Metal Detecting – Silver In 30 Seconds!

HELLO HUNTERS I planed to hunt the other side, but I saw this spot… Let me turn the detector on above the ground. I won’t interrupt this video until my first find. Just a few more seconds… Let’s go! Time is counting now. First “good sounding” target in less than 30 seconds. It’s a little bit deeper… …but that usually makes it more promising. There it is. A silver coin! A fantastic start. It’s a “III Kreuzer” coin. The date is probably late 1700, early 1800. GPS “POI” #1. I will keep it moist and clean it later at home. I will show you pictures at the end. Now let’s see if it was huge “luck”, or if this spot is filled with finds… A shallow target. A piece of foil. More pieces. It would be foolish not to check, or remove this target. More foil… It’s too close to the previous coin, I have no other choice… That should be all. A pull tab… There was the coin. Aluminum case from a “hygiene product”. Compressed soil with many thin roots. Just “trash”… Oh no, something deep right next to it. I was thinking about bringing a shovel today, but I decided not to… Good pinpointing will be key. I can see it… A .50 cal bullet from the WWII. Probably the worst deceiver – shot from an airplane right into old layers of soil… And this is the shell that fits the bullet. Well it looks, like it was huge luck after all… Let’s just call it psychic powers :). I should have trusted my instincts, take the silver coin and run! It’s a bullet. Foil. More garbage. Finally something “good”. Part of a bronze ring? GPS “POI” #2. Hmm… Looks older – have no idea. Something deep… Could be iron, but also something else. The soil is getting more compressed with every inch. I think, I see something… It’s too dark for the camera. It’s not a sweat drop on my trousers – it’s tears… I can’t get it out… Let me take one more look. This is the edge of the object. I can’t do it… I will have to come back with my shovel. There was the coin and here it the target. I will mark this spot. I’m back! I can’t leave it like that. This time I will quit only when I get a stroke. I’m extending the hole. Now I know how Clint Eastwood felt in Alcatraz… That’s it? Just a piece of iron? No bronze spearheads? I’m 1h into this hunt. I spend most of it on the last target… Now it’s time to move towards my destination point. Sounds bad… A rusty bullet shell. The soil becomes harder… A few minutes later… I can see the tip of another .50 cal bullet… It’s a coin, finally… “1 Reichspfennig” (194x) Made of zinc. Looks like lead. I have no idea… Something modern. Doesn’t it look like the feet from an elephant? A bullet case… Another one. All f the sudden wind started to blow… I can smell perfume… Someone is standing behind the bushes (probably 30m away)… Right there. It’s old-fashioned Russian perfume, which means at this time of year… …an old guy collecting mushrooms, or a Russian spy. I will keep an eye on him! A tiny bullet… I’m getting closer to a road. Next bullet. It’s a coin. I don’t know what it is yet. It looks mid 1800 to me. There is more… Another coin. Probably the same age. I like this spot. Just foil… A weak signal. At least the soil is not compressed. Another coin. Let’s do this dig with a macro cam :). A green edge… It’s a buckle. This was the depth.

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