More Free Silver Rounds From International Silver Network! Silver Freedom Round

hey what’s going on YouTube it’s Pete Olsson the Montana silver stacker ww3 silver and gold biz I am the number one recruiter and producer in the world for isn International Silver Network and today we are going to be talking about more free silver from isn this is the one ounce silver freedom round proof like volume round that I got from iesson for free and I get all my silver and gold for free from aya-san and we’ll talk about that at the end of the video but wanted to talk about this great coin five more free ounces landed at my doorstep yesterday from isn you got to love it because remember guys I get all my silver and gold for free because I get everything out of profits from my silver and gold home-based business never out of pocket okay so let’s take a look at this amazing round I mean it is it is certainly proof like let me let me fix the camera here let me get that bad boy in there real tight okay look at that okay I think that’s that’s going to be real real clear so this symbol here guys has been enduring symbol of freedom for over 150 years and now that symbol is now in silver how phenomenal is that so since 1857 this is the statue of freedom and it’s graced the top of the United States Capitol dome since 1857 that’s amazing weighing in at an estimated 15,000 pounds and standing at a height of around 20 feet the statue is a true Colossus and bronze full of symbolism and history and while Thomas Crawford died tragically before he saw his most famous creation cast and hoist on top of the Capitol the statue of freedom still stands as a lasting legacy as one of our country’s most central tenants right freedom is everything for the United States of America so this statue has appeared on coins it’s been on postage stamps and other official designs it’s never been featured on a major series of silver bullion okay so this is this is the first time for that okay that’s that’s awesome that is until now and you can get this round is designed by acclaimed artist Chuck Dougherty the face of freedom and it’s brought to you midlife in one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver flit to the other side of this prooflike round and you’ll find a heralded bald eagle Oh with a bow of owl of ranches in it’s right talent and a bundle of arrows in its left talon so let’s take a look at that let’s take a look we’re talking about see that clue the mirror finish on that guy that’s a mean look at that eagle that’s that’s incredible okay and then of course it’s crowned with the triangle thirteen five-pointed stars you can see that right there see that so this design you know when I saw this guys I was immediately awed by the phenomenal detail and lifelike recreation of this American icon and once you get this in person I guarantee you this you’re going to definitely fall in love with it with it as well and and you can get this at is n and and I got five free ounces and guys our silver and gold home-based business is incredible we simply help others to save monthly and silver and gold helped them convert some of their declining Fiat dollars from their paycheck into silver and gold assets that arrived at their doorstep ten business days later right that goes in their home safe it’s phenomenal and by helping others do that we’re paid very very handsomely to retail the product and also to help bring others into the business so they can make a phenomenal monthly income and guys through is n I have been able to stack over sixty five hundred ounces of silver gold for free they send me on vacations all over the world just for helping others save and silver and gold I qualify for my brand-new Mercedes Benz in the first 90 days of the business and my incredible monthly income just keeps going up and up and up because my downline keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger because all my people are introducing other affiliates to the company so if you are looking for a home-based business you’re passionate about silver and gold and you would like to make incredible money on something that you already love to do and to and to stack well sorry about that and to stack wealth for you and your family guys our product is wealth it doesn’t get any better on top of that we make this incredible income and I take you can take your money in cash I take all my money in silver and gold right because I want all my money in this because the dollar is declining rapidly now you couldn’t be in a better business than is n so if you’re interested to take a tour fill out the survey get a free silver bar and I’ll personally get holding I’m the number one guy in the world and I look forward to speaking with you guys okay god bless you god bless all you guys may God bless our president Donald J Trump and may God bless the United States of America please thumbs up please like share comment please subscribe thanks so much guys bye-bye

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