rob Lowe, which was more serious than her
previous work. Moore went on to play in The Seventh Sign, We’re No Angels, and Ghost,
which is her most successful film to this day. She portrayed Molly in the spiritual
movie, and her pottery wheel scene became an iconic moment on the silver screen. Demi
is also known for G.I. Jane, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and The Joneses. 7. Kim Basinger (65) This blonde bombshell was born in 1953 in
Athens, Georgia. Kim had been a professional model for five years when she decided to quit
in 1976. It was then that she moved to Los Angeles to ignite her acting career. In 1978,
she starred in the television movie Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold, which was her first
leading role. In 1981, she posed nude for Playboy magazine and portrayed Jodie in Hard
Country, a drama film about a young girl in search of more than her small-town life in
Texas. In 1983, Basinger played Domino Petachi, the Bond girl, in Never Say Never Again alongside
Sean Connery. She was also cast in the movies The Man Who Loved Women, Blind Date, Fool
for Love, 9 ½ Weeks, and Nadine throughout the 1980s. But, her highest-grossing film
was 1989’s Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. In 2000, she portrayed Kuki
Gallmann in I Dreamed of Africa; she notedly “cried for hours” when she had to leave
Kenya after they were done filming. Two years later, Basinger played Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’
Smith’s mother in the movie 8 Mile alongside Brittany Murphy and Eminem. She went on to
take roles in Cellular, The Sentinel, While She Was out, and Charlie St. Cloud. Basinger
has taken home one Oscar so far for her 1998 portrayal of Lynn Bracken in L.A. Confidential. 6. Sandra Bullock (54) You probably wouldn’t have guessed that
Sandra Bullock is fifty-four years old by looking at her. She was born in 1964 in Arlington
County, Virginia. Her father was employed with the United States Army and worked as
voice coach part-time, and her mom was a voice teacher and opera singer. Sandra took acting
courses in the late 1980s and eventually got her part in the Off-Broadway play No Time
Flat. Alan J. Levi, a director, took note of her talent and offered her a role in Bionic
Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman in 1989. Her part in the made-for-television
film led to Bullock scoring several small jobs in independent movies. Plus, she got
the lead role in NBC’s sitcom Working Girl in 1990. She appeared in Fire on the Amazon,
Love Potion No. 9, and The Thing Called Love from 1992 to 1993. She also played Lenina
Huxley in 1993’s Demolition Man, which garnered her more recognition. But, Bullock’s big
breakthrough took place a year later when she starred alongside Keanu Reeves in the
film Speed, which made three hundred fifty million dollars internationally. She portrayed
the undercover FBI agent Gracie Hart in the 2000 film Miss Congeniality, which she also
helped produce. In 2009, she played alongside Ryan Reynolds in the romantic comedy The Proposal,
which grossed three hundred seventeen million dollars worldwide. That same year, she starred
as Leigh Anne Tuohy in the biography drama film The Blind Side, for which she won an
Oscar for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.” Bullock was nominated
for another Academy Award for her part as Ryan Stone in 2013’s Gravity, and she has
acted in Minions, Our Brand Is Crisis, and Ocean’s Eight since then. 5. Ellen Barkin (64) This actress was born in 1954, making her
sixty-four years old. She gained recognition in the 1982 comedy-drama Diner, in which she
played Beth Schreiber. A year later, she took the role as Sue Anne in Tender Mercies alongside
Robert Duvall. Around the same time, Barkin was also in the film Eddie and the Cruisers
as Maggie Foley. She garnered more attention in 1987 when she starred with Dennis Quaid
in The Big Easy. In 1989, she got the role of Helen Cruger in Sea of Love with Al Pacino
as Detective Frank Keller. Barkin also acted in a couple of Off-Broadway shows around that
time, including Extremities with Susan Sarandon and Eden Court, for which she received wonderful
reviews. Her other roles include Annette Atkins in 1999’s Drop Dead Gorgeous, Abigail Sponder
in Ocean’s Thirteen, and Norma in Very Good Girls. Barkin also played in the television
series The New Normal from 2012 to 2013 and took the recurring part of Dani Kirschenbloom
in Happyish in 2015. This successful actress hasn’t always had it easy, though. Did you
know that Barkin had to fend off a burglar in October 2017? She was in her apartment
in New York City and was forced to hold the door shut to keep a man from breaking in.
He allegedly had a bag of jewelry but dropped it before running away. Luckily Barkin stayed
in great shape all these years and was able to hold off the young thief with nothing but
her own strength! 4. Halle Berry (52) This superstar was born Maria Halle Berry
in Cleveland, Ohio on August 14, 1966, making her fifty-two years old today. In 1989, she
moved to New York City in hopes of beginning her acting career. Things weren’t easy for
her at first, and she was forced to live in a homeless shelter for a short period of time
after running out of money. However, she soon got the role of Emily Franklin on ABC’s
Living Dolls series. But, her problems didn’t stop there. While she was on set for the show,
she went into a coma and found out that she had Type 1 diabetes. Living Dolls was short-lived,
and Berry moved to Los Angeles after its cancellation. Soon after that, she got the recurring part
of Debbie Porter in Knots Landing. Halle’s first film was 1991’s Jungle Fever, and
she starred in Strictly Business alongside Tommy Davidson that same year. In 2000, Berry
portrayed Storm in X-Men and went on to play the superhero in the 2003, 2006, ad 2014 sequels.
She then got the part of Leticia Musgrove in 2001’s Monster’s Ball, a romantic drama
film about a prejudiced correctional officer that falls for the African American wife of
a prisoner he’d executed. Berry won the Oscar for “Best Actress in a Leading Role”
for her portrayal and was the first African American woman to do so. In 2003, she starred
alongside Robert Downey, Jr. in Gothika, and broke her arm during filming after Downey
accidentally twisted it too hard. A year later, she took the role in Catwoman, which is often
considered one of worst movies ever created. She even accepted her Razzie Award for “Worst
Actress” in person. 3. Lucy Liu (50) This fifty-year-old actress got her start
when she was nineteen after being discovered by a talent agent. Throughout the 1990s, she
made appearances in various films and television shows, including L.A. Law, Hercules: The Legendary
Journeys, and The X-Files. She got her first role as a member of the main cast in the series
Pearl as Amy Li. In 1997, she was cast as Ling Woo in Ally McBeal. In 2000, Liu portrayed
Alex Munday in Charlie’s Angels alongside Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore; the movie
made over two hundred sixty million dollars internationally. Since then, Lucy has played
in numerous films, including Kill Bill volumes one and two, Lucky Number Slevin, and the
Kung Fu Panda movies. Not only is this talented star beautiful, but she’s also really smart;
Lucy Liu speaks six languages, including English, Mandarin, and Italian. 2. Salma Hayek (52) Hayek was born in 1966 in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz,
Mexico and is now fifty-two years old. When she was twenty-three, she got the part of
the main character in Teresa, a Mexican telenovela. In 1991, she moved to Los Angeles and studied
acting. Four years later, Salma Hayek was cast in Desperado with Antonio Banderas. She
is also known for 1999’s Wild Wild West, 2002’s Frida, and 2012’s Savages. Hayek
is also an avid animal lover. In 2013, she told Ellen DeGeneres, “I have five horses,
four alpacas, one cat, eight dogs, one hamster, five parrots, two fish, I’m sure I’m forgetting
something.” Unfortunately, over the past few years, she has had to say goodbye to two
of her dogs. 1. Elizabeth Hurley (53) You probably know this actress from her role
as Vanessa Kensington in two of the Austin Powers films. But, considering her good looks,
you probably wouldn’t have guessed that she’s now fifty-three years old. Hurley
started out in the movie Aria in 1987. She ended up as Estee Lauder’s spokesmodel at
twenty-nine years old. Since then, she’s acted in Bedazzled, Method, Viktor, and An
Elephant’s Journey. Hurley also played Diana Payne in Gossip Girl from 2011 to 2012. Today’s featured comment comes from Millie
from out “The Untold Truth About Travis Scott” video! Thanks a lot for the comment,
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