100 thoughts on “Mike Maloney: Gold At $15,000 Per Ounce?

  1. No country has ever borrowed its way to prosperity. if any success, it is only temporary. the dollar is doomed. Gold and silver!!!!!!

  2. John Law tried it in France, and the success was only temporary, before hyperinflation. There is no example in history that borrowing will give you prosperity. it has never even come close. Love your book, Mike!!!!

  3. Ron Paul says a government can only temporarily print/borrow their way to prosperity. In the end, fiat currency will lose!

  4. As long as power and money are connected, the odds are governments will never be able to print or borrow their way to prosperity on any long term basis. It's never happened yet.

  5. As long as power and money are connected, the odds are governments will never be able to print or borrow their way to prosperity on any long term basis. It's never happened yet.

  6. Is there ever any example in history of a government being able to print or borrow it's way into prosperity? No, there has never been an example of this in the long term. In the short term there has been temporary prosperity, but it is short lift and ends suddenly. I believe the value of gold will continue to go up overall for at least one more year. However it will bust, just like all bubbles. WHEN? Anyone's guess right now, but not too far off.

  7. No. There is no example of a government being able to print or borrow its way to long term prosperity, because fiat currency is always destined to return to its true value, zero.

  8. Nope, no government has ever printed or borrowed it's way to prosperity (and I doubt the US will be able to buck the trend).

  9. No. There have not been an example that the government being able to print or borrow its way to prosperity. Well, at least in the long run. Thanks Mike for providing us with such valuable information.

    BTW –
    I've recently made my first purchase of Silver eagles because of your education. Thanks again for everything. You are doing great things.

  10. There isn't an example of a government that can simply print money or borrow to create prosperity in the long run. There's no free lunch.

    Thank you for the education

  11. China has just announced that the USA is starting a great currency war. The Chinese economy will no longer be conformed to the requests of the United States and will not help USA to maintain the decline of the dollar. That means the USA has to loose its power on the world arena and that same argument will make no one wanted to help sustain the currency problem. China refused to help in reducing the excessive debt and begin to fight for primacy in the world economy. China has more gold than USA!

  12. Answer is no. My question is that Mike mentioned towards the end of the video that currencies reset and peg themselves to Gold/Silver….but what if they (countries of the world) end up creating an entirely new standard, like an international currency, will that make gold/silver irrelevant?

  13. The answer is NO . Mike I can see that you will be right, 1500.00 Silver when this fraud starts to come to an end, the people of the world will panic and rush to pick up what ever silver and gold that they can get a hold of. Thanks for all the Great videos

  14. No…can not print and borrow your way to prosperity. Kind of like what most of our parents taught us as we were growing up. Unfortunately many don't seem to think the same lessons apply when dealing with billions and trillions of dollars…

  15. Answer: Borrowing way to prosperity doesn’t work.
    Like the housing bubble, homeowners tried to borrow their way
    to prosperity, but it failed. It is same way as the government.
    the government is printing and borrowing its way to prosperity
    will fail, it is just matter of time.

  16. In the history of fiat currency, there is no example of a government successfully printing it's way to prosperity, so the answer is no. We are near the end of a period of "prosperity" that will come to an abrupt demise when Americans and the world lose faith in the dollar.

  17. No. America may have the world believing that paper money is the road that took us to prosperity (and in their minds, keep us on that road!) but it is not the reason for our prosperity and it surely won't keep us on that road either!

  18. The answer: No.

    You know what is ironic? A popular young adult book series, Artemis Fowl, has has written about the truth of gold and paper currency since the beginning. Artemis, the 12 yr old rich, super genius who was the main character of the series, was taught by his father that paper currency is worthless and that gold was the only true thing that could store value any time, any where. In fact, that was what the first book was all about, Artemis using his intellect to acquire gold.

  19. Nope… there has never been an example of government being able to print or borrow their way into prosperity. (What a ridiculous thought!!!)

  20. What is going to be the end result of the world's economies is what I really want to know. But the only way to find out it wait and see.

  21. It is important for us to change with time and keep up with our studies, thank you Mike for sharing this important infos with us.

  22. never in the history of the world has the entire globe been on fiat currencies. John Law tried it in France, And so did Zimbabwe. The prosperity is only temporary, and then the currecy tanks. Answer: No. only temporarily there is prosperity, but never for the long term. Only gold and silver are real money. Period.

  23. The benefit of wantonly printing fiat currency is only temporary, but no, here has never been a country that printed it's way to prosperity.

  24. No, only in the short term can it create the illusion of prosperity, by temporarily creating bubbles in whatever asset class/classes the newly printed money flows into, but this only creates a bigger crash later.

  25. Oh no! I missed the competition! No fair!
    Do you send out notifications of your videos to your subscribers?
    Love you stuff anyhow!
    Thank you Mike, and your team!

  26. I believe after banks are all taken (and your money) and all assets (ie your homes) the feds will make ownership of gold and silver illegal. Hide it? Yes! But they know who has metals and you go to jail for a long time as a felon. Sell on black market? Maybe 10 cents on the dollar. Run and hide, Own mines instead? Hard to hide a mine! The feds can take mines ANYWHERE! What is the answer? Got me!

  27. Pelosi stumbled on the econ theory to solve all our problems. If only $1 of food stamps are need to product better than $1.50 of wealth, then just quite being so stingy with Food Stamps. Give them to every person in America so that none of us have to spend our income for food. And beer is food too don't forget.. and wine.. and well good whiskey is from rye, corn and wheat.. just liquid grain.. so then that means there would be $Billions of new wealth created for all! Problem Freakin' solved. 🙂

  28. ANS: NO, Governments who try to borrow to prosperity become poor. The real estate bubble in Ireland lasted for 4-5 years. 2002-2007 then crashed. That's an example of short term borrowing to prosperity. Analysts say the Irish property bubble was the biggest in the world, ever! I saw a house go up for auction at 300,000 and the winning bidder got it for 750,000 at the end of the auction. I know as my dad was bidding. But in essence this borrowing has caused Ireland to go into a deep recession.

  29. No there has never been a government that can print or borrow its way to prosperity. But history is replete with countries and empires that printed and borrowed their way to an untimely end.

  30. Borrowing:
    Very well explained by Mike Maloney: Has been tried in the past, by the Greeks, the Romans, the French, and now by the USA, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Zimbawe, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, you name it.

    It only works temporarily, until the people come to the realization of the excessive amount of "borrowed" currency in their economy.

  31. On a quick note, I have personally experienced the effects of hyperinflation (during my childhood and early professional life in Mexico):

    Everything seems to be rosy, the economy is stable, until one day you wake up and your "paper money" is worth half of what is worth the day before… It is sad to think there are many people today are blatant to the storm just ahead of us… Thank you for spreading out the news, goldsiver!

  32. Mike i follow you very closely you are definetly going against the grain and are passionate in your beliefs. And you are right on. Theres a saying I recently heard and it go's like this:either your on to something or you are on something. And in your case i believe it is the former and not the latter. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter at wealth cycles, Help me build a case to overcome my skeptical better halfs objections.

  33. There has been one key instance in world history where a government was able to borrow its way to prosperity. That would be during WWII when the Swiss government was able to completely avoid the devastation of the period by building up its banking system. Banks function by borrowing money from people to give as loans. They charge interest on those loans to make a profit. Part of that profit is paid back as interest to the principal. In essence they have borrowed themselves to wealth into today.

  34. According to Ron Paul there has not been and any existing incidences that have appeared are only temporary conditions that are benefiting from fiat currency.

  35. In the short term fiat currency will help a nation prosper – but all SCAMS will come to an end. The end is approaching.

  36. There has never been a single example of a government printing or borrowing its way out of debt.Printing or borrowing more fiat funny money just leads to hyperinflation.

  37. no not one country has ever been able to do this other than in a temporary position long tern there is no example we are temporarily very wealthy with in 30 years we have short run benefited but longer it goes and more pervasive it is your going to end up with run away inflation thank you to Mr Ron Paul

  38. Only temporarily. Scratching provides temporary relief, but makes the itch worse afterward. A fix gives a junkie temporary relief , but makes the addiction worse. A loan gives a spendthrift temporary relief, but makes the debt worse.

  39. no government has been able to print it's way to prosperity, they have only managed to postpone the inevitable, the collapse of the fiat currency

  40. no government has been able to print it's way to prosperity, they have only managed to postpone the inevitable, the collapse of the fiat currency.

  41. NO! Government can try to print or borrow money for prosperity and may have temporary success, but in the long run the result will be runaway inflation.

  42. No government has ever printed its way to prosperity. Many governments have printed their way to hyperinflations & currency collapses.

  43. Just looking at/learning history, one will find that no gov't may print its way to prosperity, and fiat currencies always return to their original value–$0.

  44. There has never been a long-term example of a government being able to print its way to prosperity. This only works temporarily at best. Dropping currency from helicopters doesn't work in the long run either, LOL!

  45. A government can only temporarily print or borrow it's way to prosperity. We are still in that stage right now because there is still some trust in the US dollar. However, in the long run, no government (including the US government) can keep printing money without it eventually turning into hyperinflation.

  46. for a brief time, but after while it becomes like an invisible cancer that eats away at its economy and its overall financial health. money manipulation and currency creation always leads eventually to upheaval and chaos, it will be a matter of time before the world stops accepting U.S dollars and the price of gold will truly soar while the dollar crashes and burns. thanks for posting

  47. @SilentSoldier69 both, for your coins get some silver rounds or coins that are from mints and for bars I wouldn't and haven't went over 10oz bars because if it does go like the experts say , you would want to be able to transfer good and services conveniently and quickly with lower denominations of silver. Also look into loose silver and 90% silver coins, it's still legal tender. When you go to buy they will try and give you back worthless paper and this fake coins made of zinc and copper

  48. @SilentSoldier69 Doesn't really matter. It's just whichever you prefer. Silver is silver and any dealer will accept it as such.

  49. The dollar is already considered trash by other countries. I remember reading somewhere that OPEC will not accept payment in US dollars.

  50. @AnchorageDentist The Jesuits created the Fed. And it was the Jesuits that murdered JFK because he would not submit to the Vatican over the U.S. Constitution. And they were able to use his death as a martyrdom in order to provide a sympathy for all incoming Catholic politicians who in fact were submissive to the Roman Whore and would do anything to further her world domination. Read books National Sunday Law and Secret History of the Jesuits.

  51. If gold was $850 at the end of the 80s and with it being $1250 in 2017 it is severly manipulated and supressed. When 1oz of gold will equal the Dow it will be about $20,000.

  52. When do we stop the government from creating debt from other than gold and silver coin? Look what allowing the politicians to break the law of the land foundational to our well being has done. We now are in great danger of a fiat crash of some type due to unrestrained fiat paper creation. We the trusting sheep let politicians kick out of the way whatever gets in their way of robbbing us of money and even our whole nation. Don't let them use crypto to issue state debt without amending the Constitution.

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