100 thoughts on “Metal Iron Man Helmet WITH DISPLAY! + GIVEAWAY

  1. Extremely disappointed in the several hundred so called "fans" who have tried to spoil endgame in the comments section. I've deleted as many as I can, but guess what, you literally spoiled endgame for the Hacksmith. After all I do for you guys. Not cool. I missed seeing the premiere so I could finish this video for you.


  2. remove the voise when you are closing or opening it the right eye is not looking good because of the light, light s not on the whole eye

  3. I love your creativity smith your so awesome i want to be like you men soonnn.. hehehe…. Can i request? Can you make the suit of iron man? Plssss do it. 😃😁Im your number 1 fan😍😍😍😍

  4. You are reading this yes or no I don’t know, but you can use VR MODE in that helmet 3D hologram, so you can see the invert conversation on screen through your eyes 🤔⚡️

  5. don't forget to make air supply that circulated inside helmet so you can breath. the mask piston should use manual switch opener and voice command opener that means you should use brain processor and software system'.

  6. I have dreamt of doing things like this for years, even in the Army I was always working on things like this on my off time to make a voice operating AI I have come close to it as of now but missing certain things, you guys gave me drive to go back to making this work ….thanks for igniting my passion.

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