Metal Detecting Therapy Session Under Christmas Trees

Welcome to my “rehabilitation program” :). I’m using my “Iron” setting with a slight adjustment. Here it is. “06” acts as DISC. I lowered the reactivity to gain a little bit of depth. The setting base will change to “Deus Fast” later. That’s big iron. I think it may even be an iron. It’s a coin. “10 Reichspfennig” (1901). GPS (POI) #1. That’s foil. A piece of (lead?) wire. And something else. It’s an old nail. I was checking the ground balance. Wow. Part of an old oil lamp! It seems complete. #2 It was laying on the surface. Imagine that… Maybe someone already dug and threw it away… It’s like Christmas in September with those trees. I apologize for the noises. I have to hold the camera in position. Just a small piece of lead. Probably WWII shrapnel. It’s tiny. I think, this is a piece of silver. Could this be a silver tooth crown? Maybe something else? Lead? Is there something between the iron? My (tone)-DISC is set to “6”. That’s relatively low. Let’s see. Don’t worry about the pick ax – it may appear random… …but I know what I’m doing. Most of the time ;). A piece of wire. The signal gets cleaner. Probably small bits of iron. That’s a nail. Fortunately there still is something in the hole. At the bottom of it. That’s a button! I have no idea… I don’t know what this is. Just “something”. That’s a pen. An old nail. And still something else in the hole. A button with a gem? Whatever it is, it looks nice. Let me clean it… Could be a button. Or a brooch. The “ground balance” is set very low… …that’s the reason for the ground noise you hear. That’s a nail. That wasn’t all. A piece of lead. “1 Kreuzer” coin (1852?). Wind cap from an old smocking pipe. Iron and something else. That’s the iron. Hmm… Could be the end part of a strap. But it’s probably something else. A spoon/fork handle. Hmm… Part of an old lamp? A button. A rusty shell casing. I think, I will paint this coil brown. Frame of an old purse. “It’s in the plug”. Whatever it is… Ouch! That was the sound of a branch hitting my head. I grabbed and bent it, but it hit back with an sharp end… No blood – good. Nothing. A buckle. A bent nail. Something round with a loop. A small pot without bottom? The general is happy :). The finds… Pieces of lead. Part of an old oil lamp? A button. End part of a strap? Hmm… “10 Reichspfennig” coin (1901). “1 Kreuzer” coin. Hasn’t cleaned well. 1852? A nice looking button. At least from the other side… Button with a gem? Wind cap from an old smoking pipe. the “UFO” style. A buckle. This looks like silver. A tooth crown? Brooch or button? The oil lamp mechanism. Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 1h:45min

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