Mixing potassium chromate with lead (II) nitrate

The next process will involve lead II
nitrate and potassium chromate. Potassium chromate is a yellow solid and we’ll see
what that looks like in a second. The lead II nitrate is an aqueous solution and
see what that looks like in a second as well. I’m going to go ahead now and get
some potassium chromate and put it into a test tube and I will show you what it looks
like before I do anything to it. As you can see, it’s a yellow crystalline solid. I’m going to go ahead and add some water
to it. Let’s see what happens shake it around a little bit. It looks as though the solid is
disappearing. The liquid is still relatively clear. Bubbles in it. The
bubbles are just from the mixing and not from the actual process of what’s occurring
inside. It was just from the air outside. I described water earlier at being a clear,
colorless liquid. This is a clear, yellow liquid and the solid has pretty much
completely disappeared. I want you to be thinking about what kind of process
this was…whether it was a chemical or a physical process. Okay, I’m now going to
show you what the lead II nitrate looks like. We’re going to put some in a test
tube. Here is the lead II nitrate and lead II
nitrate is clear and colorless liquid. It’s going to be indistinguishable from
water. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead I’m going to add this
yellow liquid that we just made earlier to the lead II nitrate solution see what
happens. I’m going to wait here for a second I
will touch this I see that there’s no changes in heat. Shake it a little bit and
we’ll wait and see what kind of change has occurred here. Now what you can see is happening is
that we definitely got some kind of yellow solid formed and it’s beginning to
settle out on the bottom of the test tube. So, a change definitely has occurred here.
There was nothing heard as I added the two together but there definitely was a
visual change that occurred when these two things were added together.

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