Metal Detecting – Silver In 3 Seconds!

HELLO HUNTERS You will witness another miracle today :). I was on my way to another location, but I stopped here for some reason. I have a very good feeling about this. I’m very excited too! Come on Deus, boot up faster! I will count the time from the first coil swing. There it is. I thought, I scratched it… But actually noting happened. It’s a silver coin! Could be 18th century. I will show you pictures at the end. Now I’m wondering where I stopped. Was it huge luck, or is this tiny spot loaded with targets? Let’s find out. This one sounds bad. My hand injury is back (skin broke, there is a “hole”)… I will have to hold the knife differently. This was just a piece of led. Iron… A nail – I’m running a low DISC (equivalent) – I believe it was set to: “6”. Trash – screw cap. I guess it was luck to find this silver coin so quickly. It’s not like they are everywhere. A small musket ball. Looks like a Roman coin. It is a Roman coin. All pictures will follow at the end. “Good” target #2. A bullet? Sorry, it takes long, but I have to be careful. Hmm… You probably know more than I do… Looks like a bullet case… A nice looking nail. Roman? Still something there… Looks like another Roman coin. No! It’s “just” a button :). GPS #4 I decided to change the reactivity on my setting. From 3 to 4. There is plenty of small iron… It is a round piece of led folded in half. It’s a button. There is a small bug – I have to evacuate him first… Whatever it is, it looks interesting. Chunk of iron… Does it look like “something”? A thick blade? I have my doubts. Something else in the same hole. Just a small piece of led. This one sounds right. Hmm, it doesn’t look like a coin… Rather like some sort of a screw… I will mark it just in case. A nail. There must be something else. I think, this could be part of a small bell. A watch winder? This target doesn’t sound clear. Now the sound changed for the better. A voice is coming from a distant speaker. Probably the usual stuff like: “Leakage in the chemical factory – stay inside, close your windows!” A nice looking button. Part from an old cup? Pottery. Another button. A tiny ring. NO – that was the wrong number. I corrected it… As you can see, it’s the next button. It was a very hot day… It is a very thin silver coin! This one could be very old. I really don’t know what it is. The camera is running again. It’s in the plug. Another button. Look, a dolphin! No, it’s not… The figure of a saint. My hand is getting worse… And the next button… A broken button. #18 I don’t know what it was. Loud and clear. Third silver coin! A picture will follow at the end. This layer of soil is very hard to pierce. It took me some time and lots of energy. All for a screw cap… Of course the deepest target. ~21cm – over 8″ Something “bigger”. How do I brake this hard soil… I can hardly hold this knife. Almost no progress. The unbelievable happened – I had to give up :(. I will mark the spot. The field is becoming harder and harder… I apologize for the camera angle. I have no idea… I believe it’s a Roman coin. Fourth silver coin. My hand is done. The skin is gone… This was a piece of led (I believe). This should help a little bit. A small piece of “something”… That’s it, I’m driving home… Ladies and gentleman. Let me introduce: “The buttons”. “The” button. ? Watch winder. ? The tiny ring. The silver coin (impossible to clean). The “interesting item” (see description). The Roman coin. The “very old” silver coin. Another Roman coin (I forgot to show this one! :/). The next silver coin. And the next Roman coin. The silver coin from the beginning. The dolphin… I mean the figure of a saint. Trash on the right, treasure on the left.

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  1. The editing of this video took me a long time. I made a small mistake and had to re-encode and re-upload everything, which took hours… It still isn't "perfect". I forgot to ad one Roman coin and some things could be done better at the end, but…

    To prevent comments about a shovel 😀 – I bought a digging tool after this video. I showed the small hand injury, to continue the story in another "episode". I hope to be able to edit the footage with the new digging tool. I think you will be surprised to see, how it "performed"…

  2. Another great video with awesome finds. How long have you been metal detecting? I suspect this experience is why you can chose a place with awesome results.YOU FORGOT YOUR GLOVES:

  3. MetalDetecting24, you're giving ethical coin and relic hunters a bad name. You cannot and should not detect on private property without the owners consent. Also I noticed you just haphazardly throwing junk targets to the ground, please take them with you like a good little boy. I didn't watch it all as it's so boring with no live voice or even voice over, no view of surroundings and so forth. Did you backfill one hole? YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

  4. I have to think In other localities other than the US hunts like MD24's permission is of the utmost.  Having said that, I find nothing wrong with the way you do your thing!!  In an open field where it's been plowed, etc, who should give a crap!!  Your finds are phenomenal.  If you don't purchase a good shovel like mine send me your address and I'll send you one.  You would have to devise a way to hook it to your backpack for easy transport.  You mentioned you have a new one, so give that hand a rest and keep up the great finds!!

  5. I was impressed with the clarity of your camera, just like MUDSWAT……do you incorporate 2 cameras, since I notice the one in your shadows looks like a gopro.  Hero 4 black, session, or what?

  6. Hi. Das wsr doch wieder was. Die Intuition hat sich wieder ausgezahlt, genial. So viele tolle Funde. Dicker Daumen nach oben 🙂 Zum Glück bist du nicht komplett an der Schneide abgerutscht. Das wäre noch böser gewesen. Nie vom Schlimmsten ausgehen 😉 Viel Glück weiterhin, LG

  7. Another great vid. Sorry to see your hand get beat up like that, I know how it is using an small tool like that. Still you had some great finds and I enjoyed the vid keep it up and HH.

  8. Excellent video. Back to normal, after the abandoned hospital, to where your tearing your hand up some more, lol. Enjoy them all. HH

  9. Greetings from Schleswig Holstein 🙂 Are those mostly "public" fields you´re hunting? I sometimes want to pull over with my car when out in the middle of no where and hunt an area…If far away from a homestead/farm, do you think I could getaway with it? The video quality is awesome by the way, it´s like being right there with ya 🙂

  10. how's that hole in the hand. you should cushioned and taped the end of that stupid knife or used a little long handled shovel. not heavy and I use as a cane in rough terrain. you cut your dig time and it would be more fun in the end. at least ya got a new digger yea.! nice finds 24. good hunt.s we ya next time🐽

  11. Some relic hunters don't have live digs, just finds, I won't ever subscribe to them.
    That field is full of human activity from Roman times all hidden under a ploughed field .

  12. That field is really producing some really good artifacts! Really enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for taking us along on your ventures 🙂 GL&HH in the future!

  13. Great video and thats awesome you found the silver coin that quick. I love your videos because its no crap just metal detecting at its finest. I find it cool how you just listen to the sound of the deus without the screen attached. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. mmmm silver!  nice finds, I enjoyed watching your video…..wearing a glove might help to prevent blisters…..happy hunting

  15. hi,werry nice video you have here. im interested in one of your find because i find the same,can you tell me what is it? i think is made of bronze,but i dont know the purpose of what,it is on 18:40

  16. By far you are one of my most favorite to watch ! I spend a lot of time searching woods for treasures and you`d be amazed at the things I`ve found. I tell my friends to subscribe. Take care

  17. Wow its a wonder anything can grow in that hard soil. A small garden rake with 3 prongs might help their and in gravel areas .

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