hey everybody its hi Swaminathan from
option Tiger comm and I wanted to make this video because I’ve been getting a
lot of emails lately about how to get options knowledge and experience and
become a master in the quickest possible time and so I wanted to make this video
because I am creating a program for this kind of options mastery it all starts
with identifying your particular trading style this is highly customized highly
individualized you identify your weak areas and you identify the areas that
need to be filled and that’s what we’re going to work on in this program so I
want to give you some details about the options mentoring program this is going
to be a one-on-one personal mentoring program so this is based on your
individual customized needs and the program can last anywhere from one to
six months depending upon your needs so you’re going to see three kind of case
studies in this video the first one would be a one-month program the second
one could be a three-month program and this and the third one would be a
six-month program the general approach is going to look like this you’ll first
email me with your needs or what your problem areas are what your trading
style is what your needs are and I’m going to suggest a curriculum for you
very specifically tailored for you and then we’re gonna have a weekly one-hour
Skype video call each week of the program between the one-hour weekly
calls I’m going to give you a curriculum that you’ll have to go through and we’re
going to place some practice trades on paper money and then we’re going to
review and analyze these trades on each call and every week the assignments the
curriculum as well as the trades are going to get a little bit more complex
so that you can understand the dynamics of how we move through this learning
curve by getting into more complex positions in general the program
objectives are going to be that you become an expert in your
particular training style or your need this is going to be highly customized
and tailored to needs that you specify in your initial email and we agree upon
a curriculum and a set of courses and products and all of which will be
included in the mentoring price and so if you have it then that’s okay if you
don’t have it then I will include it and the price will be also be included in
the overall price it will also cover the most important soft skills involved with
trading and dealing with financial markets in general to get an idea of
what this is all about please watch these next three case studies in the
following slides because I’m going to describe three different scenarios of
various curriculums that could be possible in this particular mentorship
program case study number one is about technical short-term trading
opportunities so let’s say we have a student who wants to become an expert in
perhaps day trading and maybe some shorter term swing trades so basically
we’re looking at trades lasting from anywhere from one day to maybe about two
weeks or so this particular student wants to see results every week or every
two weeks and so the goal for this particular student is to replace his or
her monthly job income so this is the objective for this particular students
mentoring program and so we’ll be designing a program so that he or she
can achieve this goal so in this particular scenario in case study number
one it seems like a four week program would be sufficient to achieve these
objectives so the program will include the entire technical analysis bundle the
volume analysis case studies all the courses involved with that as well as
some of the max products like the day’s day trade max on the swing trade max on
the kickoff call we’ll make sure that the one-on-one session will identify
what kinds of trades we’re going to take and that’s based on your need as well
and then these trades are going to be taken
paper money and we’ll have some adjustment principles we’ll have some
things in place so that we have some rules and regulations as to how we deal
with this strain and before the next week’s call let’s say the position
required adjustments and exits maybe or booking profits or losses whatever the
case might be the student would catalog this and then on the following week
we’ll discuss this trade and why such action was taken what could have been
done otherwise we’ll be looking at charts and analyzing the trade itself
and it need not be options for technical analysis it can just be stocks or
futures or whatever the case might be or even crypto currencies for that matter
so that’s how this case study would play out let’s now look at case study number
two in in this case it’s an options case study and the student wants to become an
expert in income strategies on a monthly basis or perhaps bi-weekly basis using
credit spreads and time decay strategies so in this case the trades will last
anywhere from two weeks to four weeks perhaps and so we’d create a curriculum
that would create additional income without a very hands-on approach because
that’s the approach you want to take if you’re going to be interested in credit
spreads so for something like this case study I would say a three-month program
or a 12 bit program would be appropriate because we know that credit spreads are
complicated and while they can generate some very good consistent income there
are some significant risks that we have to worry about and so we need to
understand the approach right from the beginning and so we’ll be taking a
three-month view on this kind of a curriculum so in this case then we would
review all the courses or products that the student has four that are relevant
to the entire credit spreads game and so whether it’s time decay strategies
whether it’s the max products weekly options monthly options whatever the
case might be all of those products will be bundled in
if you already have some of these products then obviously the cost will be
reduced appropriately and then we’ll take one trade a week and that is
analyzed in sort of a deep dive mode because we need to focus on every little
detail when it comes to credit spreads we have to focus on missed opportunities
what are the adjustments that we do to these positions key risk management
principles have to kick in at some point and so for credit spreads is very
important that we apply all these principles let’s now look at case study
number three which is a fast track for options beginners who understand that
the options game is complicated normally would take one to two years to become a
master however they want to fast-track this learning curve and want to
accomplish this within say five to six months the student is committed to being
serious about this learning curve and wants to do it quickly and is interested
to go all the way from single options to the most advanced strategies so this
would be a case study where we look at a program of six months and by the end of
that six months you would want to be an expert in all aspects of options you may
have heard me say this before the options game is something that we cannot
take lightly especially when you’re learning and so you can do it this on
your own for one to two years however the
learning curve is going to be very expensive and I can tell you that from
personal experience in the first one or two years we make costly mistakes and
lose money at least I did and I’ve made that clear very many times before so in
this case you want to avoid that and that’s the whole goal for options
beginners is when you’re in that learning curve period you’re the most
vulnerable to making these kinds of mistakes and what you don’t know will
always hurt you when it comes to the options game so this is case study
number three and in this case the suggested program would be of six months
or 24 weeks and you’ll get the complete curriculum of all courses Macs products
all of that would be built in the curriculum as well we’ll build a
roadmap to mastery in the in six months so this will happen on the weekly calls
and then during this time of course the student will take multiple trades using
different strategies starting all the way from single options to spreads as
well as the more complex advanced strategies each week we’ll move up the
learning curve and there will be homework and so the student has to be
committed for a program like this because options normally take I would
say anywhere from one to two years to become a master and we want to achieve
this in about five to six months so by the end of this program or this case
study the student would become a master of even all the advanced strategies like
straddles condors calendars and so on so let me do a quick program recap this
program is highly customized and tailored to you this is very very
specific to you and your needs and so the cost obviously depends on your needs
and so we will have an email discussion and perhaps a phone call when we decide
how to go about with the program and what your needs are and I’ll lay out the
curriculum and once we agree on that then we get started a four-week program
is minimum to ensure quality control because the whole goal is that your
objectives are met your goals are met and I need to be satisfied that your you
have achieved what you wanted to achieve and so a four-week program would be the
minimum each week we have a one-hour Skype video screen share call so we can
go over all the trades the charts everything just you know one on one and
this would be the way to achieve the objectives of the program now as you can
imagine I cannot do this for too many people so I can take probably about five
students at any given time so if you’re interested please feel free to email me
at info at option Tiger comm we can have a an email conversation about what your
needs are and I can lay out a curriculum and then we go forward from there so
once again thank you for watching this video if you have questions on this
program please email me at info at option Tiger comm and we take it from
there thank you

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